🗳️👻SYS 10/29/20 - Coven! Celebrate Halloween in Style! Boo!🎃🔮



  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,382 Posts
    Look 13-15
    Got the crystal with my 12th look and I love it ! 🥰

    Also 3rd this week with 757 points. I wasn’t doing well at the beginning, but the last few looks made up for it 😊😊😊

  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,382 Posts
    edited November 2020
    @charlottegold too bad this has happened to you ! 😔 You definitely deserve 1st place with on point looks ✨ p.s. I’m just curious (because I didn’t know this can happen), but if you have collected the prizes on time would you get that first prize?

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  • StevieCurryStevieCurry Registered Users, Member 698 Posts

    well... i didn’t use my simon ticket. i got distracted by something else then the sys ended lol 🤣 sucks as i was first for most of the sys and it would’ve been nice to end my birthday month on a high note...

    still waiting for the day i get first place cos it’s been awhile. haha it’s wishful thinking tho cos i saw TBs on facebook w 30-40 tickets stacked and i am scaaaaaared yo

    well, at least the dress is kinda pretty 😊🌙⭐️ hoping good stuff comes our way in the black friday update ❄️

    ios • free player since november 2019 ❀
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  • LibbyLibby Registered Users, Member 406 Posts
    edited November 2020
    Came 4th. As usual had a couple of TBs in the group, but I didn’t care. The TS hair was one of the ugliest hairs in the game. 

  • Charlotte_DCharlotte_D Registered Users, Member 231 Posts

    😂😂 Some people have more money than sense. That’s all I’ll say.
  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 426 Posts
    Finished 5th! My group was so tight in points; everyone was serving such gorgeous looks. It’s so much more fun when it’s like that! Also squeezed out one TB from top 5 who spammed a bunch just for the dress. Always that one person lol 

    Here’s my lowest, 2 highest, and favorite look. Finally got to use the devil horns that have been collecting dust in my closet since last year 😂

  • LibbyLibby Registered Users, Member 406 Posts

    😂😂 Some people have more money than sense. That’s all I’ll say.
    I don’t think we need to cover their names. If they say TBing is part of the game then they should own it. 
  • abasili93abasili93 New Member Registered Users 331 Posts

    These are all my Coven looks. I've had so much fun with this.theme, trying to figure different personalities for my witches. I've found myself enjoying the SYS more when I don't like the prizes 🤣
    Anyway, arrived 4th after two TBs and a doll that really deserved the third place. Happy with the dress, thinking it will be useful for the space SYS next month
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  • KittyGKittyG Registered Users, Member 53 Posts
    edited November 2020

    Unfortunately, my last ticket came in the middle of the night, so I missed it and didn’t end up in top five. Luckily, I’m not that crazy about the dress anyway 😅.
  • rach89rach89 Registered Users, Member 444 Posts
    edited November 2020
    Best,Worst,Favorite and then 6 more I liked most 🖤 this was my favorite SYS ever! I’m not sure why the third dress (my favorite look) never scores super well.

    Edit** Autocorrect 
  • VictorianVictorian Registered Users, Member 1,072 Posts

    I woke up to this 🥳 I couldn't use my 15th ticket but my TS group did so I thought I would get bumped but no 💕 I would get 2nd place if it wasn't for that tho which makes me a little bit mad at myself because twilight dyes 😬
    20 year old from Turkey & Android Player
    Striking untill they give everyone 20 videos a day
  • Nat_kkhNat_kkh Registered Users, Member 39 Posts

    Came in 4th and got the crystal. It was a really good weekend😊
  • eligureligur Registered Users, Member 906 Posts
    my loooks flopped so hard towards the end.. i would have been first with no problem if my scores would have been the same (over 50) but im not that crazy about that hair 😁

    yet got my almost perfect score 🥰

  • pristinepersonpristineperson Registered Users, Member 2,550 Posts

    Now, I'm standing in the kitchen, carving up a chicken for dinner. Minding my own business. In storms my husband Wilbur in a jealous rage. "You been screwin' the milkman? " he said. He was crazy! And he kept on screaming. "You been screwin' the milkman!” And then he ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times.
    The Halloween update can run into my knife any day and as many times as it wants.
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,014 Posts
    Ended 2nd after a last minute tb, I didn’t care about the hair but it’s annoying, anyways I really loved this sys
    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,424 Posts
     When I went to sleep I was in 1st but one doll used extra ticket so I got 2nd. 

    iOS doll 
    English is not my first language ☺️
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  • Chloè_KKHChloè_KKH Registered Users, Member 1,273 Posts
    Came in first place by one point, it was totally unexpected!

  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 1,183 Posts
    Last looks.

    My TS board. Even with best scores I’ve had in months, possibly even ever couldn’t get in top 5.

    I play on iOS
  • ashleymeddsashleymedds Registered Users, Member 796 Posts
    I got too drunk on both friday and halloween so i missed a ticket and my 15th one from daylight savings😂 kind of pissed because I was scoring so well, averaged a 52, and I only lost by less than 40 points so I definitely would’ve won first with my 14 free tickets let alone if i had gotten 15. shoutout to my halloween shenanigans for losing this SYS for me I played myself😔✌🏼😂im just happy I didn’t particularly love the hair although i’m sad since I haven’t won first without extra tickets in such a long time
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  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 517 Posts
    Im glad to win but it’s of course it’s on a SYS where I don’t love the top prize 😅 but I’m still happy with the extra kstars and dyes! And I’m sure this hairstyle will come in handy

    This dress is beautiful 😍 

    It’s a beautiful day to save lives 💞
  • e_corvoe_corvo Registered Users, Member 344 Posts

    the dress is cute but nothing special. got bored of this sys very quickly :\
    ~ iOS player since 2014
    ~ English is not my first language. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

  • SeraiahRoseSeraiahRose Registered Users, Member 23 Posts
    These are the highest scores I got in the Coven SYS. The cards and the scary veil face really helped boost my scores. 
  • SeraiahRoseSeraiahRose Registered Users, Member 23 Posts

    Ended up coming first in the Coven SYS. Yay 🎉
  • Kween_of_the_KastleKween_of_the_Kastle Registered Users, Member 1,251 Posts
    Came in 4th and the dress dyes amazingly

  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 1,854 Posts
    Came 4th so I got the dress 😊 this wasn’t my best sys I have to say and there were also tb’s in my group. Nothing too over the top excessive so I wasn’t too bothered, I’m just glad I got top 5. I tried all different looks though and still couldn’t seem to fully please the voters 🤷‍♀️ Oh well, on a positive note I did enjoy seeing everyone’s lovely looks ! 😊
    Lowest, highest and 2 favourites

    iOS 😊
  • KoakumaKoakuma New Member Registered Users 746 Posts

    14 and 15, I sent the 15th look and immediately fell asleep lol woke up with my phone glued to my face with the game still open on the SYS screen 

    Got 1st place!!!

  • ArianaKKHArianaKKH Registered Users, Member 446 Posts
    I didn’t know about the extra ticket we had this time but I’m glad it didn’t make a difference 😊 got first place and really enjoyed this theme, I saw very unique looks 😍

    iOS player
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  • AaliyahKKHAaliyahKKH Registered Users, Member 70 Posts
    Finally had a group without ticket buyers!! 🥳
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