4/25 Weekend Sales and Events Roundup!

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Contract Killer 2: Win the De-Animator in the Live Assault Event

Frontline Commando: D-Day: Win the Gold Machinengeweher LE in the Village Assault Event

Eternity Warriors 3: Evolution Tournament PLUS a new boss event dropping brand new weapons!

Frontline Commando 2: New Intimidator Assault Rifle is now available in the mystery box with A 5X chance to win this weekend!

Robocop: Pass all 30 missions in the Iran event to obtain the exclusive 2.4 Navy Suit!


Contract Killer 2: Ranger Model-12 60% off

Contract Killer Zombies 2: Golden Hawk Pistols 50% off

Deer Hunter 2014: Region 10 shotgun 33% off and Event Weapons 40% off

Frontline Commando: Obliterdeath 50% and Gravedigger 75% off

Frontline Commando: D-day: Maschinengeweher 50% off

Indestructible: Ghost and Tornado Cannon on Sale

Robocop: All SMGs 33% off!


  • ca5baca5ba New Member 35 PostsRegistered Users
    nothing for knights of puzzelot?
  • Jonnymotox1Jonnymotox1 New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    I lost My Deer Hunter 2014 and Lost My Money I just spent $9.99 on gold from My I tunes Account and I want a Refund then to tried to reload it, it says It's not Available in the US!
    I'd like some answers as I'm sure others want answers too!
    I was at the Top level of everything with close to 1.7 Million points!
  • Jonnymotox1Jonnymotox1 New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    Why do you not answer your Emails, Especially when theres Problems to be solved dealing with $$$
  • Jonnymotox1Jonnymotox1 New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    Fixed Thank you Very Much!
  • MatthewtugMatthewtug Banned 1 PostsBanned Users
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  • Tootzi911Tootzi911 New Member 44 PostsRegistered Users
    Please put another indestructible sale on please!tornado cannon again?thanks much apreciated
  • capentercapenter New Member 3 PostsRegistered Users
    :p กระดอ ควย ไอ้พวกอ่อน
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