🗳️SYS - 1/30/20 - Everyone in Denim! 👖



  • ScarletkkhScarletkkh New Member Registered Users 830 Posts

  • maria5maria5 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I still have not got the notification and cant join the sys! What to do? 😫😫
  • kkhg_chanelkkhg_chanel New Member Registered Users 85 Posts
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 1,143 Posts

    So now I submitted that jumpsuit 😒 I’m in 13 place right now. I guess I’m just going to try at lest get earnables
    iOS doll
    Roberta Kkh in Facebook ✌🏻🥰
    English is not my first language ☺️
  • pinkrainbowpinkrainbow Registered Users, Member 95 Posts

    It’s quite a bit different from my normal style, but I really thought this would do better. 😔
  • alycatalycat Registered Users, Member 233 Posts
    Ooof. I thought these looks were alright 😓 rough start to the SYS. 

  • Suri_MaddenSuri_Madden Registered Users, Member 533 Posts
    edited January 31
    Bear_KKH said:

    Look 1-2. That 39 hurt my feelings 😂
    All my doll needs in her life are these jeans!!!
    if anyone from iOS is planning to use them please tag me 🙏🏻❤️
    ~ iOS player ~
  • KortyKorty New Member Registered Users 190 Posts
    My first three looks flopped miserably, and I‘m super disappointed; for my next look I’m switching to jeans👖 and heels! 

    Daily iOS player since July 2014
    From Italy 🇮🇹🍕🍝
  • LisylisLisylis Junior Member Registered Users 630 Posts
    I think I do better when I'm just like "ok screw it" because I genuinely liked my first 2 looks :(

  • TheBolaTheBola Registered Users, Member 176 Posts
    I have waited for more than 3 hours to submit my first tickets. I have never been in a worse group, the girl that's in first place has almost finished and the SYS didn't start too long ago. I'm never going to wait again lol
  • Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 988 Posts
    Can someone model this hair in the honey color hair I use. I'm thinking I might ask if someone on Android can submit it for me if I like it enough

    I know if I spend diamonds on this Glu will probably release a curly style the next day though, but I missed the last curly GB one 🙄
    - Emmy
  • beba13beba13 Registered Users, Member 439 Posts
    mandamay76 said:h
    @beba13 that stinks you deserve first! I know I voted for your first look for sure! 
    Thank you sooo much 🥰🥰🥰 
    i dont mind me losing the first place or any,but its just hurtful how we are not as important as some that are kind of being privileged by the GLU. 
    Btw i woke up to this,top 5 are TB’s 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I’m done with SYS. 
    🌻IOS player🌻
    Been on KKH since day one with brakes 🥰
  • Bear_KKHBear_KKH Registered Users, Member 988 Posts
    @thallisa thank you for modeling it! Oh wow I was hoping I wouldn't like it so much, but I really love it 😭 

    - Emmy
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 2,009 Posts
    1-4 look 👖

    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • thallisathallisa New Member Registered Users 1,232 Posts
    @Bear_KKH no problem! It does look great on your doll 😍 unfortunately I’m on iOS so I can’t help with submitting, but I hope someone with android will come through if you decide to get it!
  • promquin98promquin98 Registered Users, Member 281 Posts
    Ughhh... struggling here.. 
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 1,143 Posts
    edited January 31
    I guess when we don’t try we do much better 🤔

     Somehow I’m from 13 to 3th ,but for how long?😄
    iOS doll
    Roberta Kkh in Facebook ✌🏻🥰
    English is not my first language ☺️
  • LinaKKLinaKK Registered Users, Member 148 Posts
    Ughhh... struggling here.. 
    same I’ve been getting only 36-38 votes per look 😩
    iOS & android doll since 2019.
  • livyxlivyx Registered Users, Member 457 Posts

    Looks 1-4! This SYS really reminds me of LDR 🥰

    iOS player since December 2014 🌷🇫🇷🇵🇱
    https://www.facebook.com/livykkh (please let me know you’re from the forum)
  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,552 Posts
    Staying pretty consistent with my scores so I should get earnables - my group is honestly small right now and all the looks are great that I’m seeing! I’m in first but a lot of people haven’t posted new looks in a while...  
    iOS player  
    New FB page Manda Walker  https://www.facebook.com/manda.walker.399
  • KoakumaKoakuma New Member Registered Users 428 Posts


  • BasakBasak Registered Users, Member 942 Posts

    No surprise here. I was totally expecting this.


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  • nylonlaundrynylonlaundry Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    those 35s and the two TBs i got make me miss the days when we can scam SYS by simply turning off the internet lol
    iOS・i look completely different in sys
  • Maria2019Maria2019 Registered Users, Member 228 Posts
    edited January 31
    @Bear_KKH I can submit the hair for you in 2 hours and 54 minutes if you like. Or 6 hours after that if it suits you better.

    I am in 3rd place with no TBs in sight yet.
  • KKH_JazKKH_Jaz Registered Users, Member 32 Posts
    would anyone be able to submit the monkey? 
  • Suri_MaddenSuri_Madden Registered Users, Member 533 Posts
    KKH_Jaz said:
    would anyone be able to submit the monkey? 
    Are you on iOS? I can submit it in an hour 😊
    ~ iOS player ~
  • ChicCharlotteChicCharlotte Experienced Member Registered Users 552 Posts
    edited January 31
    Well, I’m doing terrible.

    Began an iOS game and need friends!
    Also deleted old Facebook account. Please refriend me if you play iOS.
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