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    trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    - another one of those packs that costs real money where you get K-stars, energy, and a clothing item. (Like the Red event)
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    JennaMarieJennaMarie Registered Users 2 Posts
    -Have an official sign in box so we don't lose our progress or can easily transfer it!
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    NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    * Let android and IOS users play together
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    trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    LuzVarias wrote: »
    I'll beg again: please have a yard-sale of old exclusive items!!! I have impulse-control problems-- I'd give you tons of actual money! And I doubt I'm the only one!
    SAME I would pay like $50 just to get a few of the Exclusive items that I missed from events
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    FvtoFvto Registered Users 8 Posts
    - Ability to customize NPCs hair, makeup, etc
    - More stylish/luxurious male clothing
    - More moden male haircuts (undercut, man bun, pompadour, etc)
    - Male cuffed jeans
    - More Scott Disick inspired clothing
    - Yeezy x Adidas inspired clothing and shoes
    - Solid white photo booth background
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    trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    -the ability to bring our pets on walks and buy them outfits
    -bring back some exclusive items and sell them for real money or k-stars. (you could do this like every Wednesday)
    -Make us more involved in our store (buy outfits to put on the mannequins, etc.)
    -reward us for playing everyday of the week with 1-2 k-stars a day and then like 3 on the 7th day.
    -the limited edition gift boxes should only have k-stars and clothing in them. not money or energy
    A+++ Lister // GameCenter: TrevorActor :cool:
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    SpikeSpikeSpikeSpike Registered Users 29 Posts
    -Make the speech bubble go away when the conversation is done with people at our gigs. So we don't accidentally hit them when tapping stars causing the conversation to repeat. (If that makes sense)
    GC: Poohgirl87 :o
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    lediskogirllediskogirl Registered Users 13 Posts
    Hi! PLEASE make these hairstyles available without their headbands. I absolutely love them but I feel they would go with more outfits without the headband.

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    xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    Yes I really agree with lediskogirl in fact any new long hair without accessories would be good but the styles above are particularly nice
    GC: { Lucyxx }
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    smoothsosmoothso Registered Users 2 Posts
    - being able to have a husband but not having to go on dates with him everyday single day
    - different tan shade (less pink)
    - less "8 hours" jobs
    - less conversation bubbles when on jobs
    - less K star items or more videos available per days to gain K stars
    - more cash for appearences and jobs for top A-list players
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    hkayteehkaytee Registered Users 116 Posts
    Hi :)

    Can we please change the order of weekend events. Currently. We collects purple stars (or eggs for example) and we get a giftbox and. 3 other items and in addition to that there are special items that we have to pay 40 k stars for (big gamble: almost never works for me)

    Can we collect special stars (or eggs) and then choose what we want to buy with them (so each special item will have a particular price like the bunny in the bag could cost 200 eggs and the dress with diagonal stripes could be for 100 and then the special items for 40 k stars could be bought with eggs) I've been trying so hard to win the bunny ears hairdo and I just can't cause I wasted all my k stars and it wasn't even in the box :(

    I think it would be better to choose which items we want to win because not all of them we might necessarily want in our closets

    Pretty please !!! :)
    Add me GC: AychKT && yakanaTee :)
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    RubyDRubyD Registered Users 189 Posts
    I will add my voice to those who want the 40-KStars gift boxes to offer gifts *worth* at minimum 40 KStars. When I shell out 40 stars and receive less than I would from the store (40 KStars for 50 energy, for instance), I feel as though I'd been cheated. It's okay to get 3 energy or a few game dollars for the daily gifts, or for the times we spend 10 KStars, but don't make us feel bad for spending money in this game by having 3 energy or some paltry amount of game money in the 40-KStar boxes.

    Thank you for this opportunity to offer suggestions. :o
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    FrancescahillFrancescahill Registered Users 1,288 Posts
    -Bring back all the old fab prizes (including Kim's wedding dress)
    -Bring back all the clothing who has removed in the second version of the game.
    -New places: Tokyo and Thailand.
    -More shoes, cars (a convertible car would be great) and hairstyles.

    This is all xx


    -Places: Rio de Janeiro, Manhattan, San Francisco and Bel Air
    -Option to delete conctacts
    -More Special K Clothing
    -I love dogs but I think it's enough. Other cat would be great.
    -SUMMER IS COMING! so add more bikinis, shorts, skirts, hats and sunglasses and it's the best moment to add Thailand or Rio de Janeiro to the locations!
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    shai_loveshai_love Registered Users 36 Posts
    Hi, here are some of my suggestions
    -Ability to put on a jacket/sweater with certain outfits
    -Option to have dates at home
    -Make furniture in homes less expensive, the bed in the Malibu home is 50kstars
    -Give us more options for decorating our homes
    -Less speech bubbles when doing gigs, I hate accidentally clicking them especially when it's the same conversation.
    -I agree with someone above, more hairstyles with no accessories especially special event styles
    -Ability to talk to our spouses/significant others
    -Expand the max energy. With 8 hour gigs, it can be hard to finish them on time for some users.
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    NoonaluvfoodNoonaluvfood Registered Users 1,252 Posts
    Hi! :)
    -Could you please bring back the Easter event gift box hairstyle? It was so cute, and we would like it even more so, if you kindly took of the bunny headband.

