🗳️🎤 SYS Night at the Cabaret 3/18/21-Dress for Song Drink & Fun!🍹🎤



  • kikadidakikadida Registered Users, Member 111 Posts
    KkhElena said:
    KkhElena said:
    My 4-7 looks
    Jokes on me bc I can't break the 43 score... Just wow
    @KkhElena did you see the top 3 looks of the group? 🤡🤡🤡 you who should be there
  • SeraiahRoseSeraiahRose Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    edited March 2021
     I’m so happy with my results. I was 3rd but now I’m in 6th place. I have gotten scores over 40 and even 50 which I’m shocked because I wasn’t expecting it. 

    Here are my looks: 

  • maniyamaniya Registered Users, Member 129 Posts

    :) nice... just what I wanted...
  • KkhElenaKkhElena Registered Users, Member 768 Posts
    @kikadida yep. I saw jeans and a leather jacket (?). I wouldn't be disappointed if they even tried but maybe they just don't know about cabaret?
  • KkhElenaKkhElena Registered Users, Member 768 Posts

    It’s been going so well, I’m so sad that it’s gonna end now that I’ve gotten a 60 😭
     Your looks are really gorgeous
  • bethwbethw Registered Users, Member 172 Posts
    So I’m a little stuck.. I mostly stay in bronze since my scores average the thirties, and some sys i get stuck in the twenties 🥲 but I’m consistently getting fifties this time around and it’s making me wonder if I should stay in silver or even attempt gold? 
  • PerfectionPerfection Registered Users, Member 86 Posts
    naeusts said:
    naeusts said:
    This is getting RIDICULOUS! It's been weeks that I don't even reach 40 votes. I'm sick of this! 

    Still the same sh*t

    I haven't broken 40 either and I KNOW my looks are top tier!
  • PerfectionPerfection Registered Users, Member 86 Posts
    Nikki114 said:
    Honestly, she's playing by herself at this point. 

    may god have mercy on your soul.
  • BlizzardBBBlizzardBB Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    edited March 2021
    We did it! I finally passed 50 votes!!
    Now I can't wait to see me go back to 20 votes where I belong 😅
  • kikadidakikadida Registered Users, Member 111 Posts
    @KkhElena maybe yes or they just don't want it because even the look of the boss baby has already used
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    lulula said:

    Finally broke 40 after the 60 🥺🥺

    Platform: iOS
  • junjjunj Registered Users, Member 25 Posts

    finally managed to break 40 lol. this has been my worst scoring sys possibly ever, i've been playing since launch with long breaks and i really can't remember another sys where i literally could not break 40 until 8 LOOKS IN. i really can't tell if it's rigged or if it has legit gotten more competitive because more ppl have nice stuff now, it's probably both bc there's certainly some algo manipulation going on but also the voting booth has hugely improved 
    old to the game, new to the forum 😺
  • SDC93SDC93 Registered Users, Member 1,167 Posts
  • IridescenceIridescence Registered Users, Member 296 Posts

    Don't have many cabaret themed clothes so gonna go with the flow if it continues to get me decent scores.
  • jlr224jlr224 Registered Users, Member 674 Posts
    Scores are starting to pick up, this hair has helped a lot, currently second in silver III hoping I can keep it up 🙏🏼

  • skyfall205skyfall205 Registered Users, Member 104 Posts
    KkhElena said:

    It’s been going so well, I’m so sad that it’s gonna end now that I’ve gotten a 60 😭
     Your looks are really gorgeous
    That's so sweet of you, thank you very much! 😊
    ⭐ Ariel ⭐
    IOS Player ○ Since Dec '19 ○ A+++ ○ Lvl 41
  • CorannieCorannie Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    I’m really happy that I’m doing so well in this SYS! Going for that 1st place Gold level reward 🤑

  • Hope_xHope_x Registered Users, Member 155 Posts
    SamanaKKH said:
    looks 6-9, love seeing everyone’s creative looks here and in the voting booth! 

    What lips & colour are being worn here please? ☺️
  • NinaKatherineNinaKatherine Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    It could've been better, but oh well  :)

  • YoMommaYoMomma Registered Users, Member 1,307 Posts

  • kadamisiakadamisia Registered Users, Member 1,086 Posts
    Chqrlotte said:
    kadamisia said:
    Glu am I a joke to you...... I can't get any more cabaret-y 😭😭

    @kadamisia Your looks are gorgeous as always! You definitely deserve way higher scores!💞
    Omg thank you so much 🥺❤️🌹
    IOS player
    🦥 English isn't my 1st language 🦥
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