🗳️🍹 SYS 2/18/21 - Bachelorette Party SYS - WooHoo🍹🎉

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Now this is going to be a fun fun theme.  Bachelorette Party?  Think little drinks with umbrellas in them? Club attire?The Banner Background looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see spoilers!  But 1st things 1st.  We have a SYS thread to open.  Let's get busy!

Oh my Gosh! That's tomorrow!  We need details.  Don't you think?

Bachelorette Party SYS
Starts Thursday, February 18th @ 3pm Eastern
Ends Sunday February 21st @ 10pm Eastern
14 Free Tickets!
2 to Start / 1 every 6 hours
575 Pts wins all the SYS Earners
TS is based on Rank and Level

Now pardon my ignorance. But what does one wear to a Bachelorette the Party? Is it one of those 3 day Vegas parties? What does one wear when you need one hand to stuff dollar bills into GStrings and the other to lift the Mai Tai
Hey, Here's some Magic Mike Dancers to get us in the mood. ;)image
I want the one on the right! Oh Joe~ <3 <br> Now, we need to get things rolling.  The sooner someone say's Thread's Open, the sooner we can start the pet parade for Spoilers. Now who would be a great KarJenner to open a Bachelorette Party thread?  Let's see..............
Perfect Kris. You are just what we needed.
Thread's Open Dolls.  Let's start brainstorming for looks!🥂
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  • JohanaaJohanaa Registered Users, Member 503 Posts
    edited February 2021
    Seems like a fun theme 
    Can't wait for the spoilers 😊❤️
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  • matchacocoaamatchacocoaa Registered Users, Member 47 Posts
    Spoilers please !!!
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,663 Posts
    I can’t wait to see the spoilers!! 🍸
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  • Berenice13Berenice13 Registered Users, Member 19 Posts
    😍😍😍 can't wait 
  • bethwbethw Registered Users, Member 172 Posts
    Praying the drink handheld isn’t gold only!! Levelling down for it and I’ll be mad if it’s not in bronze 💀
  • keke2588keke2588 Registered Users, Member 59 Posts
    @kalindaking or @kokokokonut I know it’s early but when will there be spoilers and newsletter for March? I’m so excited!!!!!
  • RikkRikk Registered Users 3,870 Posts
    I’ve never been to a proper wild bachelorette party! My good friend had one but she is sober so we went to play arcade games at Dave & Busters 😂 It was cute! But I still want to experience it like in the movies! Strip clubs and margaritas and all of that 😋
  • kueenVkueenV Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    Wait I’m SO excited for this theme — can’t wait for spoilers😍💍
  • Nikki114Nikki114 Registered Users, Member 266 Posts
    I think of short,  white party dresses for Bachelorette! 

  • ashleydianemashleydianem Registered Users, Member 1,357 Posts
    What is omaho? Is it a pretend brand?
  • alixoalixo Registered Users, Member 89 Posts
    From now on can hair remain in gold, while the lower level gets the dress/top? I don't like how the prizes in these past SYS have been distributed.
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  • Berenice13Berenice13 Registered Users, Member 19 Posts

  • moriacasanmoriacasan Registered Users, Member 207 Posts
    hey i was wondering what happens if we don't submitt any looks to SYS? not because of this prizes because i like some earnables but i have finals this week and i don't think i will be able to submitt anything like what happens if i don't play in this weekend? i level down to Bronze III? thank you in advance!
  • Berenice13Berenice13 Registered Users, Member 19 Posts

  • stellarspherestellarsphere Registered Users, Member 487 Posts
    Another stressful SYS, I hope I don’t get screwed over with low scores yet again, I want the boots/dress 😭
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  • moriacasanmoriacasan Registered Users, Member 207 Posts

  • IrisChanelIrisChanel Registered Users, Member 318 Posts
    I really would not want to enter this SYS with 3 silver dyes🥺
    Here for the fashion!
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  • rosalieisboringrosalieisboring Registered Users, Member 44 Posts
    i love the boots and the drink handle, the rest is horrendous. what is that jumpsuit? looks like something you'd get at the start of the game in 2015 🥱
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