🎆☃️v11.6 Update - Bringing Holiday Cheer & Fashion & Fun! ❄️☃️👗



  • letusletus Registered Users, Member 760 Posts
    Omg the doll its wearing the giftbox outfit lol! Cute!

    iOS free player 🇧🇷 ✨
    my doll’s name is leticia 
  • ronnievronniev Registered Users, Member 292 Posts
    edited December 2020
    Does finishing Raul’s interview in rio award event points? 🥺 as much as I love him I don’t wanna waste my time on it rn if I’m not gonna get some event points

    edit: answered my own question lol it gives 40 event points for an 8 hour gig 
  • Beth0401Beth0401 Registered Users, Member 418 Posts
    edited December 2020
    She cute ✨

    Edit- really unfair how only selected players got the quest should be for everyone or no one in my opinion 

  • ashleyyashleyy Registered Users, Member 1,425 Posts
    Is the doll part of the storyline? because I have neither, I only got green dye
  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 426 Posts
    vall said:

    The holiday heather doll!

    Aka another thing only selected players can have. Obviously no hate towards those players who got it, but I'm really mad at whoever at Glu decided I'm a second class player who doesn't deserve this.
    *** platform: android ***
    *** level 45 ***
  • UnwinterUnwinter Registered Users, Member 597 Posts
    I came here all excitedly to share that the doll dyes so well and even changes make up accordingly only to find that not everybody got it... Seriously what on earth, Glu can't even do one thing right? Dolls, sorry for this unfairness. I hadn't realized things have got this messy because of me being away and tbh didn't think it could get worse but here we are, my profile Pic still gets proved true
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  • OhemilieOhemilie Registered Users 941 Posts
    Wait, why doesn’t everyone get the doll? I’d love it 😭
    iOS player 
    level 69
  • OhemilieOhemilie Registered Users 941 Posts
    God, glu absolutely suck 
    iOS player 
    level 69
  • kkhsimonekkhsimone Registered Users, Member 386 Posts
    I hate this game.
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,664 Posts
    @LovelyEmma sorry to hear that you’re leaving, I wish you all the best💕
    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • LovelyEmmaLovelyEmma Registered Users, Member 4,384 Posts
    @LovelyEmma sorry to hear that you’re leaving, I wish you all the best💕
    Thanks @AmandaMKkh <3
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    Daily KKH player since around May 2015 entil early December 2020
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,664 Posts
    @LovelyEmma you’re welcome and I really mean it, I know how hard is to leave a game you spent so much of your time on, we didn’t interact to much here but I remember your past posts and I really wish you all the best and an happier life 💚
    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,828 Posts
    edited December 2020
    Green dye for our gift today but we get that dye in our daily boxes. Why? 
    Platform: Android

  • danjames12danjames12 Registered Users, Member 518 Posts
    Pretty bad business tactics to give only a fraction of your players a free gift if you ask me.

    but then, with that free kollection only certain people have (and glu have never addressed!!!) I can’t say I’m surprised 🥴🥴
    iOS player...used to play when the game first came out!! Flash forward about five different dolls and here we are.
    Playing this doll since January 2020, and doubt I’ll be changing again! (Unless I quit because sys is a joke and I’m really starting to loose the fun in this game ✌🏼❌)
  • evilraccoonevilraccoon Registered Users, Member 327 Posts
    So we get dye as a Christmas present...again? Really? ☹️
  • OhemilieOhemilie Registered Users 941 Posts
    So we get dye as a Christmas present...again? Really? ☹️
    And not even a rare dye or newer one. 
    iOS player 
    level 69
  • evilraccoonevilraccoon Registered Users, Member 327 Posts
    And also what’s up with the whole survey situation. I spent days trying to complete surveys and they all disqualified me. Over the past days I’ve managed to complete 2-3 surveys. I spent hours answering questions for literally no reason apparently! 🤔I’m giving my personal information, wasting time on questions and get 0 compensation. What was the purpose of me filling out the profile with my personal information at the start if I’m then ‘not suitable’ for any survey? If they don’t want to compensate people for wasting their time, these surveys should either state who is suitable or should only pop up if actually suitable based on your profile. And what’s up with the UK offers options for iOS ? It’s absolute garbage, 99% of things on there look like it would be a scam. My bf plays KKH on android and he gets options to play other games and get kstars for levelling up. Whereas my options are to sign up to some untrustworthy website/product 😫😫 Glu seriously need to sort this out 
  • malakk15malakk15 Registered Users, Member 252 Posts
    Jokes on me. There are 99.9% that male dolls won't receive the heathen doll but Im still hanging on that 0.1% like a clown which all of us players are 🤡
  • serahyyyserahyyy Registered Users, Member 436 Posts
    edited December 2020
    IOS Player | A+++
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  • racheltheestallionracheltheestallion Registered Users, Member 81 Posts
    I can’t go through all 90+ pages of this, but was there ever an explanation given as to why only certain players got the storylines? I don’t understand that at all
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