new place....same old stuff

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add me as a friend.....needs more Bros!


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    Hi foxorozco. Just to let you know,, there are no rewards for adding friends, so the best way to add friends is to click on their avatar or visit their profile and add them rather than posting the "add me". We are trying to discourage all of the "add me" posts since there is no points or rewards for doing so. You can find more Gun Bro if you go to the Gun Bro forum. There are a lot of ppl in there that are posting their names for adding to the brotherhood. Good luck and enjoy the forums.:cool:
    A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself. :cool:
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    foxorozco wrote: »
    add me as a friend.....needs more Bros!
    We do not have "Add me" threads here, and you will not receive points for adding. If you want to find Bros, please post in the appropriate forum. Your posts will be removed if you continue in this manner.
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