Deer Hunter 2018 and Long Loading Times

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I'm having an issue where Deer Hunter takes a ridiculously long time to load on my device. I haven't officially measured it, but I'd say it takes around two or three minutes to load past the deer silhouette. What's even more odd about this is that my connection is decently fast (on speed tests I usually measure around 40 to 50Mbps), and I have around 15GBs of free space on my phone, so it must be an issue with the game itself.
I know it isn't particularly relevant, but a couple years ago I would play the game on my old device -- a Kindle Fire 6 -- on a satellite connection and the game would load very quickly.
I've already sent in a support ticket, but I was wondering if anyone here had the same issue and solved it, somehow.


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    Not a known issue that we are aware of.  Since you already have a ticket in they will probably send you some general troubleshooting and otherwise just pass the information along to the team.  If we get numerous reports we can likely look to a fix.  Thanks for letting us know!
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