Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member324 PostsRegistered Users, Member
One guy in my weekend event has 4 million points. Yeah, I'm gonna call BS on that one.


  • Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member 324 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Looks like the player was reset but now already has 698,000+

    He must really like Jayson Werth!
  • dj moth mandj moth man New Member 18 PostsRegistered Users
    the last two prime events ive been in a pool that the winner had 4 million. Ive lucked out with pools but not latley.
  • TWWTWW Junior Member 74 PostsRegistered Users
    I've won one, but it was the Tuesday event that rewards 3 #1 picks for first. I guess I got a group that wasn't paying attentions because I won it with only 30k points. Usually it's 10 times that, even for the small event.
  • J.LeeJ.Lee Experienced Member 146 PostsRegistered Users
    Lol he isn't even that great for his position either
  • TWWTWW Junior Member 74 PostsRegistered Users
    haha I just checked the prior event rankings, someone racked up 8 million points in my group. There is something fishy going on, because there is no way the rewards outweigh the gold spent, which according to my calculations, would be at least 7,400 gold to renew energy.

    That's about a 420 game win streak to get 8 mil, and that's starting from 0 points. Gotta figure they lost a couple at some point, which means they spent more than 7400 gold.
  • TWWTWW Junior Member 74 PostsRegistered Users
    And if they decrease Werth's stats because he's injured (like they did with Fielder), then that is such a waste.
  • dtrain987dtrain987 Experienced Member 198 PostsRegistered Users
    There is a guy in my Prime group that has 1 million points already. The best part is that same guy is in my Weekly leaderboard group, and when he was at 40,000 prime points 2 hours ago, he had 209 wins for the week so far. Now that he has 1,000,000+ prime points, I checked and he's still at 209 wins for the week. Lol.
  • RemmyJayRemmyJay New Member 36 PostsRegistered Users
    I checked my Prime group 5 minutes after it started. One guy had 113777 points, which is clearly cheating, since is should end with a 0
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