🗳️SYS Pageant Queen 4/8/21 - Aren't They Lovely (Check out those Crowns!)👸🗳️



  • luvs2gruuvluvs2gruuv Registered Users, Member 2,011 Posts
    it's a hair.. it should be available for diamonds.. 
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  • pristinepersonpristineperson Registered Users, Member 2,659 Posts
    jwawawa said:
    Spotted some very gorgeous looks in the voting booth recently❤️

    Anyone know where the flower crown on the right is from?? 😍 is it hair or an accessory? 
    It’s from an old show your style event back in August 2017

  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,407 Posts
    edited April 2021
    Good luck to all!

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  • watermelonsugarhighwatermelonsugarhigh Registered Users, Member 1,383 Posts
    first two looks

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  • Saturday9amSaturday9am Registered Users, Member 37 Posts
    I have never gotten lower scores in any SYS. What's the point in earning all these dresses, gowns, accessories and all this stuff if it doesn't help at all!?!? This is so discouraging 😫.
  • kadyyykadyyy Registered Users, Member 355 Posts
    Havnt been able to play videos for free k stars for a week or more. The last time i got a free video was when i bought the triple threat. Apparently support says they cant control the videos and it sucks.😡 only way i am getting stars now is from sys earnables
  • stellarspherestellarsphere Registered Users, Member 487 Posts
    Disappointed but not surprised

    all these SYS have become the same for me, I don’t even bother starting them on time, I’ve been doing them hours later since I know I’ll never been in top 3 and/or get the last earnable 💁🏼‍♀️
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  • KkhAngelicaKkhAngelica Registered Users, Member 6,699 Posts
    3rd look! 💜
    IOS player 💜 
    She/Her 💗
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  • christelbensonnchristelbensonn Registered Users, Member 126 Posts
  • DelphineGarnierDelphineGarnier Registered Users 4,800 Posts
    @Rikk I hope we can get them from silver boxes later. I was annoyed when I checked the schedule and realized that was the only theme from the current batch where I really didn't want to end up in gold. Now I'm more bitter than I was this morning. 
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  • PerfectionPerfection Registered Users, Member 86 Posts

    Thought I'd start with better scores....
  • PerfectionPerfection Registered Users, Member 86 Posts
    Syndra x said:
    Uhm.. How is this possible? 🤔
    She got the TS prizes already? 🤷‍♀️
    Glu, you really should do something about cheaters/hackers OR stop including bots in the voting booth 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    I have a hacker in my group :(

  • Jayy_kkhJayy_kkh Registered Users, Member 317 Posts
    Ahh scores are being really weird now ): 
    I’m scared to check what my look got🥺😢
  • Nanna_Nanna_ Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    edited April 2021
    Hi! I saw this doll in my TS group wearing a dress I have never seen before. Does anyone know where it’s from? 😊
  • LindaVBLindaVB Registered Users 7,289 Posts
    Hi @Nanna_
    It's from a weekend event from July 28th, 2017

    Daily KKH player since 2014 ~ iOS

  • emmymemmym Registered Users, Member 450 Posts

    My looks so far! Doubt i will get the last earnable :/
  • kkhnellykkhnelly Registered Users, Member 87 Posts
    My first two looks! I thought I would throw the wings in and give them a try but still disappointed in the scoring but not surprised. 
  • JullietteJulliette Registered Users 527 Posts
    Ughhh here we go again... 

    :o iOS GC ID julliette24 ;)
  • HaleyMcKayHaleyMcKay Registered Users, Member 120 Posts
    looks 1-4

    votes are a joke, really. pls dont think i’m being sus, but i’m sure that my looks are good.. but the votes.. so discouraging

    last SYS i was getting 50+ votes.. but I really fought for prizes. this time I dont even bother fighting for the dress
    currently i’m 7th, but votes are coming in, and i’m slowly moving towards the “Style level down” line. maybe i’m gonna use additional ticket if i feel that i’m not going to reach enough votes to get that white dress, but this is already so disappointing 
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