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Hey. I realize we’re likely a long ways off from the widespread launch of the game, but watching some of the gameplay on YT did leave me with a dash of inspiration. Decided to whip up some unofficial character loadouts for kicks, in case they may actually have a chance at being implemented into the game at some point. 

Note that some of them are kinda obscure-ish, but I still felt like writing them out because I feel they’d be interesting from a gameplay standpoint.


The (former) President of Sugar Rush Speedway, Vanellope glitches around the battlefield to outwit enemies, help allies, and call on her friends to even the odds.

Hero; Wreck-It Ralph

Role: Support

Range: Short

Basic (Auto): Pixel Punch

Vanellope attacks the enemy directly in front of her with a basic, glitch-assisted combo.

Chance (Auto): You’re My Hero

Vanellope grants all heroes on the battlefield a small surge of health (or, if all health is full, a boost of MP) via a collective cookie medal.

Special: Glitch Grapple

Vanellope glitches to any position on the board not currently occupied by other heroes, bosses, or structures either in front, back, or to the side of her current position on the playing field (t-shape, effectively). She can use this to get out of the way of an attack or stage obstacle, or even trade places with an enemy on the board. 

Special: A Place Called Slaughter Race

Vanellope calls in Shank, who drifts into the battlefield to sidewind enemies and lay the smackdown.

When activated, the player chooses a 9-square radius to cast upon. While active, Shank will continuously do donuts in a circular motion for a set period of time, running over enemies and knocking back those on the fringes of the radius. 

Passive: It’s Called Pixlexia

When Vanellope reaches below 25% health, she will glitch backwards out of range of the nearest enemy. This move can only be done once per wave, and once Vanellope glitches, she will start to make her way back to her prior position on the board.


Armed with an imaginary bag and undying optimism, Joy focuses on helping her friends while keeping herself at the forefront of the party.

Hero; Inside Out

Role: Tank

Range: Short

Basic (Auto): Power of Positivity

Joy uses the power of pure happiness to heal herself from enemy attacks.

Chance (Auto): Accordion Practice

Joy pulls out her accordion and plays for a moment, dealing damage over time via a negative debuff.

Special: Group Hug!

After casting, Joy’s “Power of Positivity” now spreads to all Heroes on the battlefield for a set period of time.

Special: Core Memory

Joy pulls a Core Memory from her bag, bathing the battlefield in a variety of vibes and potential status effects depending on what’s grabbed. 

Yellow- Full health regen

Blue- Enemies slowed, MP bar buff

Green- Poison debuff

Red- Fire debuff

Purple- Enemies turn around, MP bar buff

Passive: Find the Fun!

Never one to accept the downside, each time Joy takes damage she generates an extra bit of MP for the magic bar.


A magical princess from another dimension, Star Butterfly uses her vast library of magical spells to push against and make short work of the forces of evil.

Hero; Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

Role: Offense

Range: Mid/Long

Basic (Auto): Narwhal Blast!

Star slings a magic Narwhal at the enemy directly in front of her.

Chance (Auto): Rainicorn Stampede!

Star summons a small stampede of Rainicorns at the enemy in front of her, knocking the bad guy back one-two squares.

Special: Spider with a Top Hat!

Star calls in the Spider with a Top Hat, planting him down on an unoccupied section of the battlefield. From there, he fires off lasers at nearby enemies for a set period of time before poofing out of existence.

Special: Star, the Underestimated

Star dips down and temporarily gains access to her Butterfly form, upping her attack speed and damage output at the expense of health and MP regeneration.


An evil trickster from the Second Dimension, Bill Cipher gambles with powerful dark magic to toy with enemies and ultimately make things too weird to handle.

Villain; Gravity Falls

Role: Offense

Range: Long


Bill fires off a blast of weird energy towards the enemy directly in front of him.

Chance (Auto): EAT NIGHTMARES!

Bill summons one of his goons to attack for him, briefly taking his place to deliver a Mid-to-Long range attack towards the enemy directly in front of him.

Special: Shake on It

Bill temporarily steals the appearance and moveset of another enemy on the battlefield to use their powers against them.

