🗳️❤️KK:H SYS Duets 2/10/22 Red Velvet - Happy Valentines Day!❤️🗳️



  • YoMommaYoMomma Registered Users, Member 1,306 Posts
    Chqrlotte said:

    Placed 9th in gold, so i barely got the phone! I like it a lot and it dyes really well too!🤩 Tried styling a look that matches the phone💜
    I love this 😍😍😍
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 3,015 Posts
    Not always red and not always velvet, but here's my 14 looks ❤️

    Lucky boxes:

    Got 10th place and won these adorable heels, the only thing I wanted from TS ❤️

    Congrats everybody 🎀
  • ChqrlotteChqrlotte Registered Users 832 Posts
    @YoMomma wii thank you gorgeous<333
     ios player  ◡̈  free player
  • kkhkarmenkkhkarmen Registered Users, Member 420 Posts

  • Kdiane_kkhKdiane_kkh Registered Users, Member 236 Posts
    cute prizes 😍
  • ChrysalisChrysalis Registered Users, Member 275 Posts
    Love the prizes, especially the phone and the shoes 🥰

  • ScarletJayScarletJay Registered Users, Member 17 Posts

    The absolute pain of thinking I was going to get the phone and then not 😭
  • JJthedrummer83JJthedrummer83 Registered Users 149 Posts
    happy i got the phone
    hollywood bitch so fake she seems real
  • reebreeb Registered Users, Member 319 Posts
    6th in gold ✨💓 
    styled the ts prizes to go businesswoman-y, she’s the CEO of Love ❤️‍🔥

    iOS ❤️‍🔥 A+++
    add me on my kkh fb 🍄
  • siennaishollowsiennaishollow Registered Users, Member 449 Posts
    Ended 7th in Gold! I love the phone😍

    Here are some of my favourite looks ✨

    Android free player
    English isn't my first language
    Doll IG - Sienna
  • rachelvrachelv Registered Users, Member 219 Posts
    finished 9th in gold!! happy i got the phone and shoes ❤️

  • SamanaKKHSamanaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,133 Posts

    ✧ iOS user ✧
    Add me on Facebook here

  • noorbabenoorbabe Registered Users, Member 14 Posts
    Finished 1st in silver! I haven’t gotten first in such a long time so I was really surprised. But so happy 🥰
  • justannajustanna Registered Users, Member 690 Posts
    Wanted the heels so bad but overslept my last ticket by 4 minutes and got a box with gorgeous hair. Quite happy with that but really sick and tired of staying in silver second time in a row…
  • NikarafNikaraf Registered Users, Member 1,994 Posts
    Came in 2nd place in Silver III without extra tickets! I really wanted the phone and dress! 
    Been actively playing since October 2020. 
    IOS free player / level 42
    Be kind to others 🤍
  • NewsychickNewsychick Registered Users, Member 427 Posts
    I really wanted the phone so I was super relieved I managed to get 9th in Gold. 

    Some of my fave looks

    My doll's name is Kaysi 
    iOS player 
  • AnjakkhAnjakkh Registered Users, Member 1,286 Posts
    So happy I got the phone🥰

    My doll’s name is Anja✨
    Daily player from Serbia 🇷🇸 ~iOS
    English isn’t my first language
  • LumsLums Registered Users, Member 305 Posts

    Yay 2nd in sliver💕
    -  iOS player o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o
  • MarianiPoizenMarianiPoizen Registered Users, Member 2,268 Posts
    Final two looks. Came 6th in Silver so got the earrings and shoes.

    I play on iOS
  • BoocketaBoocketa Registered Users, Member 1,407 Posts

    Belgrade player since 2018 / LVL 64 / iOS
  • AmyMimiAmyMimi Registered Users, Member 2,373 Posts
    @AmyMimi your doll looks like a vintage Hollywood star in the earnable dress. You’ve styled it beautifully and your doll looks stunning.
    @MarianiPoizen that’s so sweet of you to say ! I was trying to go for that kind of look 🥰 thank you so much 💕
    iOS 😊
  • AmandaMKkhAmandaMKkh Registered Users, Member 3,663 Posts
    I’m happy I got the phone 
    Italian iOS player since August 2014 ♥️

  • JuhJuh Registered Users, Member 127 Posts

    Happy with the itens ☺️
    My doll's name is Mishaah 🌸
    Android freeplayer
    Remember to smile ☺️
  • DoricaDorica Registered Users 1,280 Posts
    This was very hard, but put extra 2 tickets because of dress and I finished second in silver II. Here are my looks :) 
    My favorite were 6 and 13.
    ❤️ android player ❤️
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