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    @blxir this argument is brought up over and over again 🙄 literally every single big company has ties to awful people that profit off of them. In a capitalist society it’s very very difficult to avoid funding shitty things - including child labor, environmental destruction, poor treatment of workers, etc. 

    Implying that POC who have faced discrimination their entire lives are looking for something to “cry” about is so ignorant and baseless. I’m sure they would LOVE to not face these issues, they would love to not be discriminated against and then watch white people steal their cultures but they have to. And I’m sure they don’t love trying to make ignorant racists see their side but they do because it’s the right thing. 

    It’s something “small” people can do to stand up for what’s right. If you don’t care then whatever, that’s on you and your cold heart, but don’t come in here and involve yourself in the discussion. 
    1. There is a difference between want and need consumption. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism, sure, but you choose what you consume. You want to play this game, it is not a need, so don’t bring up capitalism and avoiding funding for crappy things when it is very, very easy to avoid playing this game.

    2. I never said anything about POC so don’t put words in my mouth. I am speaking on those who actively seek problems surrounding cultural appropriation when it comes to this game (not real life). Using POC hair, skin tones etc. on your character has been called “digital blackface” and I feel like so many people on this forum have been trying to insert real life issues in a made up game. Me putting a POC hairstyle or a cultural dress on my doll isn’t cultural appropriation - let’s get that straight. Things have to be real to have an effect on real life.

    3. “Standing up for what’s right” - I fail to understand how barring people from using certain items on their character is somehow the “right thing” to do? This game has no impact on our reality, or on any hardships POC face today so why does it matter. This is what leads me to believe people are actively seeking problems where there aren’t any. 
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    blxir said:
    It’s ironic how y’all love to talk about cultural appropriation but still play this game... like you realize Kim Kardashian appropriates culture for a LIVING and you playing this game, watching ads, completing offers etc. is only helping her make her millions. If you were really bothered by it you would stop but I know y’all just want something to cry about...
    first off, we’re not talking about cultural appropriation. we’re talking about racism & representation. very different. so i already know you either didn’t read the conversation you’ve inserted yourself into, or just want to share your 2 cents for the sake of it.

    second, we don’t have direct communication with kim. what we do have is communication with @KalindaKing and @kokokokonut who can directly pass on our concerns & frustrations to glu about the game.

    third, “but i know yall just want something to cry about”... baby if you don’t care about racism, representation or making people of colour feel welcome & comfortable, just say that.
    Just so you know my comment was unrelated to the discussion that was happening earlier. I was making a general statement. Representation is important and that’s something I strongly believe so don’t take my words out of context. I was speaking on how people make an issue out of cultural appropriation in this game as if it’s real and affects our reality. 

    I still stand behind my Kim comment. You cannot play this game and claim to be against cultural appropriation when Kim is THE cultural appropriator. 
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    Considering that others have explained perfectly what I would have said the only thing I'm gonna add is how some of y'all are as tone deaf in this forum as irl and the whole 'it's just a game' argument is slowly falling apart bc of that. There's little to no difference between asking dumb question, saying it's just a hairstyle (sh*t that many hear both here and irl while if they picked up a book instead of speaking on cultures they know sh*t about, they'd know that they're not just HaIRsTylEs), bringing up a stupid argument that makes little to no sense etc. etc. It's tiring and none of us (no matter whether we're black or Asian or some other race) should have to explain to you things about our culture that YOU'RE so keen on using. Yet we have. Both here in this forum. When some white dolls think changing their skintone to something really dark in a SYS that is about aliens or animal print isn't actually connecting us to stereotypes that existed before them that they'd knew if, again, they'd actually listen and picked up a book. In real life, white people who look like they got those melanin shots, act all offended when you tell them that they're most likely to not be treated any differently than any actual dark skinned person who was born w it and is actually gonna face some type of discrimination because of that same skin. I don't understand why this discussion needs to be brought up every single time atleast twice per month, when there's some special SYS, when this isn't something new. Nobody is telling you that your doll has to represent you but you're acting as if that's what most people here are saying
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    Free players, do you guys have any tips on making it to the top 5 on ts? It feels so long since I have gotten more than 2 items on gold
    IOS player
    🌸 be nice to each other 🌸
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    brunakkh said:
    Free players, do you guys have any tips on making it to the top 5 on ts? It feels so long since I have gotten more than 2 items on gold
    I’m not really a free player, but I’ve made it to top 5 with the free tickets (or less) by starting late before. Usually if I miss a ticket or two on less popular SYS, I do pretty well. I got everything from the Trendy Tourist one with decent scores and starting late!
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    brunakkh said:
    Free players, do you guys have any tips on making it to the top 5 on ts? It feels so long since I have gotten more than 2 items on gold
    I always check the spoilers. If I like TS items, I level down. I'm a free player, usually I finish in the top 3 in silver 2 and silver 3. Gold is not for me 🥴
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    @kikadida where’s the second hair from,I love it 😍 
  • christelbensonnchristelbensonn Registered Users, Member 90 Posts

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    @CharlieKkh Hey is from this kollection, is soooo pretty
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    @kikadida Thank you I hope I get the kollection soon 🤞
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    Since I'm stuck at gold in this theme, which I didn't want, can I at least score well enough to get to the last earnable? I'm sick of being in gold and not only having zero chance at TS items, but also having little chance of getting the last earnable. No one ever asked for the tier system so why was it forced on us? I wouldn't have missed out on the last earnable as often before the tier system compared to after. I was also looking at the TS shoes and I'd like a chance to actually get them. I wish I had a miracle happen and I end up in a gold group that isn't insanely competitive. What's the point? This clothing is fictional. You're not getting them in real life. 
    Platform: Android
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    Lol it took me like 3 minutes to construct my first look and it took like 1 minute for all the votes to come in 
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    Two exact same voting after 1 minutes i posted... too fast and too much of a coincidence for me to belive the voting is real 😪
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    First two looks 
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    Votes coming in quick 😰

    Done in under a minute 🤷‍♀️

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    My first votes came in quick too and I don't get why it's so much harder to get enough votes in gold compared to silver 3. Adding this to the list of last earnables I don't get.
    Platform: Android
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    Not even five minutes after submitting and it’s finished. Only 34? 🥺
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