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    My sister, niece & I all play together. They aren't forum members, but I told my niece I'd share her thoughts:

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    This idea doesn’t excite me at all, but at this stage I don’t think we have enough information about it. There’s too much left unanswered and I just can’t imagine how this will be successfully executed. Hopefully in the coming days we will have responses to the questions asked here and some in game screenshots to help tell the story a bit better. 

    I do hope that our feedback is taken seriously, and if the overwhelming consensus is negative, the idea will be scrapped and we can revert to our regular events. I think an email survey would be good for this, as opposed to on the forum, so people can give their honest feedback without fear of judgement. While I appreciate the work that must have gone in to designing a new system like this, not every idea is a good one and deserves to remain part of the game purely because of the effort that went into it. 

    I, like others, would much rather have seen improvements to the current SYS, such as three stackable tickets, TS prizes based on point total, not competition (eg, 1st prize tier requires x number of points), and fixing the many glitches we’ve been experiencing as players. I want to enjoy this game, and when I wake up at 5am to submit a ticket, lose out on prizes to people with 3000+ points, and don’t know if I’ll be booted from the style level I worked so hard to achieve, I’m really not having fun. 

    I hope I am pleasantly surprised by the new SYS system, but I am keen to hear a lot more about the system ahead of it launching in game. I would love to hear from people who ARE excited about this to shine a new light on the topic 🤍 
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    I had to restart all my progress a while ago and if the items are going to lock it’s going to be very hard to play because i don’t have much items at the moment. It’s already hard choosing outfits for one player i don’t know if i can do two.
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    The sys we have now is already RIGGED and stressful, so what does Glu do?? Add on more crap we didn't ask for. I won't knock it without trying it, but I'm not excited for it. My game hubby has on cheap stuff, I'm not wasting my precious stars or diamonds for a guy I only go on dates with during dating weekends. Ugh I hope this doesn't stick around. Instead, y'all (Glu) need to fix the broken sys we do every single day. 🙄🙄🙄
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    I feel bad for those not on the forum. They will be caught off guard when this new sys begins. Why does Glu begin new crap when we don't ask for much to be fixed?! 

    I haven't been on the forum much bc my ten year old daughter, Jazzlyn, has covid,🥺 but man I'm glad I popped in for inspo for tomorrow's sys bc I would have missed this thread.

    My husband doesn't know much about this game, except how to dress my doll occasionally when I'm busy, but I was telling him about this new duet and how no one is happy about it and he just said this "that game isn't focusing on fashion, getting clothes easily, or being like a star, it's all about Greed. That's the most greediest company. Sys already is aggravating for you with rigged votes, so I can't imagine when this new one starts." Then he reminds me I have to tell Jazz about it... She's already sassy enough, this won't make her happy lol

    Point is, it's sad when someone who doesn't play knows how rigged this game is. Someone remind me why I'm sticking around hoping it gets better?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
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    So if our partner is of the opposite gender we now have to spend even more for a completely new wardrobe?! And this is fair how?! Why is that every new “exciting” update there’s just another way to suck the players dry? We ask for the simplest things like don’t put dyes in boxes we are spending 40 stars on and a way to earn more diamonds and instead the game creators say “here’s another thing to waste your precious resources on”. And right around the holiday season too. Wow just wow. Bravo 👏👏👏 I’ve seen some scumy marketing before but this really takes talent. 🤦‍♀️ 
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    Just gonna say what has already been said, no one asked for this. How about fixing bugs and working on actual requests first?
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    Also just gonna put it out there, the whole 'men's clothing is for men and women's clothing is for women' sounds so iffy and suspicious like... girl, no, bye. I've worn men's clothing as a child up until 8th grade for not so happy reasons but nonetheless they were comfortable and nice to wear (plus, am I the only who noticed how 'women' clothing just doesn't last as long as any other type of clothing?) and I didn't even mind bc to me they looked all the same. We're in 2021 going 2022, I don't think it's very inclusive and diverse to do... whatever the hell this is.
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    This is making me delete every male npc in my friend's list 

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    Absolutely hate this. JUST NO! 
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    Thanks for the love Stella, Back at ya!

     I posted because I saw a few examples of players walking back enthusiasm, and wanted to acknowledge them.   It didn’t apply to everyone, just a few but still.   :)  
     Glu has left the parameters wide open about how to play. You can play with another doll of you dolls gender - where they share your closet.  If you have already invested in an NPC spouse wardrobe - this is a rare occasion where you get to use those clothes other than for a date, or one of those totally awkward Hair sniffing poses in the Photobooth.  Glu isn’t forcing anyone to buy clothes. 

    And till I see how the prizes work out, I’m not even going to try and comment about it.   Hoping it works out well for all.  I do like the fact that we can choose the gender.  That’s good news for my iOS, but tbh My Androids don’t have any good looking NPC female contacts.  So I’ll have to dig up 2.

    Yes, we have seen 5 pages of players saying they’re very ticked off.  I don’t think my post saying ‘Some’ or ‘a few’ players are excited and maybe staying quiet is going to change that. It simply acknowledges a different point of view.  

    Now excuse me, I want to go beg for spoilers in the Update thread. :)

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    The game has had so many issues lately. The amount of glitches have been insane and we’ve not been compensated at all. Instead of addressing all these issues and working on fixing them Glu just throws another feature that literally no one asked for (and I don’t really see anyone excited for it either). 
    If we’re starting to get clothing for the gender we’re not playing as and therefore can’t wear in boxes I’ll be so pissed.
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    @KalindaKing will we be getting spoilers about the update today? 💜
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    When this starts, we're introducing a new hearts system which is designed to improve your overall SYS experience. Once we have the first SYS Duets event, you can share what you think about it. As for the prizes in SYS Duets, male and female dolls can win women's clothes from the earnable and leaderboard prizes. It will be possible to win clothes for the opposite gender from some gift boxes, but not all of them. The SYS diamond gift boxes will be available for female dolls only and contain women's clothes.
    Will our NPC have access to our make up and face/body contours ?
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    Dolls, dolls, dolls: It’ll rake in more money, imagine the small myriad. That’s *mountain.* I dislike this misbegotten idea entirely and won’t enter any SYS: Duet. How uninspired. Spouses? Babies? We’re so over it. Enough to create one look...16 times around?! Two?! No. But GL with that.
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    Every single day something breaks in your game. A new one should be created when the old one normally works. Stop making a mess of the game. Nobody asked you for duets. Soon, only the Glu team will play SYS and they will also pay the money. Because all the loyal players will just leave you and you are now doing everything for this
    Good luck with that 👏
  • StellaKKHStellaKKH Registered Users, Member 289 Posts a good number of players on the Reddit forums are suddenly having WiFi connection issues and it started just a few minutes ago. I'm wondering if this is foreshadowing any outages again, the very ones that are STILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGED to this day. Are we going to have another glitch outbreak soon? Please just no...🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧 
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    make sure to ss your dyes, diamonds, kstars and tickets!! 
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    The timing of all the glitches now seems to run along with this duets idea. They have been messing with the sys system behind the scenes and it's had a knock on effect to our actual games 
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