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Hi! I've been looking around but I haven't found this exact post yet. I played the game for a couple of years, then stopped for a year or so and now I'm back! Bad thing is, there was an issue with my game so I couldn't get back my old doll, meaning I'M STARTING OVER. I wanted to ask which items do you suggest buying (stars or diamonds) as a newstarter... things that do well in SYS specially. Which dresses, which hand helds, which hairs, which auras... I know what used to work a year ago but so much has changed!

Any recommendation is welcomed!
Thank you all!


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    This is the latest update on the game and maybe this will help you with your decision 

    After the 9th there will be no new sys just throwbacks
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    I know it may be hard starting over but I’m personally not spending money on the game any more; just hustling free kstar and diamond offers. With the new mega boxes there’s so many opportunities get good stuff. 
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    Whenever you get up to 150 K-stars - buy the jet. 
    I was hesitating a lot but it saved me SO much in the long run and wished I did it earlier. 
    Buying the jet means you fly for free, so you can collect tons of energy by tapping the different items in each city and finish the quests way earlier. Takes about 2 rounds to finish up a 8 hour quest. It reloads every couple of minutes. 🛫🛩️
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    Buy the jet, <3.  Best purchase ever! The jet and any vehicle means free travel.
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    But wait till the Jet is a weekly challenge then buy it!
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