Beating legends in playoffs

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Just won the 4th playoff series with Legends. Still my record against them is 19-41, as they beat me bad when I started playing them. Treating every series with them as a work in progress, here is the team that I feel should play very strongly against them.

Trout/Brantley (this is a toss up between more homers or more steals, BATTING AVG IS COMPARABLE)




Ken Giles
Kanley Jensen
Koji Uehara

Except Sale, every pitcher is a righty. And honestly, Sale does get hit by them often and has the highest ERA among the five.

One thing I have changed is not to use all 5 starters in my rotation. Using the ice pack, these are the matchups I have used the last 2 times in playoffs (won 4-2 and 4-1).


Hernandez v/s Kershaw
Cueto v/s Mad Bum
Hernandez v/s Sale
Cueto v/s Cueto
Hernandez v/s Darvish

Sale and Jose Fernandez hardly protect me as Legends always score handily against them. Tanaka would be my 3rd choice, after Hernandez and Cueto.



  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    That is basically a legends Hitters and pitchers you got there. The 3 pitchers you chose are the best against them. Depending on your upgrade level you should be able to beat them more tmes then not now. Especially, the more you see their starters and know their tendencies. Hopefully soon sweeps against them will be possible.
  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Experienced Member Registered Users 370 Posts
    Great work Baseball_Fan. Hernandez and Cueto will absolutely give you the best chance against Legends.

    Like Amused has already noted, you basically have your own Legends team! You should steadily see your winning percentage go up against them, as your team is just as good as theirs.

    The only lineup differences I have as opposed to you are, I have Cano and always use Brantley. For HR's there is no comparison, as Trout is an animal. However, I have used both, and Brantley has a batting average of over .400, while Trout was in the .365 range.

    Amused talks about sweeping Legends, because he is the "Slayer of Legends". Nobody better against them than him!
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    Nice of you to say. Thanks Lawman. The only difference I have is I've kept Altuve over Cano. Cano or Genett would probably hit slightly better bring left handed. But I guess my blind loyalty makes me keep Altuve in. But he's hitting .370. So not too much of a drop off. And I've stuck with Brently over Trout. Despite Trout's power numbers. Like having all 9 hitters.
  • baseball_fanbaseball_fan New Member Registered Users 45 Posts
    Amused, you are regarded very high. Kudos to that.

    I have my selfish motive to keep Trout for now. He is my only premier hitter will less than 50 homers, as I got him last in my roster. Everybody else is close to or past 100 home runs. So, I am trying to get him to that benchmark too. And then switch to Brantley who has 75 steals. Then, I will get Brantley to 100 steals, joining him with Harrison, Altuve, Kemp and Puig.

    As I play more games, my batters will have higher numbers. Till now, I have only played about 900 games.
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    Baseball fan, Thanks!! I've done that too when I got new players that I wanted to keep. I would play them for a while to build up their stat lines and see how they perform. Obviously, you will build your players up, the more games you have in the books.
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    I beat the legends for the 1st time a week or 2 ago, and it took me nearly 200 games. (I have a solid team and upgrades, kinda just think I had some bad luck). Anyways, I just got back to the playoffs with pretty much the exact same roster (a few higher upgrades) and on my very first series I won it 4-1!! I'm not sure what the difference was this time, but upgrading my pitching coach and calling from 8 to 9 seemed to be huge. I think I only gave up more than 3 runs 1 time and I used Lester, hammels, and fister, which isn't exactly ideal...well time to get 75 more lol
  • baseball_fanbaseball_fan New Member Registered Users 45 Posts
    Hats off to you, Jared. The first time is always the toughest against them. I was swept 4-0 the first 2 times. Lost 1-4 the third time. But since then, I have beaten the legends 3 out of 4 series. Yes, all upgrades to 9 are a huge plus. I was able to get them by my third series.
    Keep beating them. Cheers.
  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Experienced Member Registered Users 370 Posts
    Nice work Jared, congrats on the win!
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 841 Posts
    Agree with baseball fan. My first go around I was around 30-120 before I beat them. As ur upgrades and players improve, so will your winning percentage against the Legends.
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