armor to be considered as permanent item equipped

hardeyboyzhardeyboyz Junior Member75 PostsRegistered Users
i notice that armor is dissapeared once you die in battle ( example: stepping into mines).. and need to be purchased all over again..unlike rifle and machine gun which is permanent once you buy and can be reuse all over again. the cost for armor french is 100 glu coin and it is quite a pain to gather 100 glu coins or to buy it all over again..

hope for glu to consider this.;)


  • Rocky TopRocky Top Expert Member 127 PostsRegistered Users
    I like that idea. Good to see a wrestling fan. Best tag team ever. Nice to meet you hardyboyz. The lizard king bids you a friendship call. Keep rock in'....
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  • AY420AY420 Experienced Member 76 PostsRegistered Users
    I wondered about the armor. I noticed I could buy that red beret after I knew I already bought it, didn't know you lost it when you died... I agree, it'd be nice for them to make that a permanent item.
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  • hardeyboyzhardeyboyz Junior Member 75 PostsRegistered Users
    i also would like this armor can be set like equipped and not equipped as i only need this armor for really really hard mission..its just waste to step on mines and loose all the armor at once..zZzz
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