I believe it is really telling that KKH has said absolutely NOTHING about what is going on!!

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Whereas a lot of companies recently have spoken up about the protests going on I have noticed Glu is one of the ones that remained silent. I know very well, there are people of color who play Kim Kardashian Hollywood and other games from Glu, yet they choose to say absolutely nothing. I wish I could say I am surprised but I am not. I wish I could say I was disappointed but again, I am not. Nothing was tweeted, nothing was posted on Instagram either, oh but rest assured whoever is running that account from Canada will make sure to tag Kim in any and every post just to get a like, which from what I've seen comes once in a blue moon. I have seen to where Kim, Kylie, and Khloe have spoken about the protests on their respective pages, at the very least I expected something from KKH being this is Kim's game with her name and likeness. Then again, you also have to think about how the KKH team behaves and responds to the plethora of complaints and critiques that are posted on the forum. And to me, that relates to their values and reflects on the company too!!
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    it’s it’s a ducking game. No room for out side bull crap play it or not like it or not. 
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