15-12-2016 Bundle Up! Weekend Event!!

I hope everyone so far is having a great week! It's time to bundle up for the second weekend event, what do you guys think the event type will be? Someone please post the male prizes thank you!



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    SahbdSahbd Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 34 Posts
    Love it everything!
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    Olivia PopeOlivia Pope Registered Users 9 Posts
    Getting the stars needed to get these prizes is **** near impossible!! Like I finished a 3 hour gig and only got 3 stars to get the handbag ����
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    SamishiiZeiSamishiiZei Registered Users 5 Posts
    Can you help me guys . i cant even play the game :( it crashes when i open it
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    ARTPOPARTPOP Registered Users 530 Posts
    No event again
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    astrayastray Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    I literally ran out of quests on my iPhone is this game gonna receive an update any time soon????
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    GluHortusGluHortus Registered Users 52 Posts
    ARTPOP wrote: »
    No event again

    Hi Artpop,

    If you're not seeing the weekend event please submit a customer care ticket so we can investigate the cause.

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    AngelineJAngelineJ Registered Users 1,511 Posts
    This event is so hard to earn all the items. It takes literally 3hr to finish 3hr gig and only gets 12 points. Sometimes can't even complete them with 5-star with the style bonus star filled. Then have to wait for another 2hr for the energy to be recharged. So it's like taking 5hr for only 12 event points. Please reduce the points required for event items and make the gigs possible to complete with 5-star!
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    Ladouce FemmeLadouce Femme Registered Users 549 Posts
    I just completed the even!, and let me tell you it was so tiring! I agree with so many statements that @Angeline&Jon has stated Glu has to do some major tweaking on these work it events. I calculated each sections (20+90+110+175) and it took a whopping 395 points to finish the whole thing and I found myself having to buy large amounts of energy to complete the longer hour gigs. Just a tip for future gig events try starting a gig hours early before the actual event that way you are able to finish it once the event starts and get a little head start! I see people having no more of the storylines to do for the event.. one quick solution that Glu can do is have those side hourly quests like what we have in K&K game.

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