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    <3 Darn I didn't go back enough.  When giving facts, I might sound cut and dry.  I try to refer specifically to what I'm answering, but you can never tell tone of voice.  I wish we had better smileys.
    With the coming SYS,  everyone has to chill about players buying and using tickets.  It's not cheating, and no one needs to justify or explain how they legitimately play. 
    1st time someone is insulted or put on the hot seat, please please please dm me.  When an argument ensues...everyone fighting is just as wrong, as the person who started it. 
    If someone questions you, don't write back to them, write to me.  We are alienating and chasing away people who are uncomfortable being asked to account for their playing.  
    @promquin98 I appreciate your caring, but I couldn't come in and do this day after day if I let little things get to me.  I would be a rich woman if I had a dime for everytime someone got mad at me.  I am learning to count to 100, and tone down my responses at that time.
    People get heated, but no one should question others about personal gameplay.    TBH, I think with a few exceptions we were a kinder friendlier thread last week.  And I think it's going to get better this week too.

    @promquin98 and everyone else, please message me with concerns.  I can try and to help.  But best advice, don't take the bait.  <3

    I really hope this does get taken care of. I see fights in the threads just about every weekend and its upsetting that we can't be civil towards one another. I was a lurker for so long and finally made an account, I know there's people lurking and this could be pushing them away from joining us.

    We are a community, lets be positive and friendly. :)
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    Whew chileeeeee... the tea is EXTRA hot today hunny
  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    @SisSnappedLikeThanos I am so deeply sorry that is going on. I really hope you’re situation gets better. Hopefully, when she LOL’d the comment, it was a mistake because that’s really bad. I am again so so sorry
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     @jhabs laughing because I didn’t refresh my page when I was posting to see yours & accidentally repeated about half of what you said in a much less eloquent way lol
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    Wow. These forums get so nasty sometimes. Over a GAME... it makes me sad for humanity. 

    We are supposed to be coming together, lifting others up and creating positive spaces/experiences ESPECIALLY with the world the way it is right now. 

    Come on ladies and gents, can’t we all try to create something positive instead of always attacking someone or fighting with people online. There is so much more to life than that and in the grand scheme of life, Kim Kardashians game doesn’t matter. The animated outfit you have DOESN’T MATTER! But who you are and showing kindness and respect to others  are things that DO MATTER.

    There’s a global pandemic right now, can’t we all just get along and create a positive space for people to come to. ❤️
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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos - I'm so, so sorry to hear of your situation - I recognise it won't do a lot, but you and your family are in my thoughts and I hope things get better for you soon. Sending you lots of love ❤
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    ftr, if you're ever in a group with me, let me know! it's only happened like once that I know of. and if you want to spend tickets, knock yourself out. i wish the system was more fair to everyone including those who can't buy tickets or at least Glu to expand the prize pool, but whatever. i have won 3 times since last August so i go into every week just hoping to stay in the top 5. just let me know if you're gonna torpedo me in the final few minutes
    Find me on FB facebook.com/jasperkkh.37669
    let me know and i'll approve quicker!

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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos im so sorry this pandemic has ur family in such a tight spot. And anyone loling on purpose to that is just disgusting. No everyone has similar situations and no one should be made to feel like they need to keep up with the Joneses(buying tickets) to feel valid. I wish there was an extension to groups or caps on votes. Im crossing my finger our president pulls threw for the emergency aid for ppl. Cause its tough out here. 💜 
  • malakk15malakk15 Registered Users, Member 139 Posts
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    Players: fighting because of the unfairness in Show Your Money event week after week 🤡.
    Glu: sorry we can not hear you because we are too busy counting money 🙉.
  • elettrahereelettrahere Registered Users, Member 1,917 Posts
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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos we are with you. 💖
    I’m sending you love & positive vibes. And if you’re playing on android I’m also hoping you get some nice game offers to get some bonus k-stars - I’m almost done with one after 5 days that should reward me 1k k-stars!! 
    iOS player 🤠
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    @SisSnappedLikeThanosI am very sorry for your situation. Every day I hope that this pandemic ends and I don't like to see on television that many families do not have a job and hardly have to eat. I will pray for yours so that everything goes well for you🙏. I send you a lot of love and good vibes💜💖. 
  • Chooky1116Chooky1116 Registered Users, Member 644 Posts
    @SisSnappedLikeThanos Just here to send my love to you through this difficult time it breaks my heart to hear these stories 💔 
  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Community Moderator Moderators 27,532 Posts
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    I have to think that lol hit was a slipped finger, an error.  I am so sorry friends are hurting while the outbreak is paralyzing the world.   I very often accidentally hit a button while scrolling.  I have to believe that was what happened with the lol on Sis’ post.  
    Some of us are able to spend Cashon the game, and enjoy it.  Others of us don’t have that luxury right now.  Rent, food, bare necessities are more important, and I don’t think any of us, (ok maybe the twisted mind that came in reporting a fake sick child But they’re long gone) could intentionally laugh at a friend’s misfortune.  
    When the new thread starts in a bit, can we all we must all be a little kinder and nicer. .otherwise we’re all just Willows in a Kardashian world. 

