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When I heard we were getting v11.11 - You Wish -  my spidey senses went kray kray.  Does this mean it's time to start wishing for things? (When don't we wish for things? Lol) Does it mean wishes have been answered?  Let me go on record as saying - I have no idea what this could mean.  But it is our Update, and there is something luck about the 11.11 version number.  So let your imagination go wild (or not) and let's have some fun!
The best thing about these Update threads - the spoilers Kalinda shares before the update gets here.  I love Spring Updates.  I think warmer weather, shorter kickier dresses, maybe more flowers for our hair.  Oooooooh Jewelry maybe?  Or perhaps we'll get more facial customization.  Maybe this will be the year, our dolls get their Harleys.  (One year the KarJenners  posed around  thd family Harley for their Christmas Card).*
You might ask where I'm going with all these random wants and wishes.

I'll tell ya.  It's all about wishes.  And the theme for the update, You Wish.  So my wishes are simple.  Clothes and a Harley for our dolls. Oooh, maybe some closet reorganization? (although those things usually happen with big number Updates) A girl can dream, wish can't she?  So while we wait for Update Spoilers, let's get organized. 
We'll need this.  It's a sample of the update button you can grab and post in the thread when you first see the update appear in the App Stores!

It almost never happens, but one time, when we were waiting for the Update, all of a sudden @LindaVB posted the Update Button and the reaction was surreal! We all went running to the App Stores! Thanks @LindaVB you made it happen, and with a little luck, maybe we'll see it again. 
Oh yeah, I thought this would be a good place to put Aladin's Lamp. I've always been fascinated with the idea of a lamp that grants wishes. 

Which brings us back to the Update being near a hand!
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood v11.11 ~ You Wish.
I know what I'm wishing.
I'm wishing this thread open, and wish for some fabulous Spoilers from our favorite Glu Goddess Genie!

Wow.  it really does work.  Now what do YOU wish for?

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    Please give us spoilers😍
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    Also can’t wait for spoilers!!!
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    oops (ignore this)
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    luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 2,026 Posts
    i wish that the old shop my closet offers would go back into rotation!  please oh please!
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    I really hope they listen to what we say.🥲 literally all of these are great ideas to better the game
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    I’m loving all the suggestions but I think the update is already wrapped up? So suggesting things won’t really make any difference now though. I think they probably did things we’ve been suggesting for awhile and that’s why it’s called like that, I might be wrong idk. 
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