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Why do I get a "Play / Delete" option to choose when playing on my Android phone?
The Play/Delete option shows when the user installs/saves the resource files into the internal phone memory. This option will not be presented if you install and save to your SD memory card. Unfortunately, if "delete" is accidently selected, then all progress and data will be deleted. We always recommend you install games to the SD card for not only this issue but to also save memory on your device.

Why am I no longer getting Experience points (XP) in my game?
Some Glu Mobile games are designed with a level cap in mind. We usually update our games and add more content and levels periodically. When you level up to the point where you hit the level cap then the experience points will stop adding to your total. At that time, congratulations to you are due for reaching the game level cap. We are actively working on improving our products. Additional updates will follow hopefully soon.

How do I add Facebook friends to my Glu Android games?
This article applies to most Glu Mobile Android games that support Social Networks (Facebook).
As long as your friends play the Glu game on their Android device and they are connected to Facebook (game was allowed and not blocked) as well as they are friends with you on Facebook; then they will show up automatically in your your game (Android device to Android device). Please note that the games do not connect on cross platforms, so if your friend is playing Gun Bros on an iPhone, they will not be able to connect with your Android Gun Bros game and vice versa. A successful connection as an example in Gun Bros would be: if you go to the BROS screen on your Android device, your friends who play the game on their Android device (and have connected successfully to Facebook) will be listed on your Bros list. Please note that the Google Chrome version of Gun Bros does not connect with any mobile devices, it only connects to friends playing on the Google Chrome platform.

The Game Center is an Apple feature on the iPod Touch (2nd generation and up), iPhone (3GS and up) and iPad (iOS4.x required). We recommend to have the latest iOS installed on your device in order to get the Game Center. Once your iOS is updated, Game Center will be installed automatically.

My game is not connecting with OpenFeint.
OpenFeint has been discontinued since December 2012. The service is offline for good. Glu Mobile is not affiliated with OpenFeint.You should ignore any OpenFeint logins and resume playing the game. We apologize for the inconvenience.

How do I set up Kindle Fire parental controls & password?
Please visit Amazon's website here for instructions on how to set up password and parental controls on the Kindle Fire.

How do I rate your games?
For Google Play:
  • Click on an app that you have already downloaded
  • Click “rate this app” (or click where the stars are)
  • Then you can rate the app
  • After you have rated the app directly below the stars you will have an option to leave a comment
For iPhone/iPad or iTouch:
  • Go to the App Store
  • Search for the app in question
  • Scroll down to the "ratings" button and tap it
  • Tap on "Write a review"
  • now you can set the 5 stars and tell everyone how great it is :)
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