Givin you all gifts :D



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    victoriaeikremvictoriaeikrem Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi could you add me? My gc is victoriaeikrem. ๐Ÿ’—
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    PolkaDotPolkaDot Registered Users 1,226 Posts
    If anyone would like to gift me any of the new things...I have historically gifted lots of people but these new things are out of my reach.

    I don't really expect anyone to buy me such things but, if you are offering why not. My iOS name is PolkaDotCafe. If you are Android don't add me because I won't get the gifts and it will waste your efforts.

    I can't really add more friends just to add them so if you are not gifting, please skip this. Because not to be cold but I have to scroll past 300 or more names already...
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    mariebeesmariebees Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi, my Game Center name is mariewvu, please add me ��
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    MsMichelle29MsMichelle29 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Had to start all over, I need K-star items, plz add me. Gamecenter: MsMichelle29
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