    Thank you:)
    Sometimes you just have to roll with it.:cool:
    Feel free to PM :)

    GC: Hey guys can't add any friends, I have to work out an issue I am having with accepting friend requests on GC. Thanks anyways!
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    nebula macaronnebula macaron Registered Users 239 Posts
    -Make Cassio dateable because i want him married to my doll c'mon.
    I deleted all my GC friends because I am planning to do my second comeback, so if I had you added I'm really sorry!
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    xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    Hi glu please can you make it so there are benefits to being married in the game eg:

    - fan increase for dating
    - being able to invite the other to gigs for special bonus
    - increase their fame if they are NPC by dating them
    - also can husbands/ wives not pop up everywhere, all of the time?
    - if they have to pop up everywhere can there be an action or something like 'go out' or 'chat' or 'amicable divorce' to change them back to network contact without k star payout or option to hang out at home like a date.

    Thanks <3
    GC: { Lucyxx }
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    NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    - Include some Asian countries
    - If we don't date for a long time, give us at least 1 chance to know our mistakes. Instead of an immediate break up/ divorce <- saddest, have like a lover's quarrel which decreases our couple ranking and we have to spend cash to buy flowers to make up or something. Second time, by all means make us use kstars to make
    PM to add
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - After reading some of the very creative 'romance stories' in someone's new thread here, I got an idea. They are so imaginative and tell such good stories, maybe a story contest based on the game? It could have a word limit so the entries were more equal to start with. (Hard to compare a haiku to an epic poem or a short story to a novella.) Could be fun.
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    MamieMamie Registered Users 3 Posts
    Expense-as others have said, something should give. We either need a cash and K Star price for items, they need to cost less, or we need to have a way to earn more. For example, if you want a gown that costs 120 K stars, that's equivalent to a little under $15.00 real life dollars. Who wants to spend that much for ONE dress that's not even real? I understand you need to make money, but that's a little much.

    Interplay-It would be nice to have more paparazzi and fans to encounter.

    Also, it would be really nice if interaction wasn't so scripted. Some of the conversations only have one answer for us to give. The interview with Ray (in Tribeca) was kind of short. At first you got to answer some questions, but the second half was just clicking generic bubbles. It would be fun to have a challenge...like there is a possibility that if you choose the wrong answer or option that you get in trouble with Maria ;) (And there may be later...I am only on level 18).

    Less repetitive conversation bubbles, goal things popping up all the time, etc. It makes it hard to tap and collect things quickly when you are playing on a smaller screen, like iPhones. I don't need to say hi to my colleague on a job 60,000 times :)

    Feed-Others can tweet nasty (or nice) things about us, but we cannot. I would like the option to do the same. We could at least dispel rumors or something.

    Appearances-It would be great to have a bigger variety of features, makeup colors, hair colors, etc. so that we don't all look the same. A French manicure nail polish would be awesome.

    Also, some of the skin tones are just crazy and unnatural. And I don't know about anyone else, but I am really not interested in a guy with blue or pink hair and facial hair :)

    Energy-I would love it if it didn't take so long to accumulate/refill.

    Dating-Some NICE, normal, cute guys would be great. The ones I dated that I thought might be were either cookie-cutter boring or mean/self-absorbed.

    Also, I think this is a REALLY important part-I think our significant others should be more involved than just calling us once in a while to hang out. It would be so fun if THEY planned a date that we had as a goal. They could call and say something like, "Hey babe, I have a surprise for you. Meet me in ____?" And then you go from there.

    Also, we shouldn't be the ones paying all the time ;)

    And I have heard that you only get an engagement ring if you marry an A lister. I think that should change. The size/value of the ring could be comparable to the person's status, but I think everyone should get something. It would be really fun if there was an assortment that we could choose from.

    I don't know how possible this is, but it would be great to see a little peek of the "work" we do-a few pictures from a photo shoot, the Chateau Nuit billboard we did, etc. The feed update from appearances etc. says things like we will have pics of ___ from the ___ event up at such and such time...it would be really cool if there were some pics posted.

    I would also like to be able to delete contacts.

    All in all, the only thing that makes me sad about the game is the expense. You have this whole closet of amazing gowns and outfits, but most of them are out of reach, unless you want to spend a ton of real life money.
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    VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    Change option "Break up" to the last position in the list of dates, one wrong finger when trying to cancel the date can mess up everything!
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
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    ZoyechkaZoyechka Registered Users 1,187 Posts
    Wait... I got an engagement ring & im a d lister & my boo is e lister. Sheesh I just wanna live a normal quiet KKH life. I wanna own my own dash store, marry my boo, have kids, and go to dates in Paris. Is that too much to ask?
    GC: Zoë Strange
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    LuzVariasLuzVarias Registered Users 2,707 Posts
    I apologize in advance that I'm not even trying to format this correctly. I am trying to talk to the development team, so here I am.

