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    I’m a clown and I can’t do math🙃
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     @jhabs 5/12 = 0,42. So 1 diamond is worth 4,2 stars, which means 25 diamonds (or a dress/hairstyle) is around 100 stars (which is an okay price for an old item). It’s quite similar, the only thing that bothers me is how “easy” you can get stars compared to diamonds..
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    @yezx Literally me. 

    Okay, knowing now that the ratio for stars to diamonds is less, that actually makes me feel better about the cost of old items lol. After I posted that, I started thinking that 400 stars for 1 item is a ripoff (considering when we chase we usually get more than 1 item). Still agree, diamonds need to be easier to earn!
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    jhabs said:

    Someone correct me if my math is wrong but I calculated the equivalence of diamonds to kstars. I found that the bottle of coke handheld is worth the equivalent of 432 kstars. I am going to say this: I actually don’t have a problem with diamonds as a way to get past items. I do think the cost should be higher to get items from the past- I think most of us have easily spent 400+ kstars chasing GB items, and I think it’s somewhat fair that players have to pay a higher price to get those same items after the fact. 

    What I do NOT think is fair is making us use diamonds to buy brand new items. There is absolutely NO reason the coke bottle should be worth 18 diamonds, or 432 kstars. If they want to curb illegal spending, glu should introduce a new currency that is equivalent to the price of kstars, but can’t be manipulated. I wouldn’t have a problem with that, as long as the new currency was as easy to earn as kstars. I just have a major problem with continuing to introduce diamond items without also giving us more ways to earn them. I’m shocked that glu cannot see the problem with that, but honestly at this point I probably shouldn’t be. 

    @jhabs I'm not really sure how you got 1 diamond = $2.40 when 12 = $5... shouldn't one diamond be worth $0.42? If I have this wrong lmk lol I'm way too tired to be doing this properly

    My calculations would be a little different. If you're going by selling rate, then

    12 diamonds = $5 so the unit rate (for one diamond) should be $0.42
    50 kstars = $5 so the unit rate (for one kstar) should be $0.10

    One diamond should then be approximately 4x more valuable than one kstar; 4.2 x 18 is 75.6, so roughly 76 kstars. Still not exactly a great price, given most of the handhelds I remember in the TB sale were on average around 35 kstars.

    But what if we don't go by the sell price, and instead look at earning rate? There are a great many ways to earn kstars and very few to earn diamonds, so for the sake of comparison I'll look at "fixed" rates, which excludes any SYS winnings, achievements, businesses, and voting booth mega-luck.

    1 week = 70 kstars, 140 kstars (free player, pre-2020); this assumes you've been diligently watching all your videos every day, and that they're being supplied consistently.
    1 week = 3 diamonds

    Depending on your game, one diamond would be equal to 23 kstars or 47 kstars, though again this is a highly, highly conservative estimate because there are a great many ways to earn kstars.

    Coke bottle (18 diamonds) = 420 kstars or 840 kstars

    But I guess that's the price you pay for a brand label lmao
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    jhabs said:

    @jhabs this is what I came up woth

    50/12 = 4.17
    1 diamond = 4.17 stars 
    4.17 x 18 = 75
    Coke bottle is equivalent to 75 stars

    ???? not saying this is correct but this is how I came to it

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    i don’t think anyone’s posted this but apparently glu has another game (in AUS and Canada) thats shutting down and apparently resources are being moved to KKH. Maybe that’s why update took a bit long bc of office transitions(? Grasping at straws tbh) felt like this would add something to the thread. Also in that thread of the game people are mad at the lack of storylines too lol

    edit: so sounds like glu doesn’t listen to any of their users lol

    Here’s link to glu’s earning and recent press conference https://glumobile.gcs-web.com/investor-relations/

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    @ashleydianem @AYewKKH tbh.. I have no idea how I got that math either lmao. I did it again and clearly got 5.00/12 = 0.42. So no clue what happened the first time hahah but thanks for correcting me! 
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    oops... 🤡

  • Chooky1116Chooky1116 Registered Users, Member 622 Posts
    Thank you everyone for trying to do the math cause I could never! 😂 
  • alycatalycat Registered Users, Member 264 Posts
    Do you think if we all @‘d Kim about the atrocity her game is becoming, she would do something about it?
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    jhabs said:
    @ashleydianem @AYewKKH tbh.. I have no idea how I got that math either lmao. I did it again and clearly got 5.00/12 = 0.42. So no clue what happened the first time hahah but thanks for correcting me! 
    you just divided backwards, you did 12/5 instead of 5/12. its pretty easy to mess that up! 😇 
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    i really like the green boots 😭 and of course the coke. i hate this evil temptation 😭
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    Haha, i had so much fun going though this thread, made my day so much better. You'll are so talented!  <3
    I'm gonna start practicing my editing skills after so much inspiration.
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    kkhsimone said:
    I don't understand why some people just don't scroll past what they don't like. Don't like drama? Then don't read it. Don't like the edits? Just scroll. And complaining about us complaining about the update? Good for you if you like it and have nothing to complain about. 🤷🏽‍♀️
    I’m trying to keep up with the forum and this is the thing I always do haha 😂 😅
    I think I have never mixed up with the drama because I don’t like it and just ignore it ✌️ ✌️✌️
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    I've finally got to go through the thread, and lmaooo you guys make things so fun. Not even thinking about touching that game, not missing much anyways but these edits are life lmao. 
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    Soooo i cant complain AND i cant ask questions now... Okay then! 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I guess now everything i do, everyone will come at me for no reason.... 
    You were kinda being a bitch. Like it illegal  to do clown edits. 
  • misskitten420misskitten420 Registered Users, Member 38 Posts
    I understand everyone is mad, sad, desapointed and has other bad feelings towards Glu, but are the clown photo edits really necessary?? 🤷🏻‍♀️
    fun is illegal now guys we gotta pack it up and take the circus somewhere else 😭😭😭 
    There to many to pack up.  We gotta bring the clown car around. Lol 
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