I'm gifting!!!



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    thaizythaizy Registered Users 1 Posts
    thaizy20 thank you in advance!
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    Bekahrowley_xBekahrowley_x Registered Users 4 Posts
    Please add and gift me had to restart the game and lost everything!! Any gifts much appreciated game centre id bekahrowley_x game name Lucy x
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    nefelibatanefelibata Registered Users 4 Posts
    gc: rodelyngutierrez
    please send me gifts pls
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    victoriaeikremvictoriaeikrem Registered Users 3 Posts
    GC: victoriaeikrem.

    Can i get a few things i dont have ☺️ Please add me 💗
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    andream1985andream1985 Registered Users 23 Posts
    I appreciate whatever you can gift me. My phone crashed and my only backup was from January. andrea.maria85 Thank you so much in advance!
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