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(Hint:  this IS the original device.)

Well, after a couple of weeks of getting past the game's huuuuge slowdown problem that others have also reported by following their advice and uninstalling, re-installing, and restoring my account, it didn't work today and instead gave me the message above.


I hope I can get my account back soon, sigh.


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    I know that the next time I reinstall could be the last. This buggy thing is appalling.

    Do you know what information you have to provide so that they will restore your account back to you?
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    I honestly don't.  I think I gave them my team name and the email it was linked to.

    An update:

    I reached out to Glu about this multiple ways:  this post, a user comment from this site's support page, customer care from inside the app, and as a response to an earlier gmail thread on how to make sure my account was set up for backups and restores.

    I checked the website, my email, and customer care on the app and so far I still don't see a response, HOWEVER about 11:35 ET I checked the app again and my team was back.  So I don't know if they did something specifically to help me, fixed a general error (anyone else run into this today?), or something else happened, but it's nice to have my account back.  Even if I missed WOH.  Even if it might happen again tomorrow.

    I hope this bug is in the list they're working to to correct and that they release a patch soon.
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    I uninstalled and reinstalled for the first time today.  Omg the lag was so bad.  I asked CS when a fix was coming but I got the expected answer which was no answer.  As a software developer myself I can't believe they have left that out there for so long.  There's no doubt they've lost users to other games from this.  If I was new to the game this year I would have uninstalled it and moved on.
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    Pulled down a fresh install this morning. Really needed it yesterday as WOH was 10 times more painful with all the screen lags..... but didnt want to risk it mid event and end up.locked out! 
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    Yeah, I was disappointed that I couldn't compete for Snell, etc.
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