🎆v11.4 Update - Kim's Birthday/Halloween/Oh Boy!🎂🎃🎇



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    @dpeters honestly nothing that I can think of lol! 
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    I think a big reason that not everyone gets 20 videos is because if you don’t make a purchase, you still get in-game ads during scene changes. It’s a major drag but I bet they make a ton of money off of that. When I spend a ton of time
    voting in the voting booth, I have to stop for sooooo many ads. So I think there is a lot of ad revenue from free players. Once you make a purchase they don’t show you 50 ads a day lol. 
    Not to be rude, but that doesn’t make any sense. They’d get more ad revenue if everyone got 20 videos since paid players don’t get in game ads. So if anything they are losing money by taking away 10 videos from paid players. I know I don’t go around buying k-star packs because I’m low on k-stars, and I’m sure many others don’t either. Taking 10 videos doesn’t incentivize me to buy k star packs. 
    Well honestly I’m sure they are making tons of money off of showing free players in game ads. If they were losing money by giving free players 20 stars a day, they wouldn’t be doing it, trust me. I’m sure they have their ROI dialed in by this point. Kim is a smart businesswomen, and I’m sure she vetted Glu hard. I’m not saying it doesn’t suck because it does, but I very much doubt Glu would allow themselves to lose money. 
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    @_allison_ If you like the outfit, buy it! If you don't, it's ok because there are no consequences to the quest if you don't buy.
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    i’m really, really conflicted now because I saw ~things~ and between them + halloween boxes I don’t know if i’m gonna have ANY stars at all for black friday😅
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    ViennaKKH said:
    Ok I also couldn’t wait to open some Halloween boxes because I really want elf hair 🧝‍♀️ 
    315 k stars later ...

    you picked AMAZING items! Congrats!
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    I'm sorry if this has been answered before... but will the Halloween boxes be available till the upcoming VIP event? 
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    I agree with @Poopnuggets69 (lmao at ur username). The free videos are a 2 way street in terms of benefits. It benefits the players because we get currency in the game, but it also benefits Glu as we are willingly watching advertisements that they are getting paid for. If no one watched advertisements, Glu's profits would get cut. So I really do not understand the financial advantages of cutting players from watching ads.
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    I really wanted to go out with Cassio,too bad that I only spent my K-stars for nothing...
    I feel angry and cheated....🤨🤔🤐😑😐💔💔
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    @xoxo12 I believe so! I will be saving my KStars until then!
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    @lulula I just hope I can stop myself from opening boxes until then🙈
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    @Mattlovesrach I’m sure Glu is making plenty of money off of free players’ in game ads, but paid players don’t get in game ads so that is already cutting at Glu’s profits. It doesn’t help that they also take away 10 videos per day from paid players, which again cuts at Glu’s profits. By your logic, free players should only get 10 videos per day because their in game ads, things paid players don’t have, would make up for those other 10 videos, and paid players should get 20 videos to make up for the lack of in game ads. However, that wouldn’t be fair. Free players were complaining all month, which they had every right to, about how they couldn’t afford things with just 10 videos a day. Imagine how paying players feel. Like I said most of us don’t go off and buy k star packs just because we are low (I buy diamonds and maybe a fashion goal once every 3-4 months). We get most of our k stars off of videos just like free players.  At the end of the day we’re all in the same boat, and there is no reason why some players get 10 videos and others get 20. 
    Lol I still say that Glu has figured out their own profits margins and there is a specific reason that they make the fiduciary choices they make. I’m sure they have statistics, market research, and case studies to back up their business moves. There is a specific reason they’ve limited it and I’m sure it’s financial. They’ve claimed all along that it has to do with their advertisers and it very well could. I’m just looking at it from a business perspective with a marketing background :) I personally think we should all get unlimited videos, but am trying to make sense of why we don’t ;) Have a great night! 

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    They’ve claimed all along that it has to do with their advertisers and it very well could. I’m just looking at it from a business perspective with a marketing background :) 

    How does it only have to do with their advertisers when they’ve controlled how many ads paid and non-played payers have gotten for years? If it was only up to the advertisers, the numbers wouldn’t be consistent across all platforms. 
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    My game doesn’t have a button to watch short videos for k-stars (this is not a new thing for me/it’s been years).
    Does anyone know if this is normal? I’m having trouble figuring out what the normal is versus what everyone wants concerning k-stars. 
    Quarantine brought me back but bad updates might drive me away again
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    The next VIP is at the end of this month or in November?
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    The next VIP is at the end of this month or in November?
    Looking at event enclycopedia vip events seem to occour in the beginning of each month so I’d say November.
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    Since the feud 10/20 free video is big in this thread, I want to share my sad experience.
    First Time I bought something I was a FB player - and FB playesr don't even have the chance to watch videos for kstars. So I've never paid much attention on the forum about this thread.
    Fun thing is, first time I purchased something (to fight against a TB), KKH was able to take my money, but not giving me the thing I payed for. That went on with maybe other two purchases (little ones, made for trying to understand how to fix the problem - GLU customer service being completely unable to help), until @KalindaKing was finally able to transfer my fb game on my phone, and THEN I had all my purchases there! At the same time I wasn't a free player anymore, so I've never had the option to decide whether have 20 videos per day or making a purchase (purchase totally uneffective, 'til I payed for smth I received only after months).
    So, I totally understand disappointment from both paying and FB players. I'm disappointed too.
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    My game every time I open it opens like I didn’t open in hours, but it’s just seconds because my phone sleeps and I instantly open again, but I still get waiting and loading screen. It’s really annoying 😄
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    The next VIP is at the end of this month or in November?
    I think that technically the event is at the end of this month. 

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    So those who haven’t bought anything get 20 kstars a day from videos for free, but if you buy into the VIP subscription, you get the same but for money each month?? Make it make sense. 

    If players are buying VIP each month they should be getting more than what others get for free

    *edit - this isn’t directed at anyone but Glu 
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    I got my videos back! 🥳
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    I was holding off opening all my throwback boxes until the update in the hope they would have updated some of the items but No... no changes. No items up until the last box which was full of...you guessed it... Shoes!

    This game needs to take a page out of Kris jenner’s book and have a serious facelift
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    the amount of negativity in this thread makes me so sad
    uh hi
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