VIP Newsletter (Promise of Version Update this Week)



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    So, uhh.. a lefty 470 catcher with rhp/late innings on Monday would be nice compensation 😁
    A sticker saying “We don’t work weekends” would also suffice. 
    That would make for a great addition to my sticker arsenal! My decrease in spending has stripped my sticker collection of any new value.. the coolness factor is fading away 😢
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    Anyone get the gift again? 
  • GordonBombayGordonBombay 29 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Can’t confirm or deny gifts.  Waiting on rule clarification.  Also checking on my Epic Coins I hear they will be needed in the update.  
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    The newsletter is pretty much always displayed on this forum publicly. I really don’t see any issue with that at all. Words get around very quickly with regards to this game be it through forum, Facebook, Reddit, Line, and global.  The correct thing to do is be honest to us. Generally speaking, most players would be more receptive to saying “we are working on an update to enhance the gaming experience” rather than blatantly lying and saying “update will launch this week”. 
    I'm fine with parts of the newsletter going out.  We're not going to leak news and totally expect nobody to talk about it.

    Nobody "promised" anything.  The VIP Team wrote that the newsletter would be out this week because that's what they were told.  These kinds of things happen.  As frustrated as you might be for not being able to play the latest version now -- how do you think the devs and VIP teams feel for working tirelessly to get stuff out only for them to not go out?  We know what pays the bills.

    As for being honest, I'd that's exactly what I've been doing.  I'm a straightforward dude.  I can almost guarantee the other studios I've worked with in the past wouldn't have done a thing.

    “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” - Shigeru Miyamoto

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    Lol lol lol lol lol lol ..... good to see you checked the attitude and came out humble bud!

    Since when are we supposed to be concerned with how the “devs and VIP teams” feel, aren’t they supposed to be concerned with how we feel (you too for that matter).
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    @blueleopard you say what you want to be honest. But your credibility here has been vacant for the last 6 months. Not trying to be rude "as per your rules" but you have been absent from these forums for 90% of the year, apart from a few posts, (hence why all comments about your posts from other members). I for one also do not sugar coat things, I speak my mind. One important question for you then feel free to do what you like to my account on here, I only check in here from time to time because of the friends I've made over the years. Your forum rules, specifically the cheating point. We all know that cheating is still going on, at-least you dont deny that. I never call out people by name but the people who have been around this game long enough know who they are and what it takes to "cheat".

    Since you installed the anti-GG software the android platform has been ridiculous compared to the IOs platforms. As it has been pointed out for the last 6 months and ironically you never commented on it or denied the fact that the so called cheating software has completely ruined the game for android users. Did you stop the use of GG, nope. Do people still use it? Yes. So in reality, you have this software that catch the casual users but still does nothing for the more experienced loaders.

    Bottom line, your intent to prevent cheating/loading has killed the game for all android players.
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    “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.” - Shigeru Miyamoto

    This update is going to be "eventually good," eventually.
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    Houmy said:
    I guess I wasn’t supposed to do that, not that I would have known since it doesn’t say anywhere in the newsletter that I shouldn’t share it publicly.  Also, it might actually be good advertising for Glu and VIP, but since I caused Glu Sports blueleopard a little headache, I get this nice message...

    He could have at least said please, I mean even my 10 and 12 year olds know you don’t get things you want unless you use the magic word 🤷‍♂️
    That is just pure silliness & a little extreme. Besides why wouldn't you want non-VIPs teased and enticed to spend more to get that and the rewards that comes with it?
    It’s flat out stupid is what it is.  If these forums are sponsored by GLU, there should be a pinned and dedicated thread with the monthly newsletter and all announcements.  Why in the world would he think making a rule like that is a good idea at all!?!?   The ENTIRE REASON for having a forum dedicated in support of a game is to have a space where users can come together and discuss the game, share information, experiences food and bad, and leave better informed.  Better to shut the whole form down than to manage it as recklessly as that.  Good luck and the management team deserves all the negative fallout they receive borne of this.  Seriously, shit this whole place down rather than post garbage like that or post condescending “Pool Rules” with an aggressively negative tone.  Came to help and immediately made the situation worse.  That really was a job awfully done!
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    ..............DISAGREE!!!!!!!   😂 
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    I see my screenshot of the private message from @blueleopard has been removed...I’m honestly surprised it took that long 😂
  • bigvivecbigvivec 1,755 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    LOL, I just guaranteed nothing but curves on 6.10.
    AKA  Brokejawipeout

    ..............DISAGREE!!!!!!!   😂 
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    whammo911 said:
    What’s your guys thoughts on Black Friday deals? Any chance we see bxp players like last year? I’m guessing no but you never know with this game.
    If a gamble offer like a sig Correa rates 50bucks, and so called deals offered on Black Friday will pale in comparison to the 20 and 30 buck game changers offered last year.  This year getting players is not the chase, it’s resources.  Maybe Black Friday will offer special mega pxp and lxp bundles, or what’s eer is needed for the yet to be released ATGs.   
    AKA  Brokejawipeout

    ..............DISAGREE!!!!!!!   😂 
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    Bump bump.... too ridiculous to let slide by!
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