Sniper x continues to crash

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On Feb 2 I opened a customer care ticket with glu on a crashing problem with sniper x (program crashes when I attempt to get money rewards, obtain new weapons and upgrade weapons) making this game difficult to play. Since the glu has offered no help I am going to try an delete the game and reload it knowing I may loose all my progress level 25, money earned $3,278,532,064, gold 1,462 and gun parts 4,974.

I have been a paying customer (since 2014) and probably have enough money invested in this game to have paid for an x-box which I should have done to begin with. (Shame on me!)......with inticipation of loosing all progress I will take this opportunity to say to glu "ASTALAVISTA #%!@&". Really wanted to be more explicit than that but would have served no purpose.

I am using Apple iPad, if anyone else is experiencing these problems glu will not help you, you will only get polite lip service.......the game is fun when it works so enjoy!


  • RobbncinRobbncin New Member Registered Users 8 Posts
    UPDATE!!!........deleted sniper x reloaded and lost all expected.....however played the game level four and sniper x performed flawless with no crashes!......hmmmmmm, hey glu???.....oh well, quickly arrived at a point in the game I can't go further without spending real money.....sorry glu fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on me.....will not go further in the game.......shame on glu!!
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