10/19 ASSAULT GLOBAL INVASION EVENT (Let's Go To The Video Tape)

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Good Morning and Welcome to Round #6 of the TIER 41 Battle Cycle ... Uhhh ...

... Round #1 of the TIER 42 Battle Cycle.

(Oh yeah ... TIER 42 arrived yesterday (quietly) and nothing else; not even a slingshot).

 Today we have a complete line of high-end, hi-powered ASSAULT WEAPONS for you to compete for.

(We've seen all of this before on 09/07/2017 ... Global, VIP ... everything is an exact replica).

 The Assault Weapon Du Jour is the CHARTREUX MKII ...

RANK #01: 44.5 ... 1.50QD-2.20QD - 7,808 NANOS - Greatest
RANK #02: 43.5 ... 747.67T-1.10QD 5,856 NANOS - Greater
RANK #03: 42.5 ... 373.83T-549.76T - 4,454 NANOS - Great

RANK #04-#10: 25 Weapon Parts (42.5) - 3,904 NANOS
RANK #11-#25: 20 Weapon Parts (42.5) - 3,253 NANOS
RANK #26-#50: 15 Weapon Parts (42.5) - 2,602 NANOS

It should also be noted that qualifying for the Silver League will net you an "octupled" helping this week ...
5,854 additional Nanocrystals. (Add another 1,952 Nanos for Gold League qualifiers).

The VIP Event Lineup:.

@7,000 GOLD: 42.5 HEARTBREAKER MKII TESLA - 494.78T-758.66T.
@5,750 GOLD: 41.0 KORAT MKII ASSAULT - 109.95T-197.91T - "TIER 41 SR Standard Bearer".
@3,500 GOLD: 39.5 BELLOWS MKII TESLA - 70.09T-103.08T.

@PARTS: 41.0 CARIBOU MKII SNIPER - 109.95T-197.91T - "TIER 41 LR Standard Bearer".


There is also a 70% OFF sale on HEAVIES and TESLAS going on in The Store presently !!!


The "magic number" for TIER 42 (should be) ... 395,837.44B (396T).


*** Please consult "Should We Use GOLD or DIAMONDS For Upgrades?" for detailed cost projections regarding Defense Base "ALPHA-QUEBEC (TIER 42)".



Good Luck and Good Hunting !!!

Complex Minds Require Challenging Games ... SCORPION


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    DRONE and BASE:
    BASE: 377.96T (ALPHA-QUEBEC @ 93.75%); LEVEL: 400; CASH: 92.0T+; HIGH VAULT: 6.90B.
    DRONE: 49.48T (Power) - 390/390 (Level) - 3880/3880 (XP) - 261.13T (Health)
    DRONE WEAPONS: MG (20.23T-L8), RL (20.23T-L8), HR (10.41T-L3), SG (10.41T-L3)
    ..... 6.87T: MG (4118); HR (4115); RL (4109); SG (4096)
    ..... 8.59T: MG (2224); HR (2265); RL (2158); SG (2315)

    FUSES: 043 x TIER 39 (XP 120); 030 x TIER 25 (XP-49);

    SNIPER: 42.5 ELK MKII (acquired 08/23) @ 100% (450.80T-1350).
    TESLA: 42.5 PYRAMID MKII (acquired 08/10) @ 100% (676.20T-6500). **
    TESLA: 42.5 COLUMBARIUM MKII (acquired 10/12) @ 90% (785.05T/824.63T-6500). **
    ASSAULT: 42.5 SIMARGL MKII (acquired 09/07) @ 100% (450.80T-4510).
    HEAVY: 42.5 CHEYENNE MKII (acquired 08/31) @ 100% (675.10T-8125).

