🗳️👗SYS 2/15/21 - It's a New York Fashion Week SYS!📸👗



  • AspenWoodAspenWood Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    I wish we could have another gown Sys. It’s actually been so long since we had one! We’ve had like three pjs one and now this spa crap. And tons of street style ones. I just want an excuse to use all the gowns I have 😩 I was so annoyed they told is to wear grunge for the short hair one 🙄
  • RomakiRomaki Registered Users, Member 522 Posts
     The VB is such a mess. Grunge casual is definitely not doing it.
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  • jm323jm323 Registered Users, Member 132 Posts
    hey all, apologies if this is the wrong thread but i don't see a vip one open yet - is anyone else no longer getting a star for surveys they've been disqualified for? i was getting them yesterday but today i haven't gotten a single one
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  • kikadidakikadida Registered Users, Member 111 Posts

    testing out a feminine gown look (and looking very angry about it) vs a casual chic/edgy look to see how they go
    The casual look sooo chic
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier New Member Registered Users 2,916 Posts
    Looking at my voting booth, I'm obviously not the only one who didn't want to do grunge...again. 
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  • stellarspherestellarsphere Registered Users, Member 487 Posts
    First two looks done, did average as usual 🥲 glu really never likes my looks, even when I’m sticking to Kim’s cal
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  • bethwbethw Registered Users, Member 172 Posts
    Tried a grunge look and got 27 so trying a gown! This is such a mess 😭
  • IrisChanelIrisChanel Registered Users, Member 305 Posts
    I am going full on girly now, wish me luck🤞

    Here for the fashion!
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  • YoMommaYoMomma Registered Users, Member 1,036 Posts
    Pretty pleased with my scores so far 

  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 650 Posts
    I waited for over an hour to get results on the second one. My new nose is doing ok but there is an extra ticket activity in the top 5 so I will have to work harder to get the dress that I think is beautiful.

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  • AspenWoodAspenWood Registered Users, Member 18 Posts

    Idk what I’m doing lol
  • quiyanamoutikquiyanamoutik Registered Users, Member 58 Posts
    rikkksss said:
    I love fashion week! Here’s some lewks I wish I could wear to a show 🥺🤩

    Your looks are amazing 😭 💕 so on point
  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,356 Posts
    Feeling lost!

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  • dinoqueen9dinoqueen9 Registered Users, Member 393 Posts

    So this is how this is gonna go 😓
  • kkhjuliakkhjulia Registered Users, Member 92 Posts

    I really liked my 1st look, aparently I'm the only one lol
    But since I don't care about the hair and want to level down from Gold, I'm just gonna have fun this sys
  • RoksanaRoksana Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    Does anyone feel like dark hair gets lower scores? Idk but when I make my doll blonde or something like that, the scores are much better 🤷‍♀️
  • RomakiRomaki Registered Users, Member 522 Posts
    First two looks based on the VB:

    Surprised no one here has reached the 50s yet. I guess I go more grunge next time, but I saw that pink dress get the popular vote often.
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  • danjames12danjames12 Registered Users, Member 518 Posts
    Was quite tired when I made these looks so not complaining too much about the score 😂
    but I do hate it when two quiet different looks get the same mediocre score... gives me no clue what to do for my next look 🥴
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  • buffysummers0990buffysummers0990 Registered Users, Member 380 Posts

    Only submitting this for now until I figure out wtf I’m supposed to be doing??
  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,544 Posts
    @melisaasprilla That emoji says it all.  I hate seeing hackers with outfits ahead of time. It makes me mad because we all work for outfits and they just have them automatically. The bunny outfit is cute. I like it better with the ears lol. 
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  • NikarafNikaraf Registered Users, Member 278 Posts

    Looks like People in Bronze levels won’t be receiving the boots 🥲 
  • RiinaUkiiRiinaUkii Registered Users, Member 197 Posts

    why are these tights not available @KalindaKing
  • robertavyyrobertavyy Registered Users, Member 2,521 Posts
    First looks. Im chocked how well they did, because I was at work and I put whatever on my doll 😄 

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  • JadeLaMunecaJadeLaMuneca Registered Users, Member 555 Posts
    @RiinaUkii because they're a SYS prize. They are, however, available in the showstopping style boxes. 
    Daily player.

  • BooskiBabiiBooskiBabii Registered Users, Member 2,544 Posts
    RiinaUkii said:

    why are these tights not available @KalindaKing
    That icon is for sys earnables, the silver icon like it is for sys prizes. Those are the items we can't buy.
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