Special: Weirdmageddon

Bill tears the fabric of reality itself to temporarily bestow a random status effect on all allies/enemies on the battlefield, with a chance to turn enemies into stone statues, stunning them. This move requires a full MP bar to play, and has a chance to temporarily lock off the use of magic powers for a few seconds due to the sheer strength of the spell.


On death, the player has a chance to receive a spell token that revives Bill back onto the battlefield at 50% HP. However, it requires a full magic bar to play.


With the power of music and killer pyrotechnics, Powerline stands out among other heroes for his ability to manipulate foes on the battlefield and leave them shocked by the performance.

Hero; A Goofy Movie

Role: Offense

Range: Short

Basic (Auto): Eye 2 Eye

Powerline uses his dancing skills to attack the enemy directly in front of him.

Chance (Auto): Static Shock

Powerline shoots a bolt of electricity at the nearest enemy, shocking them and chaining up to one additional enemy within radius of the original target.

Special: Stand Out

Powerline casts a spotlight on a selected target, dealing a minor amount of damage, and tagging a specific enemy for the rest of his allies to attack.

Special: The Perfect Cast

Powerline performs The Perfect Cast, before launching a bolt of energy that reels in the furthest enemy directly in range of his Basic attack. 


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    Great concepts, very well designed and thought out!
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    Wow, these are awesome! Thank you! I would personally be all for the Sugar Rush Princess making her way into our game :) 

    PS: Love the formatting :) I'm always a big fan of formatting haha
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    Had some more ideas:


    The champion of CLU’s game grids, Rinzler uses his twin Identity Disks and Light Cycle to disorient and overpower those who wish to challenge him.

    Villain; TRON: Legacy

    Role: Offense

    Range: Medium

    Basic (Auto): Dual Duel

    Rinzler attacks the enemy directly in front of him with a whirlwind of slashes, aided by his two disks.

    Chance (Auto): ID Volley

    Rinzler throws his disks at two random enemies on the board. This attack has the chance to hit foes not directly in his lane.

    Special: Concentrated Defrag

    Rinzler leaps into the air and throws both of his disks at a single enemy, hitting for mass damage and potentially shocking/stunning the target.

    Special: Light Barrier

    Rinzler temporarily summons his light cycle to do damage against his enemies.

    If there is more than one square of distance between him and the enemy in front of him, he will raise a barrier of light vertically across the board, hitting and temporarily shocking/stunning the enemy forces once they come across that square.

    If there is no distance between Rinzler and the enemy in front of him, he will ride horizontally, knocking back the foe in front of him 1-2 squares. He does not leave a barrier for the rest of the enemies if this is the case. 


    Bolt is a genetically enhanced super-dog who uses his amazing powers to fend off baddies in close quarters and at range.

    Hero; Bolt

    Role: Offense

    Range: Short/Long

    Basic (Auto): Super Strength

    Bolt swipes at and headbutts the enemy directly in front of him.

    Chance (Auto): Laser Eyes

    Bolt shoots an enemy at a distance with his laser vision, with a chance for a burning effect.

    Special: Bolt, Fetch...

    Bolt goes across the board and yanks the furthest enemy away from him to within 1-2 squares in front of him, damaging and temporarily stunning the recipient.

    Special: Bolt, Speak...

    Bolt lets out a Super-Bark, hitting all enemies within a nine-square radius in front of him, and knocking back smaller enemies in the process.


    Dr. Ivan Krank, certified “genius,” uses the power of science and the N.E.A.T.O. to transmogrify enemies into animals and leave them vulnerable to attacks by his allies.

    Villain; Teacher’s Pet

    Role: Support

    Range: Long

    Basic (Auto): Spontaneous Discharge

    The N.E.A.T.O. fires off a laser blast at the enemy directly in front of it.

    Chance (Auto): Total Wacko

    The N.E.A.T.O. fires off three shots in rapid succession, with a chance to hit all enemies on the board (or hit its targets more than once).

    Special: N.E.A.T.O.

    Krank fires the N.E.A.T.O. at the enemy with the most health on the board, temporarily turning them into an animal and rendering them inert and open to attack for a short period of time, after which the effect wears off.

    Special: Where Did You Go, Dogman?

