Getting Married?

How do you get married, my relationship is maxed out with my fiancé and the chapel in Vegas is locked?


  • SporkyBethSporkyBeth Registered Users 46 Posts
    That's an issue they haven't fixed; though I assume once you hit 2500, your fiance will suggest you elope, and then the chapel will be open. But first the game needs to let you get past 2499.
  • teerah4twentyteerah4twenty Registered Users 1 Posts
    you still have to take them on dates even though you're not getting experience anymore and that sucks!
  • TimeladyTimelady Registered Users 3 Posts
    Yeah, I've gone on multiple dates with the fiancé and it is still stuck at 2499 and the chapel is locked
  • CloeyCloey Registered Users 38 Posts
    I'm ready to tie the knot to I think the guy can be kind of rude sometimes.
  • ShainaShaina Registered Users 2 Posts
    On the update description it said that we can get married, maybe we just have to wait until everything with the private investigator and the dude claiming to be married to us is all figured out.
  • kobeisawesomekobeisawesome Registered Users 9 Posts
    Hi um I did a date in Vegas and then there is a heart I clicked on it and she said its finally time to tie the knot so yep!
  • LbstolleLbstolle Registered Users 1 Posts
    I am maxed out with fiancé. Did a date in Vegas nothing happened. So frustrated!
  • rtaila22rtaila22 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Nothing happen for me tho ughhh frustrated
    Help plz I keep dating in Las Vegas but nothing
  • TimeladyTimelady Registered Users 3 Posts
    Same here. So frustrating!
  • kobeisawesomekobeisawesome Registered Users 9 Posts
    You have to do a date and then don't leave but look for slink chat bubble and it says your fiancé is ready to tie the knot and you can either get married in Vegas or Tahiti
  • Pixie2804Pixie2804 Registered Users 9 Posts
    I followed some of the solutions here such as dating in Vegas and staying for that bubble thing to show up.All I got from my fiancé were responses like "Hey baby" or "Hey Suger", but none of them were to tie the knot. Does anyone know what the heck is going on??
  • TimeladyTimelady Registered Users 3 Posts
    This is exactly what happened to me
  • LydiaasmurphLydiaasmurph Registered Users 2 Posts
    Im stuck on 2499 aswell! Its so frustrating i wish someone could just fix it alreadyy:(
  • Champloo77Champloo77 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Okay so after the update was there something you had to do before you got the proposal? And what level are you at, or were you at when it happened? What was your dating status at? Was it at 2499/2500? Because you are the only person who has seemed to have gotten married since it was mentioned as being in the new update.
  • SporkyBethSporkyBeth Registered Users 46 Posts
    I FINALLY got married after someone in another thread suggested breaking up with EVERYONE in your contacts that you have ANY "heart" progression with. Even if it was just flirting with them that one time and getting their number, go to a restaurant like you're going on a date, call them, and when they get to the restaurant, break up with them. I did that, and then I had to exit the game for a while (because I had to drive home, so it ended up being about half an hour or so, if I recall, but it might not actually take that long), and then I came back and went back to my fiance (who I was on a date with) and then he suggested getting married, which started me on the marriage quest (which is pretty much "talk to a wedding planner then talk to your fiance, then go get married").
  • Pixie2804Pixie2804 Registered Users 9 Posts
    Thanks I'll try this out!
  • Pixie2804Pixie2804 Registered Users 9 Posts
    I didn't work for me. :( This is so tiresome for me!!
  • Pixie2804Pixie2804 Registered Users 9 Posts
    I finally got married! All I had to do was just break up with my old fiancé I had BEFORE the update. It was cool, but the Wedding was kinda short. Anyway, feel free to ask any questions on how I did this.
  • Leelee189Leelee189 Registered Users 4 Posts
    I need help bad i cant do it
  • Charrmander93Charrmander93 Registered Users 654 Posts
    I think the people who can't get married now have to wait for another update. I am in that boat where I can't get married so I'm just gonna go "okay I'll wait"
  • MexjfMexjf Registered Users 2 Posts
    To get married you need to break up with every person you have hanged out with them you neer to only have your fiancee like date
  • TybowskiTybowski Registered Users 2 Posts
    You have to break up with everyone who has a heart beside them except your boyfriend, then talk to him in his house and he will propose
  • Charrmander93Charrmander93 Registered Users 654 Posts
    Some are still having trouble so its not all got to do with breaking up with everyone
  • QueenlaveraQueenlavera Registered Users 24 Posts
    I broke up with everyone, even had to use a couple stars to make up and the officially break up with a couple of guys. Still stuck at 2499 and can't get married.
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  • MarynStarMarynStar Registered Users 10 Posts
    Has the guy pretending to be married to me thing been solved?

    I did the detective's commercial, then after that nothing happened...
  • sharongsharong Registered Users 4 Posts
    Here is another suggestion for people who can't get married, my fiance broke up with me and I paid stars to get back together. The weird thing is I would try to call him for a date at a club etc. but he didn't show up in my contacts. After going thru this a few days decided to start dating someone else, took off my engagement ring, then I could start calling and going on dates with my fiance again and finally got married.
  • AuroraOcéaneAuroraOcéane Registered Users 24 Posts
    Question :) Do you still have to keep on dating your husband every day when you get married, so he doesn't break up? Because I wonder if it's worth it then or a waste of energy (dates etc).
    Thanks already! :)
  • Ebg14Ebg14 Registered Users 22 Posts
    You don't have to date! I'm married and I didn't date for 1 week and nothing happened!
    But I have a problem too! I can't date anywhere but in the vegas only :-/ I didn't understand why
    But I think this is not the biggest glitch!
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  • PandaLanneePandaLannee Registered Users 1 Posts
    I think I have to wait. I did everything in SamuraiPizzaCat's forum,but the only that happened is that I wasted like 1,000 bucks.
  • SamuraiPizzaCatSamuraiPizzaCat Member 3,359 Posts
    tima347 wrote: »
    How do you get married, my relationship is maxed out with my fiancé and the chapel in Vegas is locked?

    I had trouble getting hitched. I posted this on FAQ & Support. It may help
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