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    Danielle_ModelsDanielle_Models Banned Users 870 Posts
    -When you do poorly on a job, I think you should reduce the amount of fans you lose. Maybe you do it where if your a D and E lister you only get -1000 and under but then if your an A-C lister you get -4000 for doing a poor job.Im bringing this now to everyone's attention because I was a D lister I had four stars filled at a party and then I got -4000 fans and was brought back down to an E lister

    -It shouldn't take that long to fill the energy bar. The current ratio for energy to time Is 1:5 meaning it takes five minutes just to get one energy, I think the time should be reduced like two minutes and thirty seconds to get one.

    I definitely second the idea of having more makeup features and definitely like Shannen_ said a make-up studio.
    -Also how long events are should be reduced some people don't have time to do an 8hr shoot and etc

    -I know you guys have been bothered enough by this issue but with the gifting, the bug should be fixed as for the gifters if their KimK currency is removed after gifting someone but the other person doesn't receive they should get a refund if it's not received by the usual time, though I'm not sure what what's classified as the usual time.

    -I also think that maybe when your really far in the game we should be able to have our own fashion Boutique or makeup store. Or just some sort of shop and our character and Kim would be the owners and we could get money off that but then as we progress in the store and we're doing well, Kim then stops helping and then we control it on our own.
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    FrancescahillFrancescahill Registered Users 1,288 Posts
    - Option to customize our babies (face type, skin color, eyes color and hair color)
    - Option to have twins
    - Accesories for the babies like earrings, necklaces, bracelets or little bags just like North
    - Lipgloss (please I beg you)
    - More locations: Thailand, San Francisco, Bel Air, Cannes and Manhattan.
    - Bring back the fab prizes from 2014 to purchase.
    - Option to delete contacts (people are asking for this since last year)
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    LeahbusbyLeahbusby Registered Users 1 Posts
    -So Chic, I would LOVE to get more involved with my own store! Expand it! Really work on it! We get paid 1k every week, doing what? Selling what? Our own clothes or Misty's and Elizabeth's? I feel like there could be a minimum set that resets every week, but the more you work on your store, the more you get paid at the end of the week. Then you start all over at the minimum (So you still get something, and it doesn't feel stressful)
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    AlkoholiksAlkoholiks Registered Users 545 Posts
    it would be cool if the lads could get Luther from SoChic's tattoos, socks, beard, and suspenders.

    i'd love some suspenders
    no i don't have any chill
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    Suspenders would be rad.

    - I'd love to see them on the little boy babies, too. (If there already are, sorry.)

    - Eventual ability to adopt more than one baby.

    - Babies sit up in their crib, playpen, on chair, on diaper table.

    - Ability to interact with babies, pick them up, etc.

    - I'd like more Kardash or So Chic stores.

    - Thanks for the goldfish in the downtown L.A. apartment (my favorite home.) Maybe a salamander or cactus in NYC/Punta Mita?

    - I was thinking today that it would be nice to not have the pop up for gifts (sent by friends). The pop ups are intrusive and tend to arrive in clusters, and might interfere with receiving.

    - I'd rather get gift boxes (sent from friends) that I can tap on. Gifts could be waiting in closet, house, wardrobe, whatever. But I'd rather just see them there when I look, and then tap to open at will.

    - Sending a gift automatically creates a receipt (i.e. 40L sandals sent to Jane 18 May 2015, or 60L, tall boots sent to LuvBug 30 May 2015...etc.) kept in a list in sender's game somewhere.

    - Opening a gift box (gifts SENT from friends) gives ability to write (or even choose/send pre-written) thank you note.

    - Sick of never knowing if anyone got my gifts when I regularly spend $$$ on them. 40 K star, 60 K star gifts...and they don't arrive, or I never know. I'd like to have a record of what I sent and I'd like to receive notice from giftees that they got them.

    - I think people would spend MORE MONEY on gift sending if it was more secure.

    - edit: Another thing you might like about this 'gift boxes to tap on in houses or wardrobes' Glu - it would be easy to say that due to a graphics and coding limit, there could be a LIMIT on how many a person could receive at one go...This would protect people from sending gifts to an inactive player; those would otherwise not probably send well once they logged in after some months; but also it would avoid people 'gifting everything' - you know what I mean...? It might sound counter intuitive but I think gifting limits per sender would help to avoid the too many gifts glitch in which many do not show up. I noticed when I would log in and three or four people sent three or four gifts each, I'd go in and often there'd be nothing there...I think too many at once and it backs up or something. Like a clogged pipe.