    Krank summons Dennis and Adele to hold off an enemy directly in his lane for 5 seconds, dealing light damage and mainly acting as a bullet sponge for Krank and/or the N.E.A.T.O.

    Passive: If I Had a Nickel....

    Krank and the N.E.A.T.O. take up two spaces on the battlefield and remain at the furthermost end of the screen, with the Doctor hiding behind his laser. Short/Mid-Range enemies will only be able to target the N.E.A.T.O., which operates on a separate health bar from Krank. 

    Once the N.E.A.T.O. is destroyed, 2/3rds of the Magic bar will be required to respawn the machine. Ivan, alone, only has access to a basic punching attack and Where Did You Go, Dogman?. If Krank is eliminated from play before he can respawn the N.E.A.T.O. or he is killed while operating it, both will be out of play until the end of the battle.

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    Wahoo! Thank you :)

    More reading material for this meeting I'm about to go in to. 

    Shhh don't tell anyone :D 
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    The "Bad Guy" of arcade classic Fix-It Felix Jr. (and former Internet fad), Wreck-It Ralph uses his impressive strength and really big hands to do what he does best to enemies.
    ; Wreck-It Ralph
    Role: Tank
    Range: Short
    Basic (Auto): Ralph Breaks the Bad Guy
    Ralph delivers a basic punching combo to the enemy directly in front of him.
    Chance (Auto): Laying Track
    Ralph pounds his fists into the ground in a rapid-fire jackhammer movement, causing tremors affecting enemies within a 1-square radius, with a chance to stun.
    Special: YOU TOOK MY STUMP!
    Ralph becomes enraged, briefly buffing his attack speed and giving a mild regenerative buff to HP for the duration. 
    Special: I'M GONNA WRECK IT!
    Ralph leaps into the air before delivering an earth-shattering punch to the ground with a 9-square radius, with the chance for "8-Bit" debris to fall from the sky onto other squares adjacent on the battlefield 

    Former Assistant-turned-Mayor-turned-Criminal Mastermind of the Night Howler Crisis, Dawn Bellwether uses her strategic wit and con connections on both sides of the force to turn the tides in her favor.
    Villain; Zootopia
    Role: Support
    Range: Long
    Basic (Auto): Shot in the Dark
    Dawn fires off a pellet from her blowgun at the enemy directly in front of her.
    Chance (Auto): Call Dug
    Dawn calls in a ram bodyguard that bodychecks the enemy directly in front of her, with a chance to knock them back one square, and an even smaller chance to stun them at the same time. 
    SpecialZPD Bulletin
    Bellwether uses her connections to call in a brawny ZPD officer to hold off the oncoming masses. The officer has twice the amount of Dawn's health, yet only has a basic punch/attack, effectively acting as a roadblock that can be placed anywhere unoccupied on the gamespace. 
    Special: Night Howler
    Bellwether shoots a Night Howler pellet at the enemy with the most HP in play, causing them to go Feral. They will start moving back to their starting position on the board, actively attacking their allies and anything that breathes on the battlefield within 1-2 square's length, with a minor buff to their basic attack until the debuff is removed or until they reach the very end of the board...which can mean that there's a chance that it can also hit allies further down the board in the process.
    Passive: Looking Out for The Little Guys...
    When Dawn reaches below 50% HP, she will actively start to leech HP from any ZPD officers summoned and still in play. Should she actually kill an officer while doing this, this will double the cooldown length of ZPD Bulletin, yet buff her basic attack +50% until the cooldown wears off 

