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  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,843 Posts
    I know I'm posting a lot and I'm sorry but I'm bored 🤭 do you dolls think this will be a galaxy gowns event or do you think short dresses will do well? 
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  • BumblebeebrayBumblebeebray Registered Users 112 Posts

    McQueen s/s 2010 
    Is that Make-up on her foot otherwise omg her poor feet?!?!
  • JohanaaJohanaa Registered Users, Member 503 Posts
    I'm really confused about what to wear 
    Hopefully Kim's call will clarify everything

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  • evilraccoonevilraccoon Registered Users, Member 326 Posts
    Omg the quality is so poor 😟 I was so excited for this theme. Disappointed for the third time since this update 😫 all the recents items are just meh...
  • beabeabeabeabeabea Registered Users, Member 279 Posts
    Some looks i came up with! Don’t know if they will make sense after Kim’s call 😂
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  • brenhinbrenhin Registered Users, Member 429 Posts
    im ngl- I don’t like the earnable dress and the TS dress as well- however those shoes are really unique and I actually like them- I’m glad that Glu are being more experimental with new items.
    Also I love the hair and purse in the TS- they’re very spacey and I think they’d also work with other themes too.
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  • woahbabesursotoxicwoahbabesursotoxic Registered Users, Member 2,533 Posts
    Yea idk about those earnables 
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  • OhemilieOhemilie Registered Users 941 Posts
    The TS dress is beyond beautiful, the bag as well. I want both so so bad! Don’t care about the hair but that dress is a dream. 
    The earnables are interesting at least. We have all been so excited about this theme and so it obv feels like a let down to get see through weird dress and blob shoes when we could have had incredible on theme items but it’s like the coven prizes! I kind of wish they wouldn’t give us amazing themes if the prizes are so wack tbh as the effort it takes to get decent scores is not worth the earnable items imo. 

    Can’t wait to roll out my NYE dress when my space theme outfits flop 😂
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  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,660 Posts

    In order - shoes, dress
     😳 Umm...okayyyyy!?
    Those shoes look like crumbled up aluminum foil on the end and that.. outfit...looks like someone was doodling during a business meeting and forgot to throw it away after they didn't finish it. 

    Sorry to the designer, but it's a hard pass for me.
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  • TrashleyKKHTrashleyKKH Registered Users, Member 4,499 Posts
    @Bumblebeebray it is a very realistic mannequin that they used for the Savage Beauty Exhibition at the Met. The Met YouTube channel have a video that actually shows a really good view of it and really beautiful works of McQueen. 

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  • FieraFiera Registered Users, Member 322 Posts
    I understand that the rewards for this SYS is not everyone’s cup of tea but I’d never in a million year would’ve thought we’d get the ICONIC Alexander McQueen’s Plato’s Atlantis shoes or a replica of an Iris Van Herpen dress! I still can’t believe we are getting the McQueen Plato Atlantis shoes 💕✨

  • ShayShigilShayShigil Registered Users, Member 337 Posts
    I’m glad that they are branching out and using more unique designs but the quality is just not there. The earnable shoes are fine but the dress could have been a lot better of an adaptation. 
  • KaylaJKaylaJ Registered Users 2,954 Posts
    I'd like the earnable dress if the underwear wasn't exposed or it was more sheer instead of see thru. lol, i sound like my mother when she sees the outfits in this game. the shoes are interesting and maybe they dye better than they look.

    I'm hoping for creativity in this SYS but I'm worried Kim's call will ruin everyone's idea and say something like "Mars is red" or something.
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  • AliBryantAliBryant Registered Users 6,147 Posts
    No you're right @_allison_, the quality this entire update is bad. There's only a handful of items I am looking forward to. The clothes are mostly very poor graphics a la KKG and kloset items.
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