    - Maybe even gift boxes permanently sitting in a 'gift section' of the game, and a sender could tap on a gift box and FILL IT - how fun would that be to open?? Like Christmas time all year. And sets a limit, and makes it more special and when the giftee opened it, it sends a thank you note.
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    MercyDeenWhiteMercyDeenWhite Registered Users 3 Posts
    - Make guys in the game taller (my husband is wayyy too small)
    - Higher the rank, higher the pay
    - Weather in the game (night time, rain...)
    - More paparazzi and people in the street as you gain fans
    - Expand So Chic
    - Home dates
    - Change the body type of your character
    - The possibility to have freakles, moles or beauty marks
    - A furniture store
    - Before gifting your spouse, make them try on the clothes. I had a few bad surprises.
    - Make your spouse interact with your child too. More interaction as a family.
    - Be able to win awards and display them in your home (for movies, tv shows, fashion...)
    - The ability to change your spouse's hairstyle
    - More interaction with your spouse
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Special Forum Member Only Gifts or Incentives
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    ReginaaReginaa Registered Users 58 Posts
    mindybunny wrote: »
    the login bonus gets better the more days in a row you play. Put better things, more cash and k stars in boxes as we log in more days in a row.

    i've been playing the game every single day since it came out. i think the loyal players deserve this
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    trevoractortrevoractor Registered Users 1,114 Posts
    - I second the idea for a daily login bonus. (Maybe we get a K-star everyday we login and then 3 k-stars on the 5th day)
    A+++ Lister // GameCenter: TrevorActor :cool:
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    I would really like to send baby gifts to friends.

    - Baby hairstyles and hair accessories as gifts to friends.

    - Baby shoes as gifts to friends.

    - Baby clothes as gifts to friends.

    - Baby furniture and toys as gifts to friends.

    - I'm with others on this log in bonus thing. A daily log in bonus would be great...or some type of loyalty bonuses...in one game it's every 5 days, but anything at all would be nice. I know it's a lot of work. But it seems possible.
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    KatePillgrimKatePillgrim Registered Users 884 Posts
    Please consider changing your view on the giftboxes. I suggest that you remove the energy and money from there (OR at least make it not 4000$, but 40 000$. It would make MUCH more sense) and only put the spicial items there and Kstars, so that the player won't be disappointed. He will either get one of the pieces he was going for or the chance to open another box.
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    Honesty4realHonesty4real Registered Users 10 Posts
    Agreed, one of the top relevant suggestions by far
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    Honesty4realHonesty4real Registered Users 10 Posts
    * Synchronize game activity (Facebook , Google)
    *More career options ( Singer, Rapper, Agent, Dancer, etc.)
    * Option to alter love interest appearance ( facial hair, eye color, nose etc.), "if not dating a fellow game user"
    * more relatable V.I.P characters ( Jay Z, Beyonce, especially the fabulous Caitlin Jenner
    * view gift items before purchase
    *after certain levels love interest buys gifts, pays for dinner also 😆
    *Optional game quest for Spa treatments, Beauty Salon, shopping sprees. Resulting in ability to unlock or receive new hairstyles, clothes, shoes, makeup,etc.
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    LyannaLyanna Registered Users 338 Posts
    Please get Caitlyn Jenner in the game that'd be amazing!
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    ManerynManeryn Registered Users 3 Posts
    -To change body type of character
    - realistic hair movements (kinda how Kim hair moves)
    - more hair color options I love the sliver color
    -eye brown color options
    -more make up options
    - add more haters to keep us motivated
    -nail length options for girls
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Icons next to our friends' names in our friend list in game. The icons would tell us who uses iOS and who uses Android. That way we won't send gifts to people who will never receive them. (Cross platform gifting doesn't seem to work.)
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    mollybrownmollybrown Registered Users 65 Posts
    • The cost of items need to be more reasonable and we should have the option to pay K-Stars or Cash.
    • A new salon would be nice, with tons of new hairstyles, hair and make-up colours to choose from (I also think the colours should be free!)
    • Be able to delete phone contacts (Friends and NPC's).
    • Different body types to choose from.
    • More facial features to make our characters more unique.
    • Remove energy from the daily reward boxes (I just find that it doesn't feel very rewarding).
    • An option/button to see only the things we have bought in our closet, instead of scrolling through so many items we don't own.
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    Andrzej_S.Andrzej_S. Registered Users 1,194 Posts
    I would love it if there were a few more medium length hairstyles for the men and even a man bun! we just have the one stiff style and it would be great to have a bit more variety
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    ticisssticisss Banned Users 811 Posts
    Please, allow us again to gift items from the latest updates. Okay, there's lots of hackers out there, but there's people who play honestly too, using real cash. Please, let us send this gifts to our friends that can't buy some dresses. This is unfair. You guys keep with the high values on some clothes, and now come with this unnecessary rule.
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Register for baby gifts. A gift registry!