    I've tried to keep in mind that this game is a business, with sales goals and people's salaries at stake.

    However, the game has changed enough that it frustrates me regularly. It used to be that I paid happily (albeit foolishly) to buy the larger packages of Kstars because I loved this game, this forum, and enjoyed paying my money for a product that gave me a rush of happiness. I could pay a chunk of real money to buy some pretty (pretend!) item that I wanted, and I went away pleased.

    Now I can send my Kstars down the bottomless hole of the gift boxes, and stop playing the event in annoyance. I made several tries again this morning to see what would happen; because I thought I needed the event multipliers; and because I really liked those gift box items. I think I bought 2 full rounds of three gift boxes each, and won the pair of earrings, $4000, 40 kstars once, a bunch of energy, and a white ruffled shirt that I didn't feel like buying from my closet. So, for 240 kstars!!!, I have a 4 star bonus for an 8 hour event, a pair of pink earrings, and a ruffled white shirt I don't much like.

    Whether or not I'm a spoiled, entitled-seeming brat, annoyed is how I feel, and I used to be an excellent customer. Is this really the plan for keeping customers paying? Maybe there isn't a desire for long-term paying customers if other ventures will soon be the priority. All I can think of is the people who show off those 54 star bonuses, and I feel like such a fool. Glu wants my money, and I give it to them in good faith, but it doesn't matter anymore to my game-playing experience! What more could I do?

    If I instead take my pile of money and go buy myself an actual outfit in an actual store, I'll be assured a satisfying experience. So it's been made very obvious what a rational person should do with their silly, money-wasting self. What the h e c k is going on around here? How does a luxury franchise even survive by frustrating its legitimate customers regularly?

    Here's an idea: the kstar teaser items stay in every round of boxes until they're won. And the other options are only 40kstars, that are pretty much the "please try again" option in this scenario. That way, people who want the items can still pay an obscene number of kstars, but can be assured they'll get the items. Get rid of the $4000, get rid of the energy, get rid of the stuff we never planned to buy from our closets anyway. Ugh. Enough already. I'm so done.
    Luz GC: LuzVarias
    Stellan GC: lgordon19

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    ReginaaReginaa Registered Users 58 Posts
    LuzVarias wrote: »
    Here's an idea: the kstar teaser items stay in every round of boxes until they're won. And the other options are only 40kstars, that are pretty much the "please try again" option in this scenario. That way, people who want the items can still pay an obscene number of kstars, but can be assured they'll get the items. Get rid of the $4000, get rid of the energy, get rid of the stuff we never planned to buy from our closets anyway. Ugh. Enough already. I'm so done.

    ^^^ this!!!
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    ZoyechkaZoyechka Registered Users 1,187 Posts
    Shouldn't we able to have our lover over for drinks & to chill in our apartments/homes? I mean it's only fair. oh and please please please allow us to make some of our network contacts into lovers. I'd so totally pay k-stars for that. Thanks.
    GC: Zoë Strange
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    IGGYiggyIGGYiggy Registered Users 2 Posts
    -game to earn kstar
    -ombre hair (like kylie's) and please be money.. not kstar
    -sneakers duhh we need sneakers (heels do sometimes pain in the ***)
    -able to style you friend without pay a single bucks (maybe turn it into a game since kim work as a stylist before she became famous is it? )
    -more interaction with ppl
    -change avatar size (**** or butt enlargement) or height
    -ABLE TO HAVE BABY!!!!!!!!!!
    -night out with friends (star do not work work always)
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    bojangybojangy Registered Users 6 Posts
    Make Cassio dateable before the baby update please
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    ponylatteponylatte Registered Users 170 Posts
    Did anyone suggest putting the person you're dating at the top of the list when you click the heart button for a date? Cause I gotta scroll til the ends of the world to find them. T_T
    Call me Pony ^_^
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    xXLucyXxxXLucyXx Registered Users 1,077 Posts
    ponylatte wrote: »
    Did anyone suggest putting the person you're dating at the top of the list when you click the heart button for a date? Cause I gotta scroll til the ends of the world to find them. T_T

    HI ponylatte I'm not sure if you'll see this but at the top of the contacts window there are two icons one a star and one a heart and star but they're quite difficult to see because they blend in with the background. If you tap these they will reorganise your contacts either in order of top stars ranking or in order of how high your relationship rating is with them. This might help you a bit :)
    GC: { Lucyxx }
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    FrancescahillFrancescahill Registered Users 1,288 Posts
    Please, if in the future places like Armenia, Rio de Janeiro and Thailand are added to the game, we can have different pets? because I love Dogs but it's enough.

    Some suggestions

    Armenia: mouflon or if we have a country house maybe a horse
    Rio de Janeiro: Toucan
    Thailand: a baby elephant

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