4/28 Weekend Sales and Events Roundup!

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Contract Killer 2: Win the De-Animator in the Live Assault Event

Frontline Commando: D-Day: Win the Tesla Coil in the Live Base Defense Event

Eternity Warrior 3: Evolution tournament, plus the Boss event continues with new weapon drops!


Contract Killer 2: 70% off the Wraith CM-7

Contract Killer Zombies 2: 60% off the Streetsweeper Auto!

Frontline Commando: D-day: 50% off the Modello 38

Frontline Commando 2: 50% off the Sabotage Sniper Rifle and 60% off the Brute Shotgun

Indestructible: 50-88% off the Dozer and Thermodon

Robocop: 33% off the CC-8 Rottweiler
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