    A playful (if not unintentionally chaotic) desk lamp of purpose, Luxo Jr. is joined by Tinny and Knack, who use their respective strengths (and in Knack's case, bad luck) to distract enemies and help their allies to victory.
    Hero; Pixar Shorts (Luxo Jr., Tin Toy, Knick Knack)
    Role: Support
    Range: Long
    Basic (Auto): Pal-A-Round
    Luxo Jr. knocks his ball towards the enemy directly in front of him.
    Chance (Auto): Stomp the R
    If an enemy is directly in front of him, Luxo briefly hops in the air and slams down on top of them before returning to his position. If an enemy isn't directly in front of him, Luxo hops on top of his ball and pops it, sending a gust of air out in front of him that has the chance to deflect ranged attacks if timed correctly.
    Special: Tin Toy-ing Around
    Tinny the Tin Toy rolls onto the gamespace, jauntily rolling up and down two rows of the board vertically. Any enemies hit by Tinny will briefly be stunned and take damage, while any ranged attacks made while he is in play will be aimed towards him. 
    Special: School of Hard Knacks
    After picking a 9-square radius of the battlefield, Knack the Snowman falls into the center, only for his snowglobe to follow and briefly encase all combatants for a short period. All enemies have a chance to be Frozen, while allies will continually regain health until the dome dissipates. 
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    Can we just get this guy on the payroll already?
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    Can we just get this guy on the payroll already?
    *Pats Pockets*

    I spent all my money on donuts and coffee :( 
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    Ooo nice!

    Dipping into the shorts. 

    Give me the Partly Cloudy, cloud that changes everything and manipulates the battlefield. 
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    Honestly, I see Partly Cloudy rep as better being used in the spell category as opposed to a proper character slot. That way, you could play around with weather conditions and attacking your opponents with literal babies. Not to endorse child abuse of any sort here, but it practically writes itself. ;)

    Before we get into my next few proposals, I did have a question, though. Will we be getting any proper narrative content outside of the primary campaigns? I realize there's another Disney-themed RPG out there that's particularly focused on crossover banter and the like (one of which I've been playing since the jump!), but with the sparsity of actual, official crossover content outside of the parks (along with some characters not having any real representation or official writing/characterization for the longest time until now), I just wanted to double-check and see what's up. 

    Anyway, here's some more ideas.

    The top popularity algorithm of Buzztube, Yesss elevates her allies to victory thanks to an endless supply of pop-ups and a bunch of totally "legit" hearts...
    Hero; Wreck-it Ralph
    : Support
    Range: Mid/Long
    Basic (Auto): Heart, Heart, Heart...
    In lieu of actually attacking enemies (ala Joy), Yesss's basic "attack" causes her to continually spawn and bank "hearts," which can be converted to MP for the Magic Bar throughout battle. Yess can bank Hearts for the entire duration of her time on the battlefield, save for when being stunned or otherwise negatively affected in a major way. If Yesss dies with Hearts that haven't been converted to MP yet, they will go along with her.
    Chance (Auto): Spam Slam
    Yesss wacks the enemy directly in front of her (within one square's distance) over the head with a Pop-Up ad for a decent chunk of damage.
    Special: Firewall
    Yesss spawns miniature firewalls across the board (up to five, each taking up one square), briefly halting enemy progression towards your heroes and Stunning them in place for a few seconds until either the firewall dissipates or the Stun wears off.
    Special: Breaking the Internet
    Yesss sends out a fleet of Netizens who (via "links") send all enemy forces back to their starting positions on the board, along with Shocking them in the process.
    Passive: Trend-Setting Algorithm
    Yesss has a small chance to ignore Basic and Chance attacks, seemingly deciding whether or not they hit her to begin with. 

    China's savior from the savage forces of the Huns, Mulan utilizes her mastery of the blade and military tactics to fight off whatever evil lies in wait...
    Hero; Mulan
    : Offense
    Range: Short
    Basic (Auto): Strength of a Raging Fire
    Mulan attacks the enemy directly in front of her with a combo of sword slashes.
    Chance (Auto): Force of a Great Typhoon
    Mulan thrusts her sword into the closest enemy, with a minor chance to inflict a Bleed effect, gradually draining HP for a few seconds.
    Special: Reflection Slash
    Mulan performs a large slashing motion with her sword, causing a mirror double (perhaps dressed as Ping?) to appear on the battlefield. Mirror Mulan has her original self's moveset and increased movement/attack speed, yet only has access to her Basic and Chance attacks at 50% of the damage output. Mirror Mulan, when summoned, appears on the battlefield for a short period of time before dissipating into thin air.
    Special: Dragon Cannon
    Mulan stops progressing on the board momentarily to prime and launch a dragon firework/mortar skyward, the shell coming down on a five-square area (think t-shaped) and setting enemies on Fire in addition to dealing damage. 

