POLL: 1.2 Update too hard or not?



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    i would also like to point out: people who go on this forum are most likely hardcore players, i.e 9k+ gs, and would adopt a kinder attitude to the harder levels. people with 3,4k gs on the other hand are probably suffering a great deal, but dont know about this poll. so please consider that if/when you make a decision, if all the <9k players voted on here, i think the 83% majority would reach a potential 95ish.
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    bigBrules wrote: »
    A and I didn't see a vote option.

    Didn't mean to add vote quote above ... I voted..

    Change back ! I still sell most runes , drop rates one week per one items to use at 3hrs a day
    Loved it before... Selling lag is frustrating.. Drops are odd, xp on bosses i cant figure out...
    Suggested gs per boss doesn't add up... Legend nian I needed like 2000 extra runes are tricky to understand which runes for which boss... All ice for nian. .? I am still not sure..

    Love the game , but the guy above is right any newer players like me 5000gs and under.... Can never compete or evolve to levels of pre patch gamers... Frustrating... And how the heck is that top guild scoring like that ... ;) get rid of this hikers. Sure do appreciate new content !,!
    It's just super frustrating playing 40 hours onl collecting coin feeling stuck in limbo.. Thnx 1st game i ever spent $$$ on via ipad.. So,you do something right... Potential for all time is there
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    First and foremost fix the boss reagent drop bug. Not cool to NEVER get dpss from hellboy. Also, I am a hardcore grinder with an over 350 iif and have only one godly piece from probably 100 or so visits to the hero tower. I hear and see others with less than half that iif who have had much more success. Not sure why iif seems to factor little but a fix there might balance things too.
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    I know most people will disagree with me. 49 of my guildmembers also disagree with me. It's just that i like games which are challenging.
    Since the Update my progress with mage and monk is 10 times slower. I only log in to use up my ship tokens.
    Farming legendary nian with my monk takes 2x the time and 9 out of of 10 times I get a sigil. I use runes with my monk and mage for full efficiency but the effect is nothing compared to prepatch. My guildmembers (note that they are below 9000GS) are either totally stuck or just progress extremely slow. Not to say that the townchat AND guild chat is filled with update complains (the strongest con for me).

    Option E would be perfect for me:
    E: Raise dmg and lower def of all enemies.
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    Anyone who dosent say A to this is an idiot, change the thing back to how it was and make the "4th kingdom" a bit more challenging, the original 3 have to be changer back
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    And by a bit more, i mean a "bit"
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    A) definatley...
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    I have just recently started playing this game and holy ***** was I having a blast. Was. Once I reached Nian the hell began: easy boss, I can defeat it in a min with 1k gs monk, but why should I do it?
    Where the ****** hell is my reward? Do you have ANY idea how frustrating it is to see blues after blues after blues for more than 200 runs?
    If you want to make the game challenging at least increase the reward for defeating a buffed boss.
    After all, this is supposed to be a video game, not life, right? I dare you devs to go to work for 3 months straight and at the end of each month only receive a can of beans. An empty one. Fair, ain't it?
    Ahem, back on topic, my vote is A.

    EDIT: For some reason I can't seem to click any of the vote buttons.
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    But the pvp was told that arrived during the week and still nothing, you know something?
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    43. You may not vote on this poll


    Anyways, A! Change it back to how it was, or at least improve the drop rates...
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    Just wanted to weigh in, and I admit I didn't read the whole thread so forgive me if this has been said.

    The new difficulty level wouldn't be so bad if the drop rates weren't so horrific. So really what I vote is; keep the same difficulty or very slightly decrease it, but increase drop rates across the board for reagents as well as gear, at least back to where they were. One of the most fun and exciting parts about this game is getting good new gear and evolving it to make your character stronger! That element of 'fun factor' is removed if you can't find better gear or the reagents to upgrade it.

    I am currently working toward Leg Nian, and I have been farming Leg Cyclops for over a week, at least 100 kills/day, and I have got 1 purple weapon, and no Gold weapon. I got 3 gold swords alone from Reg Hellboy before the update with less farming. Progress has went from an inch every few days to a millimeter a week.

    The game is predicated upon gear, even the main statistic in considering the strength of a character is called "gear score". How can the game be fun if you can't get better gear? I play at least 4 hours/day, so I am not someone complaining about drop rates who does a few battle and then says, "I can't get good gear".

    Please, please Glu, just put the drop rates back to where they were. The increased drop rates would scale back the difficulty in itself by allowing us to get better gear and the reagents to upgrade it.

    P.S. I wouldn't worry too much about increased drop rates decreasing revenue, the fact is, it will increase it. Human nature is to want what we want as soon as possible. There will always be people who want to buy gems for reagents to upgrade their gear because they are too impatient to farm. Now more new gear=more impatient people buying reagents to upgrade it.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents...


    Also just to add, the new rune system is cool but does does not at all compensate for the increased difficulty. I started a thread to this point. If the difficulty is not scaled down, then fix the rune system so players can at least defeat dungeons/bosses where their GS is hundreds of points over the "recommended"..

