KKH Game Center changed with iOS v10 - now add in FB



  • Noni15507Noni15507 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hey everyone!i play everyday please feel free to add me!
    My GameCenter nickname is: NoniGiorgos

    Thank you!
  • Evenstar __Evenstar __ Registered Users 37 Posts
    My GC is -Evenstar- and I hope to see some of you on my friends list soon! :)
    Add me on GC: -Evenstar-
  • miffyearnmiffyearn Registered Users 2 Posts
    Id : !amEarn
  • TTembTTemb Registered Users 86 Posts
    Add me on GC: TTemb
    ๐Ÿ˜„ thank u ๐Ÿ˜„
    GC: TTemb
  • LilzieeeLilzieee Registered Users 2 Posts
    Add me on game centre!! >)L!L$(<
  • Freyja.SFreyja.S Registered Users 4 Posts
    Feel free to add me, GC: Freyja.S
    I gift back. &#55357;&#56842;
    "Take this time to breathe the air, i thank you for even waking up today because life isn't the easiest Your doing a good job love u" - Lil B (@lilbthebasedgod) --- Add me on GC: Freyja.S
  • VickieejVickieej Registered Users 22 Posts
    Hi everyone - please add me to play the game! my id is polish4lunch
  • Mommieloveslj2011Mommieloveslj2011 Registered Users 13 Posts
    Add me: mommieloveslj2011
  • leendaaleendaa Registered Users 9 Posts
    KKH Daily Player!
    GC ID: vanlindaa
  • Mommieloveslj2011Mommieloveslj2011 Registered Users 13 Posts
    Let's be friends on GC mommieloveslj2011
  • LilzieeeLilzieee Registered Users 2 Posts
    Been playing KK for a week or so now maybe abit longer :) add my Game Center- >)L!L$(<
  • JNNAJNNA Registered Users 5 Posts
    Please add me;
  • Hayoona90Hayoona90 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me on Game Center hayoona90
  • fluxcapacitorrfluxcapacitorr Registered Users 1 Posts
    I'm obsessed. Add me: fluxcapacitorr
  • LeyshlaGiselLeyshlaGisel Registered Users 1,328 Posts
    My GC is down below, but I'll add it here. Need more friends!!

    MamaFapxo :o
    :cool: :cool:
    "Norman Reedus once called me Sweetheart." :o
  • junko916junko916 Registered Users 7 Posts
    Game Center ID: Junko916
  • tonysndharrytonysndharry Registered Users 10 Posts
    I lost the game previously, but I'm starting over. Add me! GC is: tonysndharry
  • KykydKykyd Registered Users 46 Posts
    Please add me kyleydev
  • bapplesbapples Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me I play multiple times a day
    juicybapples ,I'll love you forever.
  • ckay702ckay702 Registered Users 17 Posts
    Game Center: xchristinakay
  • kristalykristaly Registered Users 1 Posts
    Ad me please! :) ๐Ÿ‘ธ ๐Ÿ‘
  • Leslie_PowowLeslie_Powow Registered Users 22 Posts
    I took a break for awhile. Would like some active friends Leslie_Powow
  • Fyrefly101Fyrefly101 Registered Users 2 Posts
    Pls add me. Daily player. Gc user name: fyrefly101
  • Dana DiLisaDana DiLisa Registered Users 1 Posts
    Please add me Game Center dana0508
  • Jazz2063Jazz2063 Registered Users 19 Posts
    Please add me my Game centre is is jasminnaunton

    I can't work out how to send requests so any tips would help
  • Nickyg1756Nickyg1756 Registered Users 1 Posts
    New to the game and looking for friend adds on gc: nickyg1756
  • alinakupalinakup Registered Users 12 Posts
    Game center: alinakup
  • itslikethisannaitslikethisanna Registered Users 1 Posts
    GC is annalilia08. Add me &#55357;&#56842;&#55357;&#56856;
  • ohsophancyohsophancy Registered Users 1 Posts
    GC: Ohsophancy
  • GeoffDashGeoffDash Registered Users 12 Posts
    GC : ADD me : GeoffDash :)
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