    - You might also let people put a star by the things in their wardrobe they would most like to be gifted.
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    LyannaLyanna Registered Users 338 Posts
    I feel the game really needs some basic clothing staples such as vest tops, crop tops, pencil skirts, mini skirts, more short shorts, all stuff we can mix and match. Even just some basic dresses, and some normal shoes would be great like sling backs or stilettos would be great.
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    VatsVats Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    I said I would come back and I'm back!

    As basically any item from that list was included in the latest updates I'll just repost it.
    Vats wrote: »

    - New hair colors like dirty blonde, auburn, light brown, white and gray.

    -Ombre hair styles and lip gloss for girls.

    -Swimsuits for men or can take off our shirts.

    -New skin tones.

    -New eye colors (blue please!)

    -New poses in photobooth for men that we often see in the teasers like that with hand on chin and the thumbs up.

    -Bring back normal face of our spouses in the photobooth, now we just have the "in love" face.

    -Open the hotel in New Delhi and put a baby elephant as pet there (gluadmin approve this).

    -Better organization in the traveling list, put Malibu in the LA area, then put together the places in the US, followed by Mexico, cities of europe, asia and australia.

    -Option to choose how many hours we want to go on a date and change the position of the button "break up" to the end of the list.

    -Decrease the percentage of energy bolts and k$ in the event boxes.

    -New vehicles.

    -And of course last but definitely not least, a new long hair style in the male wardrobe, remember Brad Pitt? Well that way ...


    Here are several ideas that I posted in the thread of hairstyles of men's long hair to inspiration for the game.
    Vats wrote: »






    Can I count on at least one in a future update?

    Thank you!
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
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    cupcake43040cupcake43040 Registered Users 7 Posts
    I think we should get 100 k stars to start out with so we can get better styles of hair....I don't want to spend my own money I don't want to wait forever to get the boho chic hairstyle its 75 k stars...
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    cupcake43040cupcake43040 Registered Users 7 Posts
    Drop the prices a lil bit on some stuff hairstyles,shoes ,jewelry, and everything else...please do that it would b awesome
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    alyssamichelle719alyssamichelle719 Registered Users 16 Posts
    Have an option to pay with either K stars or Cash. Some of us can't afford to be buying a million K stars to get good hair and clothing. Or just drop the prices either way.
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    pizzapartypizzaparty Registered Users 94 Posts
    1. There should be incentives for having husbands. By that I mean, they're really needy and some people don't feel like putting up with them. If they're going to require dates everyday, they should give more energy the longer you're married so people feel encouraged to keep them because they're actually getting something out of them.

    2. Please get rid of the useless conversation bubbles that last all the way through gigs. It's so annoying when I'm just trying to get through a gig and the guest or whoever keeps saying the same thing over and over because I accidentally press on the bubble.
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    SpikeSpikeSpikeSpike Registered Users 29 Posts
    We should be able to delete contacts. Especially if they're no longer in our Game Center
    GC: Poohgirl87 :o
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    graceangelagraceangela Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi. i just want to suggest the ff:

    -for us to have more fun and interactive activities with the baby and hubby to make the game more exciting;-)
    -allow us to conceive our own babies despite having adopted a baby.plssssssss:o:o:o
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    Kkh.kensiKkh.kensi Registered Users 7 Posts
    I am so disappointed with the baby update especially if we had a baby with our partner rather than adopt as we didn't get to choose the gender of the child.

    I'd like to suggest that we get the option of what we have.

    I'd also like to see more interaction with our child, maybe a family photo shoot, taking them to lunch with your partner.

    I also for that the next season of For Real should have my own family appear my husband my child ect.
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    - Free K star for watching a video option = more prominent, a button on main screen or something

    - Include where events are (city, not only venue) in reminder bar

    - Attention to where the tapping dots are placed. Today three or four were blocking Kim K completely after she was called in to appear at a gig. Other times the dots are behind the bullhorn, or other things.
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