    Thanks for reading
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    A- I like a challenge and didn't mind the first change where lvl 36 weapons no longer dropped from nian because the progression was more challenging but still achievable.

    - I really think the new challenge level dramatically affects the new players, end game players can still kill everything but are still getting bored with low drop rates on reagents and gear.

    - no reagents make the tourneys more stagnant unless you buy all your reagents.

    - The first three areas should be changed back but the new area can stay the same. they do need something to make them worthwhile though since they are not really any drops to make them worth playing them right now.

    - with the failure rate on rune combining maybe you can let some greens and an occasional blue drop so people might now complain as much....or maybe make them drop more frequently. Offerings only giving lesser is a joke too.

    as someone else mentioned: adding the difficulty, reducing the drop rates, and the overly complained about bugs for ios, selling, and others....it has stopped progression on all levels.

    The game has potential but if it isn't changed back, the hardcore players with everything that say they are fine with the game the way it is will be your only players and will leave like everyone else due to lack of competition. I am sure the next update will offer a lot more especially if these major issues are addressed.
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    Voters 44. You may not vote on this poll. I guess someone somewhere was able to vote between this comment and Stark's comment.

    My vote would be "A". The GS recommendations for levels don't make sense anymore, even with the correct elemental setup. HB takes twice as long with the Chad (highest attainable weapon in levels I'm aware of - not tower), and lightning elements than before. This could be alleviated with better weapons, but as other players have mentioned the greatly reduced drop rate makes the game more frustrating than fun now. The weapons best suited for levels now seem to be one or two levels beyond the character's weapon strength. I'm running into this with my monk right now and have to spend 5 minutes per run in the devil's forest to farm for better weapons because cyclops is harder than devils run and doesn't drop champions reagents in Legendary. I'm glad to see that Glu has taken notice of the player feedback and is working to incorporate this into future updates. Very much appreciated!!!
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    A. Definitely made too hard. Seems like you guys balanced for the ultra-high level players (likely they pay more $) and forgot the mid-level players (who likely pay some money in some cases but not as much - i paid $20 for example) have to succeed through the same levels and FARM THEM OVER AND OVER.

    Now they're much harder to farm, take longer to farm, in some cases can't even beat them, drop MUCH less than they used to, and on top of it you added a new type of item needed to be farmed that are dropped by different areas (runes). I don't want the game to be easy (i've played it hundreds of hours so far, and generally enjoy the farming), but it's not viable currently.

    I could kill leg nian in < 30 seconds, now i lose to him half the time and the rest it's 2 minutes. I'm scared to slot a rune as i can't make enough or find a dropped rune higher than the lowest level, and i don't really want to slot a **** rune in my only sword). Rune gathering is ridiculously difficult for a level 46 player with a maxed gold weapon at my level.

    I'll also point out the documentation was ridiculously short. WIthout trying, which takes gems to fix if you mess it up, you don't know simple questions like:
    - how many slots can be drilled per item
    - that you CAN combine them and how it works
    - how to remove and swap runes
    - why the rune gods only drop the lowest level it seems even tho the list of runes when you see them in the god listing shows much higher
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    And fix the drop rates.

    I, like most others here, can barely progress the way things currently stand.

    And I didn't see an option to vote either.
  • sergiu111sergiu111 Experienced Member Registered Users 109 Posts
    JohnBoy12 wrote: »
    - no reagents make the tourneys more stagnant unless you BUY all your reagents.

    You just gave them a reason to not change the drop rates.
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    Fix drop rates!! Bosses only drop one reagent now and hellboy drops mostly sigil reagents so to farm him is pointless. Hero tower is ok but again drop rates suck. Pre patch I got 3 godly pieces in two days of heavy farming. Since I am lucky to get a epic item. Easy fix increase drop rates across the board lower difficulty of first 3 worlds to pre-patch difficulty and lower new world slightly and it should be fine. I agree with most people on the runes as well rune god offering gives only white and green runes just spent 20 offerings from tourney rewards and that's all I got should at least get one epic rune out of 20.
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    (A) for sure.

    As a lower level player, ive been stuck farming regular Nian at about a 50/50 rate of success, which would be fine if i would ever get a Purple/Gold drop. However, i have only seen one purple drop since 1.2 was implemented, and not a single soulshard to Evolve my gear with. I am literally stuck with the gear that i have, only able to beat Nian half the time on my Mage.

    Now on my Warrior, i can beat regular Hellboy about 50% of the time as well, however he doesnt drop anything above green gear and a blue reagent. Without his gold gear, weapon, and reagent, there is no way for me to progress towards LCyclops.

    Short version: Lower the difficulty, and increase the drop rates. Otherwise players that arent already at endgame status are going to pack up and head out to another game that their countless hours of hard work and dedication actually give them a return on their investment.
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    guacamole wrote: »
    - why the rune gods only drop the lowest level it seems even tho the list of runes when you see them in the god listing shows much higher

    Seriously, in all of the rune offerings i've done, probably pretty close to a hundred, i've only ever gotten 2 rolls that weren't the lowest possible outcome. 2 out of a hundred! Why in the heck would I ever spend any gems on those rolls if a 5 minute run through the new tower gives the same quality but many more runes.

