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I am going on a week of not being able to restore my team.  It feels like I'm dealing with a computer and not a real person when i talk with customer service and the fact that you can't have a real time conversation aids in that feeling.  I had to reset my phone to factory settings because of a wifi issue.  I did that.   Then I used my gmail to restore all of my settings and apps like it was before I reset. Everything came back including the tap MLB 2018 app.  But when I opened it up it was like I had just opened it for the first time.  I had to " learn how to play" etc.  Once I did that I  was able to get into settings.  There is a Facebook icon and a email icon.  I hit on the email icon and tried to login, it said invalid user name or password.  After contacting customer care I was ask to send some info to validate it was my account I was trying to restore.  I did that and was told no worries we have unlocked your account for a one time courtesy and just go in to the email you use to link your account and login.  Now I have never had to use an email to link to my account, I have always just hit the app and played.  But I assumed they were talking about my gmail. So I went back into settings, hit the email icon and put my email address and password for that email address.  It said invalid.   So I hit forgot my password. They sent me a temp pw to my email.  I used that and was asked to create a new pw and confirm it.  I did that and when I logged on again was told invalid.  So I sent Dustin back an email and he responding we have set up your password for you. It's baseball1. He said dont forget to change your password once you restore your team.  Well once again it said invalid.     I find it ridiculous that I have an account out there that is seen by customer service and they can't explain or communicate properly how to restore it.  To me that should be the easiest issue to fix.  But my thing is, I would have no problem starting over if I made a mistake.  But I will never play this game again, with the amount of time an effort used to build a team, if I don't have the confidence, or at this point, even the understanding of why this is happening and the knowledge I can prevent it from happening again. Anybody have any incite or suggestions


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    Losing all your account progress usually means that you have time you installed thegame should restore your account to its original state.
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    I'm going through the exact same issue atm. Did you get your issue resolved?
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    Yes, I finally did.  I tried to look back at my correspondence with Glu to remember the time frame but I couldn't go back that far.  I think I was able to recover it very soon after i wrote this comment which would have been several hours after they finally gave me a temp password.  I don't know if it just took that long to reset or if it was me getting fed up.  I sent some less then flattering comments to my "helper " at Glu about the same time I wrote this post.  For all I know they just forgot to reset it until I lost my cool.
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