    A genius inventor and a dragon birthed from his own innate creativity, Dreamfinder & Figment use the power of Imagination to inspire their new friends to dream bigger!
    ; Journey Into Imagination (EPCOT)
    : Support
    Range: Mid
    Basic (Auto): The Power of Imagination!
    Dreamfinder and Figment use a barrier of dream energy to protect themselves from oncoming threats.
    Chance (Auto): A Figment of Imagination!
    Figment has the chance to randomly transform into a different form (pirate, superhero, cowboy, etc.) and fight back against enemies in the same lane as him and Dreamfinder.
    Special: The Idea Bag
    Throughout combat, Dreamfinder & Figment compensate for their largely non-violent capabilities by gradually absorbing and building up the damage they sustain throughout play. When this action is played, Dreamfinder unleashes all the damage done towards him back at enemies in a large burst of energy, via his magical bag of ideas. 
    Special: Flight of the Dream-Catcher
    Dreamfinder's airship swoops down onto the battlefield for a momentary fly-by, dealing damage and coating the battlefield in dream residue, temporarily turning all enemies Imaginary. When Imaginary, affected characters are unable to successfully land attacks on their opponents, yet are susceptible to attack themselves.
    Passive: One Little Spark...
    If Dreamfinder & Figment use The Idea Bag before a certain amount of damage is built up, this will cause their Basic ability to create MP with every use for a short period of time.

    While he may not have his brother Mickey's magic at his disposal, Oswald makes minced meat of his foes with nothing more than a bit of old-fashioned luck...and a LOT of kids.
    Hero; Mickey Mouse & Friends
    Role: Offense
    Range: Short/Mid
    Basic (Auto): A Real Knock-Out!
    Oswald nails the enemy directly in front of him with some old-timey boxing steps.
    Chance (Auto): Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    Oswald yanks one of his legs from his body and throws it at the enemy/enemies in his lane, ala a boomerang. 
    Special: Proud Papa
    Oswald whistles, causing an absolute swarm of his and Ortensa's bunny kids to arrive onto the battlefield and latch onto the enemy with the most HP still in play. While being Swarmed, the affected target is Slowed and has their Defense lowered until the swarm of kiddos bug off.
    Special: Trolley Troubles
    Oswald jumps out of the way of a trolley car, speeding out-of-control across the battlefield. The car takes up a nine-square radius as it races horizontally across the screen for massive damage and temporarily Stunning anybody in its' warpath (accompanied by their models being temporarily "flattened" ala old cartoons)
    Passive: The Iwerks
    The more damaged Oswald becomes over the course of combat, his Damage increases in turn.
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    (and another small one:)
    An audio-animatronic from the futuristic utopia of Tomorrowland, Athena uses a blend of gadgets and keen judgement to help her new 'recruits.'
    Hero; Tomorrowland
    : Support
    Range: Long
    Basic (Auto): Plus
    Athena fires a shot at an opponent facing her via a retro-looking laser gun.
    Chance (Auto): Plus Ultra
    Athena quickly fires off three laser shots at the enemy directly in front of her. 
    Special: Time Bomb
    Athena lobs a time grenade over to the enemy side, briefly encasing a 9-square radius in an energy bubble that slows character movement and attack animation down 50% until the bubble dissipates.
    Special: Take Me to Tomorrowland
    Upon activating this spell, Athena gives a Tomorrowland pin to one of her allies (player's choice, obviously), which briefly renders the recipient Intangible, leaving them invulnerable to Basic and Chance attacks while still able to attack enemies proper.
    Passive: I Am the Future
    Upon death, Athena will activate a team-wide Take Me to Tomorrowland.
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    Very awesome! 

    Thank you :)

    The team has been enjoying these :D 
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    Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. 😅
    Out of bitter curiosity, would anybody be interested in me reworking some of these concepts to accommodate for the game’s shift from grid-based tactics to traditional turn-based combat once that comes around?
  • MeatheadMilitiaMeatheadMilitia Registered Users, Administrator, Moderators, Member, Moderator 455 Posts
    I'm most certainly not opposed to it :D 
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    Dr. Doofenschmirtz is a Disney property. All of his abilities can be -inators. 
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