    Oh btw. Terrible job of letting things drop.  If you are missing posts this morning, you did not let it drop last night. 

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  • OhemilieOhemilie New Member Registered Users 903 Posts
    Ticket buying is ticket buying. I’m not shaming or slamming it, I just want people to be transparent so we can all see how often first place goes to a ticket buyer or a free player. I’m guessing vast majority of first place players are also ticket buyers and that’s cool but it would be nice to know instead of this super shady secret vibe existing around it. 

    Always makes me lol when someone says something like I only use tickets fairly unless someone else doesn’t and then I’ll use loads. Just own it, stop creating hierarchies of ticket buying acceptability. Everyone doing so has a reason; they want to win, they love the prizes, they don’t have enough kloset stuff to compete for free, they get carried away with mob mentality, they want the triple threat for the diamonds so might as well use tickets, they are in a different time zone, they slept through a ticket, they are too busy etc etc etc - none of these reasons outweigh each other yet they get thrown around as justification. If you buy tickets just own it. You’re a ticket buyer, cool. Reason is irrelevant imo as people will always try and make their reason for doing so ok whilst bashing other ticket buyers. ‘I would have been first but they bought tickets last minute’ ‘I was winning until a ticket buyer came so I bought tickets to get my place back, not for any other reason’ like girl what?! I guess I just get annoyed when people try and say that their ticket buying is ok but no one else’s is. 

    ive bought tickets before by the way so I’m also part of this sucky sys system. 
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  • mandamay76mandamay76 Registered Users, Member 1,794 Posts
    im going to assume the lol wasn't aimed towards her family situation and more about kicking karen from accounting out of first place because I giggled at that myself (since I am an older player and work in accounting) Let's all leave this here this week!  @SisSnappedLikeThanos I'm hoping and praying your situation and load lightens soon...  <3
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,278 Posts
    @SisSnappedLikeThanos I’m so sorry to hear about you and your family, I can only send you a big virtual hug and I hope this situation will end soon 💗
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    @ceryseward Sorry but can you explain the reason behind lol’ing this post about her family struggling financially? That’s really hurtful, not to mention you saying right after we should be a positive and friendly community. I hope this is just a misunderstanding because that’s extremely distasteful 

    I was laughing at the end comment of spending $30 and kicking a "Karen." Please don't take things, twist them, take them the wrong way, or get defensive.

    There's two way someone could have reacted to that that post. I'm in no ways laughing over her family struggling. I'm too struggling, many of us are. Be kind.

    I'm sorry @SisSnappedLikeThanos if my reaction hurt you in anyway.
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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos never fee guilty for discussing your personal life and sharing your feelings. It is scary times for most of us, some more than others. I'm sorry you and your family have been hit so hard with uncertanty. Anytime you need to vent I'm sure the majority of us are more than happy to listen and wish there was more that we could do x
  • princesspreciousprincessprecious Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    I was laughing at the end comment, of spending $30 Dear and kicking a "Karen." Don't take things the wrong way and quote me if you don't know what I'm reacting about. :)
    Surely you can see why it looked bad though? 
  • cerysewardceryseward Registered Users, Member 152 Posts
    I was laughing at the end comment, of spending $30 Dear and kicking a "Karen." Don't take things the wrong way and quote me if you don't know what I'm reacting about. :)
    Surely you can see why it looked bad though? 
    The end comment was funny. That is all. I'm tired of people coming at me because I don't react the same way as everyone else does.
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  • princesspreciousprincessprecious Registered Users, Member 1,046 Posts
    @ceryseward the end comment was funny but it was clearly to deflect and try make light of what was said in the same post.

    l'm not coming at you, I was surprised at your response and wanted to see if you had any compassion for someone thinking you mocked them. You should have ended your response after the first sentence.
  • RikkRikk New Member Registered Users 3,828 Posts

    Rikk said:
    I’ve never been so ready for a new SYS thread! And I’m stoked it’s a street style theme this time 💕

    I for one, am going to be looking at your pics for inspiration. You inspired me to rock short layered punk looks and look like a female version of a young Billy Idol . .
    Thanks Koko, aren’t those rock ‘n roll pieces fun?
  • cerysewardceryseward Registered Users, Member 152 Posts
    @ceryseward the end comment was funny but it was clearly to deflect and try make light of what was said in the same post.

    l'm not coming at you, I was surprised at your response and wanted to see if you had any compassion for someone thinking you mocked them. You should have ended your response after the first sentence.
    I'm having a major anxiety attack right now so when stuff like this happens and people come at me sometimes my responses lack and I have to edit them after I put my thoughts through correctly. I really don't want to be apart of this forum any longer at this point everyone just makes me feel incredibly unwelcome and it messes with my well being.
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