    Good Luck and Good Hunting !!!
    Complex Minds Require Challenging Games ... SCORPION
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    Wow..new forum....the old one was surely getting crowded! 
  • ContractKillerSniperVIPContractKillerSniperVIP Registered Users 30 Posts
    Wow, so I see the forums here have changed/been updated! It's been a long time since I read/posted on the CKS forums here. Been busy with real life lately. I agree with Mjulien that the old forums were too crowded. I have one question to ask here: what happened to the Micromanagement - Managing Drone Upgrades forum thread? Is it still here? If so, can I get a link to it?
    As far as CKS goes for me, I haven't been able to play since May. My iPhone 6 Plus still has some major charging problems and I feel that since May, the Apple Store I sent my phone to hasn't done a single thing to help repair my phone. I'm sure some other customers have the issue as me, and yet their phones are getting fixed before mine. This is really upsetting as I want to get my drone maxed out and win a fresh set of either trillion-powered (42.5 or 43.5) or quadrillion-powered guns (44.5 and up). The only good thing I see happening right now is that events and milestones continue to exist and nanocrystal rewards seem to improve over time. I remember having over ~1b/~1.15b diamonds in my tier 28 vault the night before my phone began to have charging issues. As I forgot to spend the diamonds before logging off (initially I had planned to do another base upgrade), I'm aware I've been getting attacked daily just because I can't play the game (and personally, I think it's just stupid of Glu not to let us sync our progress onto other platforms like iOS to Android and et cetera). I've probably lost over 10,000 of my hard-earned VP (I play on free energy mainly as you guys may or may not be aware) during the time my phone has been "knocked out" and am considering just dropping the game if Glu decides to continue to change the prize structure in global and league events to keep making it harder and harder to win a gun. Playing by using the guns provided in campaign takes too much time for me and makes PVP very difficult for me. I want advice from any iPhone CKS players out here. I'm eligible for a phone upgrade but am not sure which phone I should/want to go to. The iPhone 6S Plus would be good for its low price at this point but I fear that it won't work for long if I return to my old habits of leaving CKS running overnight and my phone charging in the process (with auto-lock/sleep disabled) in an effort to protect my vault from getting raided as well as from losing VPs. As for the newer phones, the 7 Plus seems to play better but will probably eventually suffer the same fate, the 8 Plus seems to work perfectly but its price is very high, and finally, the X (which comes out in November), seems to operate similar to the 8 Plus but its price is the highest of all the current available iPhones and it has no home button, which concerns me because I might accidentally swipe up in the middle of a PVP match and close CKS, thus wasting a PVP energy and losing my win streak. I'm not too concerned on price however, as long as whichever iPhone I get will be reliable for CKS. But I want to hear input from you guys: should I get a low-powered phone that just rarely gets the job done, an average phone that is mostly reliable, or an all-out phone that always does the job?

    So, to recap, there are two main things I wanted to know: whether or not the Micromanagement thread is still available to read and which iPhone would be a good upgrade choice. If it's better to bring the discussion of my phone situation to a separate thread, I can deal with that. Just let me know. :smile:
    DiamondJackers: You got jacked! :cool:
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    Yes, the Drone Development thread was removed. You can read about it from Scorpion here;
    Fortunately, he has posted pics of all levels in the drone development upgrades linked in that post.
    I'm an Android player, so can't help you with your iPhone question, but would suggest getting the latest version of the iPhone you are comfortable paying for.
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    This forum is still experiencing many problems so I've placed a link to the "old" forum post. SMH
    You'll need to skip to last page (manually) though.
    If the developers can't "develop" a working (canned) web site, how can we ever expect a new release?
    ANSWER: We can't.
    Complex Minds Require Challenging Games ... SCORPION
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    I'll respond to the above "inquiry" in this fashion ...

    I ONLY post information and data regarding the game in an impartial way and always avoid passing judgment OR by labeling ANYONE. I only state the facts; therefore ...

    GIULISTALLION has admitted to using a "fast" personal computer in the past; it's even posted here in The Forum. My response to him then, as well as now, was that the use of any device that is not classified as a mobile device (such as smartphones and tablets) by GLU Mobile is strictly forbidden by GLU Mobile. GLU has "banned" the named player a number of times only to reinstate the account after a short while.

    Since GLU Mobile makes AND enforces "The Rules", then you have your answer.


    In closing here's another screen shot for you or anyone else ... the #1 ranked player is the ONLY player who actually needs the Weapon Du Jour ...
    ... what do you think SCORPION did? Better yet, what would you do? I can only hope that everyone would do what's fair and just; not just for the parties involved, but for the "Good of The Game".

    Easier said than done, apparently.

    Good Luck and Good Hunting !!!
    Complex Minds Require Challenging Games ... SCORPION
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