Glu Forum Rules

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Welcome to the Glu Forums! Please see the below guidelines to ensure a fun and safe posting experience:

Please do not:

Discuss support emails or private communications from support tickets or moderators in the forum
Discuss locked threads or staff / moderator disciplinary actions
Create more than one account
Flame, troll, or otherwise be a nuisance
Go off topic (Unless in a specific off-topic thread)
Hijack, Spam, or advertise any product and / or service
Insult or harass any player or staff member
Post any content or engage in discussion about non-Glu games
Post any form of nudity or sexual content
Post any form or racist or discriminatory content
Reveal your or anyone else's personal information
Swear or use any obscenities
Repeatedly bump a thread without adding new content

Any inappropriate or illegal activities occurring on the forum will be handled according to our Terms of Use that are posted on our website at Section 3(l) of our Terms of Use contains examples of behaviors that violate our Terms of Use, though this is not an exhaustive list. Any conduct that violates our Terms of Use will result in the revocation of the licenses granted to you to use the forum and other Glu applications and, with respect to suspicious or illegal activities, we may report such suspicious or illegal activities to the proper authorities.

Thank you for your cooperation and for being a part of the Glu community!
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