New here! VIP question.

DOPESICK989DOPESICK989 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Has any VIPs here got their VIP status with out reaching that magic $808 amount? Do posting on forums like this really help you achieve that status? Thanks. 


  • NickT7NickT7 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    From my understanding, 1. Be active 2. Be a positive help to the community 3. There is no magic amount, yet advancing in the game will add to the possibility of VIP. Best of luck! 
  • GGW4MikeGGW4Mike 41 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I'm sure it's not all about the money for Glu. I think game play, interaction and staying active will help with earning VIP. But of course you must spend money too! Good luck!
  • Funkocubs86Funkocubs86 5 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I agree bunch if factors
  • TheWhiteObamasTheWhiteObamas 15 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I doubt GLU would make money a factor; everyone says they’re money hungry but I doubt it. Idk how to get VIP but I’m trying too 
  • McjiggleMcjiggle 45 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Money is all that matters. Most everyone is my club who is vip never went on here or global and is vip. All about that money. 
    Shane Shucart
  • GGW4MikeGGW4Mike 41 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I'm sure the money helps. Im still waiting for VIP as well.
  • SKIDOO850SSKIDOO850S 9 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I’d wager that I’ve spent as much or more money as the two vips in my club
  • GGW4MikeGGW4Mike 41 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    When your time comes you will get it. I've been patiently waiting myself. 
  • KReel12KReel12 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Everyone keeps saying money but I dont think it has anything to do with money. 
  • RyJAMRyJAM 2 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Ok, Got It, I agree with you.
    viaje a la India - viva India
  • wutangforeverwutangforever 8 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    All a waiting game? All about how much money you spend?? All about how forums?? Seems like know one actually knows how to become vip. Has anyone ever emailed Glu and asked? I havent but think I will now just to see what they say. Maybe its like Charlie and the chocolate factory and you just get it one day. Lmao!!
  • DUNNYBOYDUNNYBOY 3 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I get it is hard to become VIP, but I wish it was more of a badge that you earned guaranteed if you meet this certain criteria, kind of like the achievements in the game... I’m still waiting and I have for sure spent more than enough money... so I’m not entirely sure it is solely about the money with glu.
  • Cardscoach02Cardscoach02 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I've been trying to be VIP for 2 years and just cant seem to get there. What else can I do.
  • rittownrittown 7 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    They’re a bunch of frauds. Don’t spend money with them. They’ll just steal it. Move onto a different game. 
  • Calvin42Calvin42 1 PostsRegistered Users, Member
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  • 82NDAIRBRN82NDAIRBRN 19 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    I just got vip badge, I just started on forums and nothing else, I got to 8250 Allstar tickets sent cs a message to be promoted to vip and they did within an hour 
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