I found a bug, and it is unsurpassable!

leoborgleoborg Registered Users 8 Posts
Bug manifests at:

Insane Dificulty Epic Challenge Second Boss, Guy does not appear as supposed and at the moment he should've appeared game crashes to desktop...#[
(Previous Screen with icons from which I started game).

(I have tried and found identical 3D model of that guy in story missions, than it works.)

Bug happens at a scene of Bar where Boss is turned back to the shank.

I Hope that you will resolve this before 7 days go by, since all my effort to get there will be useless.



  • leoborgleoborg Registered Users 8 Posts
    If anyone asks how Did I manage to get there, It is simple, not sleeping 3 days, and lower back disabled permanently, and got lucky to get 27000 helmet early by killing one of strong guys with 7 critical headshots.
  • leoborgleoborg Registered Users 8 Posts
    I have ASUS TF300 android 4.21
  • NumbdrumNumbdrum Registered Users 13 Posts
    I'm in the same boat, kind of. I have been playing Tons 'O Guns for many many hours and have spent close to $100 on gold purchases. I am on level 50 and just finished region 7 for the third time. The levels have gotten more difficult and pay outs after beating the "Thugs" have been getting higher, in the $300-400 range for regular enemies and $1000 for bosses, as I progress and that is what I was expecting going into my 4th round of regions 1-7. BUT now after I fight the first character in the 1st Region the payout is $10.00 and the game will not let me progress. With the weapons I have aquired it only takes one shot to kill him and I have now waisted my gold trying to figure out this issue.
  • peterwlwpeterwlw Registered Users 2 Posts
    To numbdrum: i have met the same problem too!!
  • dilg2012dilg2012 Registered Users 358 Posts
    Encountered the boss bug in the events where the game hangs when you face the second boss. Kind of irritating
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  • leoborgleoborg Registered Users 8 Posts
    Is this issue resolved? now with months later on it?

    Knowing, the all not caring Glue, never will...

    Sigh, lucky me I never pay ever everever for games...
  • AllanRewAllanRew Registered Users 2 Posts
    I found the bug in the 3dfx demos, but I am currently looking for the solution, the problem is in the grBufferClear function with the Clipping, the Z value is not being updated correctly. I think I know of some way of doing this, but it is slower than the current one, so I am trying to figure it out what to do so the value is correctly updated.
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