KK:H Weekend Event - 8/2/19 - 5⭐Professional for our Kalindaversary!



  • Chelsea123Chelsea123 New Member 1,347 PostsRegistered Users

    Got the dress in my free box😍
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  • alice_kkhalice_kkh 1,232 PostsRegistered Users, Member

    All I wanted was the hair color 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Should I try one more time? I’m so scared I’ll get the ugly shoes for 110 stars 😀
  • elettrahereelettrahere 1,337 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    edited August 2019
    Well okayyyyy. At least it wasn’t energy I guess 

    I almost picked the dress in my free gb but happy I got an item at least. Not gonna buy boxes or more Kollection spins.

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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator 23,874 PostsModerators

    Happy Anniversary Kalinda. You mean so much to so many of us, I hope you know you're forever in our heart. Thank you for your special brand of awesome. <3
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  • alice_kkhalice_kkh 1,232 PostsRegistered Users, Member

    2 items in my free palette once again! This is the third week in a row. I used to have at least 3 items before the update. I’m getting really tired of this game tbh

  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma 2,598 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    edited August 2019
    I got the shoes on my free GB!
    Idealy i wanted the dress or the hair BUT at least it wasnt the ugly purse!

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  • Syndra xSyndra x Experienced Member 699 PostsRegistered Users
    Happy Kalindaversary dearest @KalindaKing ! 👑Many thanks to all you've done for our happy community~ 🙏❤💙💚💛🧡💜❤💙💚💛🧡💜❤💙💚💛🧡💜❤💙💚💛🧡💜❤💙💚💛🧡💜❤💙💚💛🧡💜
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  • BasakBasak 693 PostsRegistered Users, Member

    O M G G !

    Took a big risk and won the bundle in my next spin! 💕💕 It could be energy or dyes for 110 K-stars. I used all of my chance today, expecting bad TB boxes for this whole month. 😂


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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator 23,874 PostsModerators
    edited August 2019
    I'm sorry @alice_kkh&nbsp; Wish we had a sympathetic button.  I'd hit it everytime I see an unfair palette. If you end up buying a box or two, here's hoping you have a better chance.   <3

    @Chloè_KKH   I just saw you had the same luck.  I hope your next boxes are better if you buy any. 

    And if anyone has visualization tendancies.....they really help me tremendously.  Good luck everyone.
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  • ScarletkkhScarletkkh New Member 830 PostsRegistered Users
    I am stuck at work for the next 2 hours, i cant open my game. I just want to get my hands on those cute bob hair from the Kollection. Wishing this 2 hours will pass quickly. lol
  • ScarletkkhScarletkkh New Member 830 PostsRegistered Users
    Happy Kalindaversary @KalindaKing
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh 1,243 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    My free box, I’m happy with it

    iOS player since August 2014
  • alice_kkhalice_kkh 1,232 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    @kokokokonut I couldn’t care less about the GBs this week, I just think it’s ridiculous how they keep changing the odds so it’s even harder to get event items! But whatever I learned my lesson, thank God I didn’t open more boxes this time! I wasted more than enough stars on the kollection. Of course the one time I don’t want the bundle (or anything other than the hair color) I get the bundle before the last spin. Lol.

  • kimberleyxkimberleyx 54 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Got the hair in my free box!

  • OhemilieOhemilie New Member 465 PostsRegistered Users
    I’m so sad, I got energy, the ugly shoes and short silver dress in the kollection, used up a ton of stars I should have saved for next week and then got the uglier shoes in my free gift box! 
    iOS player 
    level 69
  • CatherineK_KHCatherineK_KH 30 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    When I saw the new kollections on my doll I bought a k-star pack to complete it. And I opened a couple gb and got energy, some random shoes and the hair 
    Here’s how I styled some of my new favorite items
    Hi my name is Catherine 
    ios player 
    new to the game 
    could really use some tips
  • KatinkaeKatinkae Experienced Member 669 PostsRegistered Users

    Ofcourse the only thing i wanted which was the hair colour was in my seventh box, but I love iiiiiit
    DM for add! Player since day 1 🤩 iOS
    Norway 💗
  • thelifeofRaeRaethelifeofRaeRae 1,138 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I only had 2 items I’m my pallet again for the 3rd week in a row :/ I won even points. I won’t chase items when that happens. I wish we could see all 4. 

    I took a spin on the Kollection and won this fun hair!

    iOS user
  • kaydencekkhkaydencekkh 682 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I’ve noticed on my free box it’s only been two items ....I’m not going to chase anything if these odds stay
    iOS player!
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  • Kkh_AnastasiaKkh_Anastasia 1,044 PostsRegistered Users, Member

    I got the bundle in my first spin 😁😁😁
    iOS 📲
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  • cntarrcntarr 929 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Go the BUNDLE on my FIRST spin!!!!!!😊😊😊
  • thallisathallisa New Member 860 PostsRegistered Users
    I got the dress in my free GB and I’m more than okay with it!

    I also did two spins in the kollection and got the cute dress and then the bundle. I really want the hair color though so I’ll probably waste some more kstars later 😬

  • naomi_nainaomi_nai 309 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    hello, i'm alive

    android player (i'm here for the wigs)
  • inesferreira04inesferreira04 72 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Are you serious 😭 last kollection I also got dye. I really wanted this hair color, so annoyinggggggg
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