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    yezx said:

    My new quest is 3 hours but for some it’s 1 hr?

    agree if yours was 3 hours
    like if it was another time other than 3 hours
    Mine is 8 hours, great
    At least I had this weird call from Simon with kstars and energy!
    Same here, but the only call I got was Kalinda’s 
  • noha62noha62 Registered Users, Member 294 Posts
    But on a sidenote, I really really appreciate that the new kloset items to help with the Ivy League SYS were for kstars
    I second this , i wasn’t expecting no diamond items in the kloset tbh , especially the ones that should help in the sys !! I am glad they listened 
  • kkhkaterinakkhkaterina Registered Users, Member 56 Posts
    yezx said:
    Okaaaaay but why is that old quest here again? When will we get a new chance for krossover items? The stories items? Great that you’re bringing old items back, but be consistent about it 🙃

    It seems to be back for players who never completed it and didn’t receive those items. This is completely fair lol don’t know why some people are pressed. 
    this omg!!! i just finally got the pop up shop for the first time and i’m sooo excited about it mine has always been locked so it was awesome to feel included in getting it finally 🥺
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    I'm dying glu
    This braid and leopard dress look is perfect but I will never have

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    I don't have any gig sooooo.... 
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    I got a 1hr gig and no call from Simon, same with my side game
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 808 Posts
    I got a 3hr gig, no call from Simon with extra energy/KStars
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    Mine is also a 3 hour gig !

  • noha62noha62 Registered Users, Member 294 Posts
    Still didn’t open the game after i updated i was busy but from the feed back i am very satisfied this update it’s much better than the last one , but i am not gonna spin in the diamond kollection tho i will keep my diamonds for old items , i could have a stroke if i spin and get the lipstick or the scrunchy lol 
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    I just finished the 8 hour gig and didn’t get a Simon call
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    @AliBryant I got 8 hour and the simon call. Which was ok because I think I got 90 energy from it so I could finish it super fast
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    This is the first diamond kollection that has tempted me. I love the bundle dress and purse. How many spins can I afford with the 50 diamonds I have?
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    No dyes, no call, my gig is 8 hours. What are you doing Glu. 
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    AliBryant said:
    So my gig was only 3 hours, I did it like 30 minutes ago. No Simon call. Is the Simon call related to the 8 hours gig? Did everyone who got the Simon call have the 8 hours gig?
    I got the Simon call and a 3 hour gig
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    I got the Santa Monica pop up shop for the first time ever!! Can someone please tell me how this works? Do I have to choose one or can I have them all? If I have to choose then which one do you recommend? And is it free??? I have so many questionsssss

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    What is up with my comments needing approval before they're posted???
    EDIT: well this one went through right away
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    I got a 3h gig, no call from Simon and still have no dyes... what a mess
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    My new quest is 3 hours but for some it’s 1 hr?

    agree if yours was 3 hours
    like if it was another time other than 3 hours
    Um what? Mine is 8hours!!

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    @sharonbp95 you can have them all! A total of 3 gigs 😊
  • marir222marir222 New Member Registered Users 356 Posts
    i couldnt resist, lol. i cant wait for the ivy league sys ! 

    that’s for amateurs
  • SaigeAnneSaigeAnne Registered Users, Member 449 Posts
    Okay, I was going through my kloset seeing what to dye aquamarine, and am I going crazy again, or is this dress animated with sparkles?

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