    I got 15 of the 100 gem rune offerings from the Tourney. 14 out of 15 of them were uncommon. Why would anyone spend 100 gems to roll uncommon runes?
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    ThaDoctor wrote: »
    Seriously, in all of the rune offerings i've done, probably pretty close to a hundred, i've only ever gotten 2 rolls that weren't the lowest possible outcome. 2 out of a hundred! Why in the heck would I ever spend any gems on those rolls if a 5 minute run through the new tower gives the same quality but many more runes.

    I got 15 of the 100 gem rune offerings from the Tourney. 14 out of 15 of them were uncommon. Why would anyone spend 100 gems to roll uncommon runes?

    That thing is literally worth no more than one gem per spin....maybe not even that. Run the towers. What is it currently? 20 gems?

    For perspective: you spend 5 gems for a chance to combine to green which currently is not low failure contrary to what the game says. If you get 5 successful combines, that is 25 gems for a chance at blue. If you get 5 blue with no failures, that is 125 gems to try for purple which will likely fail. Light a five dollar bill on fire.

    That is at 1 gem per spin......holy moly, Glu. That is asking a lot from a casual loot grinder on a mobile device.

    $25 for a legendary rune at 100% success rate, and that taint gonna happen....ever. Now do it for 20 gems per spin, lol.
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    sergiu111 wrote: »
    You just gave them a reason to not change the drop rates.

    if the low money or no money players cant compete then the money players don't have to spend as much to be on top. So they still benefit from the change even if you consider this a reason not to change it.
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    I don't see a voting option. My choice would be A, the game is completely unbalanced now, low drops, low motivation for new players and even for old players which is causing low gameplay time, which leads to quitting the game for good. Bring back the older stats for bosses, put 2 reagents on them, motivate your players to go up the ranks, not to quit on them. New maps' difficulty I think it's alright, it's good to have some super hardcore maps in the game, but the difficulty needs to match the reward, if I need full godly gear to beat something, I would expect no less in return.
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    Why would someone put option D?

    Is meth legal in the United States now?
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    Why would someone put option D?

    Is meth legal in the United States now?

    I think that was Shaq who for some reason isn't embarrased to say he spends a thousand dollars a week on phone apps.
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    The cost to remove runes is ridiculous too. Charge gold to remove runes, not gems. The higher the rune, the more gems to remove it. It's outrageous. Improve drop rates for everything, including tower. 3 months of farming for godly gear and still don't have everything. That's insane.
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    Simple I VOTE A.
    I got 5500+ gs and I'm 500 to 1000 gs higher above some bosses and struggle to beat them. I've not had one item drop to better my items I'm using. Feel as if I'm stuck. I do by gems sometimes to evolve gear. Over the past few months. Now I feel I got to play for a drop that will take me weeks even months. Play every day for a least a hour to 3 a day. I will start to get board and find another game. The runes was a good idea. But strugle to keep them as not enough slots to combine them. You introduced them so give us a few slots. At least 10 so we can make our runes stronger or be able to combine the runes were using with the dropped ones. Balance the gs battle better. And drop rate back. Well let's see if your listening to some one who has spent money on a game. Or should I have just went and got one for me PS4.
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    gluadmin wrote: »
    Warriors, we've heard your feedback and want your opinions! Our v1.2 update brought difficulty adjustments to the PvE levels in Kingdoms 1-3 and player feedback was mixed. Some found it too challenging, others thought the new challenge enhanced gameplay. What do you think about 1.2?

    A) Too hard, change levels back
    B) Hard, but keep it the same
    C) Not too hard, keep it the same
    D) Not too hard, make it harder

    We appreciate your constructive feedback! Use the poll above and add comments below.
    This 1.2 update only the tower of hero just right difficultly, all other maps and tower of fire lotus should change the hard level back especially the tower of fire lotus, my warrior is fully of godly and murdermaker but still can't pass wave 50 that lv44+ stuff only drop after that, and the selling lag should be fix as soon as possible, boss should drop more than one reagents per kill
    Thanks, i wil vote A
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    You may not vote on this poll

    I vote A
  • IginlaIginla New Member Registered Users 18 Posts
    I vote A. Want to play the game but am stuck at the same spot for over a week now with no end in sight.
  • tobyttobyt New Member Registered Users 3 Posts
    "You may not vote on this poll"

    I can't vote on the poll, but my choice is definitely A. The harder bosses are a pain, but what is really killing this game for me and the reason I am going to stop playing soon is because the reagents drop rates are now so low (have NEVER gotten a DPSS since the update despite 20-40 hellboy runs a day and at least 6-7 tower runs a day (levels 100-120)). What's the point of playing when you can't evolve your gear? I have purchased some gems but can't afford many DPSS at more than 50 gems a pop.

    The only DP drops I seem to get now are the stupid sigils (I now have accumulated over 600 of these); for some reason bloods are more rare than sigils. Hearts are pretty hard to come by but SS are now impossible to get.
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