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    They seriously need to use a version control system of some kind. Why is it that the changes being made are being reflected on us? They should use something like an LTS version. Meaning, since 12.4 is released, any changes they make further shouldn't be reflected until they release 12.5. This kind of messy programming is what results in a very sloppy user experience and it's difficult to trace back where the bugs are coming from.
    They should instead use version control, make some changes, and perform functional testing. Start with unit testing, where you test out, say, the SYS system. Then go with integration, where you check whether the changes you made to SYS affects any other aspects like k-stars, diamonds, tickets, or other parts of the game. Then check for usability, UX, etc.  I mean I know you guys feel like you're on a roll to release new updates, but tbh, any update that's released without proper testing is just sloppy programming. Development is important but so is testing! In the meantime, you shouldn't let your users experience all the bugs! That's your job, most definitely not ours.

    There's a saying in the programming world that goes something like this: "Assume that all users are dumb and useless. Assume that they don't know a thing about anything. They're here to use your service and move along." It's difficult, yes, but you shouldn't expect any user to share your burdens or responsibilities. Please perform proper testing, people! It's really not that hard. I'd rather a very delayed update (or none at all for months at a time) than get one riddled with messes.
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    It took me an hour to submit my second ticket because the game was having problems opening. My tickets and diamonds disappeared at one point but came back after I force quit a couple of times. This isn’t a big deal but definitely annoying. SYS is still so glitchy as it is I can’t believe you are changing it before the glitches are even fixed.
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    The thing is this attitude is hurting their game and their customers' satisfaction. If they listen to their customers' feedback instead of trying to milk every penny they will definitely have much more stable game and more satisfied customers. It's just sad at this point. Not a single person wanted this new SYS system, but as usual EA does their best to make things difficult for it's customers. Their behaviour is somehow unethical, it almost feels like a scam but I can't explain it. 
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    The thing is it's not illegal, so they're doing it. But law≠morals. It may not be illegal but it's unethical regardless. Even if a constitution can't recognize a scam, we humans can. And that alone is bad for their business and reputation. Every business out there worships their customers, but the attitude of this company honestly baffles me. I just can't believe there's a company out here, a big one at that, with such loose/nonexistent morals. Everyone wants money, but there's a difference between earning it and stealing it. Asking someone to pay money but not giving them what was promised? Can't relate 🙌
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    This idea doesn’t excite me at all, but at this stage I don’t think we have enough information about it. There’s too much left unanswered and I just can’t imagine how this will be successfully executed. Hopefully in the coming days we will have responses to the questions asked here and some in game screenshots to help tell the story a bit better. 

    I do hope that our feedback is taken seriously, and if the overwhelming consensus is negative, the idea will be scrapped and we can revert to our regular events. I think an email survey would be good for this, as opposed to on the forum, so people can give their honest feedback without fear of judgement. While I appreciate the work that must have gone in to designing a new system like this, not every idea is a good one and deserves to remain part of the game purely because of the effort that went into it. 

    I, like others, would much rather have seen improvements to the current SYS, such as three stackable tickets, TS prizes based on point total, not competition (eg, 1st prize tier requires x number of points), and fixing the many glitches we’ve been experiencing as players. I want to enjoy this game, and when I wake up at 5am to submit a ticket, lose out on prizes to people with 3000+ points, and don’t know if I’ll be booted from the style level I worked so hard to achieve, I’m really not having fun. 

    I hope I am pleasantly surprised by the new SYS system, but I am keen to hear a lot more about the system ahead of it launching in game. I would love to hear from people who ARE excited about this to shine a new light on the topic 🤍 
    Yes! I like that idea of the tier prizes. I wasn’t here before the current tier system so idk how it used to work before thought 😅
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    I think I would genuinely like this feature a bit more if it was available to play with my Facebook friends, who already have a well filled wardrobe but this nonsense about using npcs who don't have anything and then having to build up their wardrobe up as well as mine? Yeah, no thank you. And then also if it wasn't sys related. Like if it wouldn't affect my tier placement... if it was just a different event or something. 

    I just don't understand what goes on at glu HQ, like honestly. I don't know how many times we have asked to get the game fixed. I don't know a single game dev. that behaves like glu does. I play a shit amount of other mobile games and alll of them actually listen to their players, it's really not that hard and kind of your job glu. Instead of this feature thing, why not give the male doll players some new items.... alongside of everything else we did actually ask for?

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    Will male clothing be included in Christmas boxes for female dolls? 
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    They couldn't just update the gifting wardrobe for everyone and allow full customization over konnection contacts and be done with it. 
  • StellaKKHStellaKKH Registered Users, Member 289 Posts
    Is a seamless gameplay experience too much to ask? I'm not going to reinstall the game until this gets fixed or I get my stuff back.
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    A couple notes 🧐 sorry to be negative but I have reasons:

    - I doubt that a heart rating will make things better. The issue is with the algorithm, so changing the way we vote (score out of 5 vs. the current 👍👎) is probably not going to help.

    - the whole "male clothes vs female clothes", and judging straight couples against queer couples, is a big red flag for me as a genderqueer person. I'm worried about homophobia in the VB, and I don't like how transphobic this whole things sounds. I don't think I can participate in this for those reasons. Like, I would actually love to put "male" clothes on my "female" doll, just as much as I am excited about a vampire dress, but being reminded that I can't is not great for me.

    - I don't want to collect "male" clothing if I can't use it for my doll-- I get that it's all about the clothing being programmed to specific body types (2 of the many), but... I never liked the clothes being separated to begin with.

    - All the glitches in the VB this past month make sense now... but seriously, Glu needs to acknowledge what's been happening and compensate players with some of the things we've asked for. This new idea seems like more stress/work when SYS is stressful enough right now. Sorry about it 😔

    Thanks for your work @KalindaKing and the team but I'm not super happy about this.

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    It's not cool how all of our concerns are not being addressed! The whole gender specific clothing thing has been bugging me since I read it. This is 2021, not 1921! This is going to be a mess and I don't even want to try the first one. Why not wait until after the holidays and sale to introduce this? Instead they do it right before Black Friday to try and make players spend stars and buy packages. I keep asking myself why I keep playing a game when they don't appreciate their players AT ALL. 
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    Imagine that instead of duets, we could get some poses for us to use in sys😍
    Omg I would love something like this! 😍 
  • rociodemayorociodemayo Registered Users, Member 655 Posts
    Now that we are getting SYS duets, I tried to make my husband look like Nick Jonas lol but the male kloset barely has clothes to gift :( 
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