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    Weekday Show Your Style events are coming back for 11.2! The next one starts on Monday and the theme will be Celebrity Wedding Guest. We will continue testing the new event structure and it will work the same way as before. If you were picked for the Weekday Show Your Style test, then you will get the next 3 events too.
    As someone who was picked for the last 3 weeks in the weekday SYS I was really hoping the other  people who weren’t picked last time would’ve had the opportunity since they were skipping it this week. It’s not fair. And it’s honestly underwhelming for me because if no one is listening to our input to make the weekday event better for everyone there’s no point in even testing it...
    I agree! As someone who was picked too, I get why they have the initial beta testers remain the same, but they at least should listen to our inputs about it! And at least give the dolls who weren’t chosen some bronze boxes to try out or kstars or maybe some diamonds or a mix of them? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
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    I hope votes go up because I really want to get last earnable🙈

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    Is this a forum doll? I think I have her in my friends🙈😄

    Yes that’s me 😊 not sure I’ve been in a group with a forum doll before 
    Oh! I knew It that this doll from forum haha 😄 for me it’s second time 🙈😄 and we got awful board 🙈
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    First two looks bombed 😭 I even bought my first aura thinking it would help 😭 hopefully my 3rd would at least do better *crossing my fingers here*
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    @mandamay76 it’s okay I was just honestly unsure and wasn’t upset either way 💓 your doll is also gorgeous and I love your style 💖
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    i think the hair accessories was bad 😰
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    *deep inhale-exhale*
    Just caught up and read everything in here and feeling disheartened. Seriously disappointed. As a new paying player and spent more than $3000 as for now, reading that this company treated its player unfair huge let down. 
    I want to know how Glu picked player who get to play? Just like draw the lottery? Why would they even do that? What outcome that they want from the “testing”? If the first version of SYS released without testing, why this one has to be a testing? Why would you waste time and effort to perform “testing” when you don’t even listen feedback? What do you want Glu? I’m brokenhearted and lost appetite with this game.. and I spent a lot of money for nothing, I feel dumb and betrayed..
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    I'm very tired of Android games scoring much lower than iOS (look at my first scores), and now this about SYS? This is a joke.

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    I'm prolly really off-topic now, but just chiming in to say that I got a diamond earlier than expected. Ima go write another comment for Kalinda now lol

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    Girl, you can keep your tickets lol!😂 no one is going to take your place😂
    WHYYYY do people do this, last week the top doll in my group had about 2000 points and no one else passed 800 (which is still high). Like surely you know you’ve won, why waste the tickets? 😂
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    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember when this SYS thing first started, it lasted for a week and they wanted to test it on groups too. BUT every week they changed groups so everyone would be able to give their opinions about this event. It was still unfair because I don’t think we got the chance to earn the items we missed that week, but we still got to play.
    I think it would be fair to let the other half test it, they can give a feedback too.
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    Lmao this makes it even worse. I had no idea @ArianaKKH about this, but this just proves that they CAN switch up the chosen people, they just refuse to. (not like we needed proof, but I like to have receipts) 
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    My looks are floping HARD but I guess everyones in my TS flop too cause I am second behind a ticket buyer/suspiciously successful doll😤😄
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    @AmyMimi honestly at this point, even if we DO get a compensation it 1) WON'T be enough nor fair because most of who did play the weekday sys did not get good picks 2) still would be disrespectful as a duckling because we're being extremely ignored and overlooked
    So in short, nothing will make me respect Glu again
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    Everyone submitted their first three and I am surprisingly high on the list with my terrible average. I am resorting to summer dresses now instead of swimsuits. 
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    I came here to post about this SYS but reading the comments took away my mojo. 

    I’m really tired of all the comments being complaining, recently.  But now Glu also is not helping and fuelling the fire.  
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    What # ticket are we on? I think I lost one 😖
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