💎 Petition to get dyes out of the diamond boxes 💎 😡



  • remyybear03remyybear03 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    Signed! I have a 4 day streak of only getting dyes from the free squad boxes SMH 
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    Signed! ✍️ 🥵
  • lilirose98lilirose98 Registered Users, Member 621 Posts
    Signed! I have a 4 day streak of only getting dyes from the free squad boxes SMH 
    I was on a 6 day streak of dye and finally got a hairstyle today 🤦‍♀️ 
  • achleyachley Registered Users, Member 18 Posts
    Yes pls remove them, I'm a free player and usually don't open showstopping boxes bc I'm scared to get dye and waste my precious diamonds that take me so long to get. 
  • xxAnniexxxxAnniexx Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    edited June 2021
    I get the point of  having exclusive boxes from GLU‘s pov to get more money but honestly I don’t understand making the boxes so unfair though. The fact that people can spend 5-100$ depending  trying to get a full outfit from them is absurd and is gambling. There are so many that give up after spending a bit and never obtain the items they want. Dye simply isn’t good enough to put in diamond boxes (especially the quantity of dyes). I would spend some money on this game but I will not spend a cent to buy those boxes. I don’t see the point in paying for frustration. 
  • mz_understood2011mz_understood2011 Registered Users 32 Posts
  • faeriefaerie Registered Users, Member 29 Posts
    ABSOLUTELY WITH YOU ALL THE WAY. It’s ridiculous! i ended up spending 70+ diamonds on gift boxes just to get the bat wing accessory the past event, and i got primarily if not exclusively dyes before that. it’s ridiculous. do better glu. 
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  • KeelieMarieKeelieMarie Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
  • CINDYKKHLOVECINDYKKHLOVE Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
  • RiinaUkiiRiinaUkii Registered Users, Member 321 Posts
    I have tons of dyes, don't even use them..
  • RiinaUkiiRiinaUkii Registered Users, Member 321 Posts
    they better create a "dye shop" like stars, money, and energy - instead of putting all those dyes in every box, ugh
  • Jasper1385Jasper1385 Registered Users, Member 169 Posts
    I got some of the items and was chasing the handheld this was my last palette. All dye!
    Oh my goodness that is absolutely infuriating! Last week I spent 15 ( all of my diamonds) at once and it was a total waste. Out of the 8 boxes there were 6 dyes and only 2 of the 4 prizes were displayed. I won 12 pink, 12 purple and 12 red, now I have over a hundred of each and most items in my closet look  awful dyed. I lost a dollar and change too, buying a ticket to win the dress but never received it but paid Glu. There's no point in even asking for a refund because it's not worth the stress. Lesson learned :-) sorry for the mini rant but now I completely understand peoples frustration with this game 
  • bansheeschildbansheeschild Registered Users, Member 47 Posts
    I would like to sign please 😞 as many others have said you might be lucky to have one or two items even in boxes at a time and the amount of dye is too high and does not match the exchange rate other boxes follow. Nothings worse than slowly saving up 20-30 diamonds and going for boxes and ending up with mostly basic dyes.
  • kkh893kkh893 Registered Users, Member 33 Posts
    yes I was unlucky with what I picked but it’s so upsetting more than half the boxes were dyes and there was only one item available 😢
  • mcmxcixmcmxcix Registered Users, Member 25 Posts
    This is absolutely ridiculous. Only one item from the outfit and one old outfit. The rest is either dye or tickets. Like wtf. I wouldn't have mind getting tickets if getting free diamonds was more common. But because diamonds are so rare, besides buying them, this is unacceptable. I don't want more fkn dyes. I refuse from now on to spend my diamonds on these boxes. It's just a waste. What if I buy diamonds and spend them on all boxes containing dyes? I don't see the logic.
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  • DaphnyDaphny Registered Users, Member 66 Posts
    Signed !! 
  • KKH_miKKH_mi Registered Users, Member 178 Posts
    I only had the dress, so this pallette had only one of the three items left! I was very lucky but five boxes with dyes? "C'mon!
  • Maria2019Maria2019 Registered Users, Member 387 Posts
    edited June 2021

    I currently have 56 champagne dyes. It has got to the point where I never want to see champagne dye again for the rest of my life. I have less than 20 each of the other dyes. I always feel cheated when dyes are the "prize".
  • ShellydaliieShellydaliie Registered Users, Member 1,064 Posts
  • RiinaUkiiRiinaUkii Registered Users, Member 321 Posts
    @GluAdmin @KalindaKing there out 8 gift boxes. 2-3 of them might've some goodies, the rest of them is full of mess. how bout only 4 gift boxes, but make them full of good items?!

    suggestion: 4 gift boxes - each filled with a hairstyle, a clothing item, some k-stars and diamonds.

    we can anyway open just 1 box daily, so why we don't get to choose the real good items, instead of dyes energy and money? DON'T NEED THEM AT ALL.

  • krissyGkrissyG Registered Users, Member 68 Posts
    Hey Glu,I’m going to need for you to stop putting dyes in diamond boxes and make some other body types,please and thank you 😘 
  • YasmineNazariYasmineNazari Registered Users, Member 24 Posts
  • icydiceypriceyicydiceypricey Registered Users, Member 83 Posts
  • cdm1947cdm1947 Registered Users, Member 90 Posts
    At the very least it should only rare dyes and at least one featured item!
  • NaniSixNaniSix Registered Users, Member 112 Posts
    Signed ✅
    KKH is a fashion game and the amount of gambling going on is surreal. KKH is rated as a +12 game, but gambling is +17. Making us open random boxes every single day is more than just frustrating, it’s a violation of rules.
  • StrendzStrendz Registered Users, Member 45 Posts
    I think we should note that the thread is more than a month old and nothing has been done yet by Glu to fix the issue or even acknowledge it!
  • kkhnolankkhnolan Registered Users, Member 233 Posts
    @Strendz and the boxes have seemed to be getting worse! LOL
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  • yungbabeyungbabe Registered Users 12 Posts
  • LindsayRoseLindsayRose Registered Users, Member 217 Posts
    @KalindaKing could you please acknowledge this thread and let us know if you have shared our concerns to the team at Glu?
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