compensation or detect system for kollections pieces earned from seasons?

Jestypooh27Jestypooh27 Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
so there's this hair I've been wanting ever since I joined this game, and the season k stars I've been earning, had given me a couple of chances to give it a few shots, so I did one today for 70k stars, and I ended up winning the exact same green button down I won already from a kollection box. I went back to my closet and it didn't show up as a duplicate. I'm very upset because i only had two slots left to complete the kollection and could of been a chance for me to get the hair. I know a lot of my friends who had this happen to them where they do a collection, and if they win something they already opened from a box it essentially disappears! I really want my k star recompensated, or at least some sort of system in place, where it allows me another chance or some other reward if we have an item already. for context my collection was professional style, and I been wanting the curly hairstyle that comes with the grand prize since it looks like mine irl :(


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