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  • GluVictoriaGluVictoria Registered Users 5 Posts
    Julesmo wrote: »
    - Leggings, or the ability to wear pants under some of the shorter tops (like the light Grey sweatshirt thing, the beige folded top, or the navy top that was an event item). There are some tops that would look great as tunic tops

    Love that idea!
  • AngelineJAngelineJ Registered Users 1,511 Posts
    ** Have a market place for players to sell/buy items in our wardrobes? One man's trash is another man's treasure.
    I used to play a game that players can put merchandise in the market place. Players can see all other players' items (Don't need to add contacts). There can be a standard price listed and sellers can scroll up or down to change the price to be higher or lower or even Free if you want to be generous. :)

    ** More reduced-price gifting items or special items for gifting.
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  • Newcombs2005Newcombs2005 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I absolutely love this game! Suggestions I have are:

    - the ability to customize all aspects of romantic contacts i.e. Hair, eyes
    - the ability to advance romantic contacts i.e. From d list to a list
    - separate dresses from tops in closet
    - more events

    thanks for listening!

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  • ticisssticisss Banned Users 811 Posts
    HEY GLU! PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE! Put this outfit again in the game. I'll pay real money for it, I promise! Please, make it happen, maybe a special sale with some of the Kim's Shop My Closet, a new opportunity to people to buy those items. Pretty please!!

  • ofortunaofortuna Registered Users 137 Posts
    regarding voting

    I'll say first off I like the voting events. but why not add some fun to it and get people to vote (hello u.s. election soon!) by adding an achievement task? maybe do it similar to partnerships where you can earn exclusive items for voting a certain number of times? or maybe adding an achievement for winning looks each time.

    I would imagine with those kind of numbers coming in then results should be given to players sooner than 4 hrs so then it would be more than fair to implement a shorter waiting time.
  • Melimda119Melimda119 Registered Users 49 Posts
    •Please add a way to buy throwback items without the boxes. There was one hairstyle that was a really cute curly Afro that I couldn't get because I was in the hospital during the weekend event. I would rather pay 100 k stars for an item than pay 60 for a small chance of getting the item.
    •Can you also add more curly/Afro hairstyles that actually look good. There are only like 4 curly hairs you can actually purchase and most of them have an odd shape so it looks weird. I'd like to have a hair on the game that actually kind of looks like my hair in real life.
  • Melimda119Melimda119 Registered Users 49 Posts
    -Dark brown lipstick (only 3 lipsticks look good if your doll has darker skin)
  • DnefertitiDnefertiti Registered Users 3 Posts
    gluadmin wrote: »
    hi stars and starlets.

    I'm assembling a formal list of suggestions for the producers, but it's hard to keep on top of all of the comments on other threads. So, this thread will be the destination for suggestions. In order to keep it most effective please do the following:

    • bullet point your suggestions (or use a - dash)
    • keep it as short as possible and avoid any extra description/analysis
    • be as specific as possible
    • content or feature suggestions only please (no economy, currency or energy stuff- we already know your feedback on that)

    so here's an example of how to do this using some suggestions i've seen recently:

    • more "other hand" rings and bracelets
    • darker lipstick colors
    • see gift item on friend/significant other in the closet before purchasing it for them
    • stay-at-home dates with so
    fix facebook app so we players using the facebook app to play can get back playing its been 2 weeks are more for us and we are sending in tickets with no response and no help!! The loading issues with this game is getting to be ridiculous for people that have spent real money into the game and leveled up high, now the longer this loading issue we will all probably have to start from scratch not fair at all...when will it get fixed..all other facebook games are loading and working fine its just this one.so rude to ignore millions of facebook users trying to stay playing this game i and i know others really love,to have spent money that want get returned and want matter in the game if we have to start from the bottom.
  • MinjiMinji Registered Users 283 Posts
    Many more, such as I just started playing KKH and over the 2 years there have been a looottt of added storylines. My idea was that once you reach #1 you can decide to skip quests for money or maybe loose some fans once in a while..

    I find it really annoying that I keep getting old storylines between new storylines which don't add up at all. One time I'm a fashion icon and the other time I'm now one. I also wish to enjoy the new storylines but I can't.

    Maybe this can be made true, maybe not.

    Edit: well that's awkward I miss spelled skip..

    Note from Koko: Hi Minji. I corrected your typo, and moved your post to the suggestion thread. :)
  • VidaBohemeVidaBoheme Registered Users 229 Posts
    Varied movie set backgrounds. I'm doing T.o.C part two, and the scenery looks like a modern day living room. kinda ridiculous. I'm sure it's not that hard to have multiple background layers to suit specific scenes filmed. it would be more fun and interactive. kinda takes you out of the fantasy if I'm filming a fantasy epic in a living room.
  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    An option to call Simon for a gig (when you are out of storylines) instead of the other way around. Right now you can delay him an hour but maybe instead of that it just have the call button that you click when you're ready, rather than him calling every hour.
  • isabeauisabeau Registered Users 1,968 Posts
    An option to call Simon for a gig (when you are out of storylines) instead of the other way around. Right now you can delay him an hour but maybe instead of that it just have the call button that you click when you're ready, rather than him calling every hour.

    You know, I just accept the side gig for a job, and let it hang until I'm ready--basically because I'm doing other gigs like the ice club or SCSD...or a weekend event storyline; and I know a lot of people are doing the reality TV shows....So in the microsecond way I described, you can stop Simon making the hourly, annoying phone calls and do the accepted gig(s) when you're ready; when you've exhausted all the other stuff you like to do, or it starts to get just plain arduous--because all the things we can go do on your own--for me, for example, the reality shows are just too tedious and get boring really quick. So the days I can make myself do it, I only do them a few times in a row to max out my energy, then grab enough to do a couple more, and I'm finished for a while; the achievements and prizes will still be there waiting for everyone. So when you're looking to throw in some variety again, and a little bit of sidelines adventure, you just go do the gig that's waiting for you. I have to say, this is def at least one good built-in feature from Glu. (Sorry, I know this is kind of discombobulated and missing a word, words, or even a whole sentence here, but I got very little sleep, and, well, you get the idea of what I'm trying to say, right?:))

    EDIT--Ah shoot, forgot this was the Suggestion thread and answered a post. Have to say though, it is indeed a "suggestion," but to the players instead of Glu. Sorryyyy!)
  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    That's what I do now :) It just bothers me when I have a gig out there that I didn't even want in the first place. Or like when you're doing weekend events and you have to constantly check when a gig is available because your Simon gig stops notifications.
  • daffodildaffodil Registered Users 603 Posts
    Make friend actions during parties count towards the relationship with that contact.
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    More hairstyles and outfits for babies (that aren't costumes)
  • AmeliaKKHAmeliaKKH Registered Users 722 Posts
    I would LOVE to see all the italian locations rolled up into one like LAX and JFK! XOXO <3
  • LiiLii Registered Users 736 Posts
    I wish the speech bubble of the bouncer in Reykjavik would only be yellow when there are gigs available. I know exactly when I can do the gigs but I just have to click on the yellow thing every single time, I can't help it! Yellow signals urgency and there is nothing urgent about "come back another time" :/
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  • NQueen331NQueen331 Registered Users 577 Posts
    I actually have two suggestions.

    First, make the closet like K&K where there is a section with just all of the owned clothes. This will make it much more easy to navigate through all the clothes you own rather than going through both owned and unowned clothes.

    Second, this is about winning event items for both genders. For whatever gender our doll is make it to where when we win an item for the opposite gender as well. For example, my doll is female and if I win a hairstyle for the female in an event I would also win the male equivalent hairstyle. This will allow our doll's spouses to earn more clothes in the closet. I went through my doll's husband's closet and there is not much of a selection so getting more clothes this way would be great. I'm not sure if this is in the game or not, but for same gendered couples the spouses should have the same event items in their closets as well.
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  • TwiztidroseTwiztidrose Registered Users 423 Posts
    If you don't have plans to add the Holiday Hairstyle, can you please add it? I'm sure many are still wanting it.

    Edit: Hope you see this Glu Gods.
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  • MegannitaMegannita Registered Users 284 Posts
    Please add more Celebrity Perks! I'm maxed out, and it's no fun not earning goodies anymore. :(
    You remind me of the babe...
  • DalethDaleth Registered Users 78 Posts
    Please rethink how Product Placements are awarded. I have only been awarded one since they became available. And that was in a house I didn't own and couldn't afford at the time. Since I am still doing comebacks and need fans more than viewers I wont be doing any more 8-hour Reality shows until I know they will lead to something beneficial. Thanks
  • haftimehaftime Registered Users 970 Posts
    I would like to request a plain white background available in the photo booth, please. It would make editing our doll pictures for posting on the forum much easier!
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  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    Speaking of photo booth, an option to take a pic with both your babies (if you have them) would be great. And/or a pose option for your spouse to pose with a baby.

    Also an option to take a pic with your pet. Would be nice to pick from a list but that could be challenging. Maybe just the active one you have walking with you?
  • VidaBohemeVidaBoheme Registered Users 229 Posts
    have someone consult from a retail/merchandising POV. there are a lot of great pieces individually, however many of them can't be matched back stylishly to another piece. you would get more people shopping if they can see one piece and be able to make a variety of outfits. Example: red pleated skirt. It's a beautiful skirt but it has so few options for tops. it would have been better if the skirt was neutral or if the update had introduced more matching tops.

    color matching. it's bad enough IRL if we can't get black to match. standardized your basic colors to better match outfits. I can't tell you how many times I tried to match clothing pieces only to find that the red is slightly off or the whites are too warm or too cool in tone than other whites. or blacks matching.
  • daffodildaffodil Registered Users 603 Posts
    Since closet organization was not included in the most recent update, I'm going to suggest closet organization again :)
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  • ticisssticisss Banned Users 811 Posts
    Please, put the Kim's Shop My Closet from the past in some kind of special sale. I'll totally buy them all!
    A better closet organization
    A horse (I told you, I'll keep asking for this until I open my game and see a horse lol)
    New clothes for the babies
  • ticisssticisss Banned Users 811 Posts
    Since GluGods are giving us the opportunity to buy the Kim's Shop My Closet from the past, I'd like to ask if you guys can put this one next time! Please!
    And thanks again!

  • soundsprettysoundspretty Registered Users 5,000 Posts
    I agree with ticisss - new baby clothes! Ones that aren't costumes or 100 k-stars preferably...
  • A-listerA-lister Registered Users 72 Posts
    Since the latest updates came with new opportunities to earn cash and K-stars, such as the So Chic stores, the ice club and the fashion studio, and I hope there will be other ones in the future, I'd like to suggest the addition of a counter, a reminder or a new section here Pics_Art_09_24_02_48_17.jpg in which there are listed all the buildings and how much time we have to wait for the gigs to be available again.
    I would also like to suggest the same thing for the houses and their relative pets, with their own counters.
    For me, personally, is hard to keep track of all these things, so I hope this would be useful for other dolls over here too.
    Speaking of pets, I've noticed that sometimes, during an event, there is a chance that, when you tap them, they will give you an event point along with energy and cash. I'd suggest making that happen everytime, not only now and then since the time it takes for pets to recharge is not very short and there will be one more reason to have many pets :).
  • ticisssticisss Banned Users 811 Posts
    A place like 5th Avenue where we can visit a boutique and buy clothes.
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