🗳️🍟🍔SYS: 8/20/20 Retro Diner - How About Fries with that Shake?🍔🍟🥤



  • CamyCamy Registered Users, Member 43 Posts
    @Camy I voted for your look twice, gorgeous! 
    You’re so kind, thank you 🤗♥️
  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 415 Posts
    My looks 4 -6. I love that last dress but it does lousy in SYS. Or I dunno, maybe I just don't style it right? 

    *** platform: android ***
    *** level 45 ***
  • kayayemkayayem Registered Users, Member 517 Posts

    Was so shocked at that 37 score, that’s the last time I use a Kash outfit in SYS. 
  • beba13beba13 Registered Users, Member 680 Posts
    @livyx exactly,it's so refreshing having this type of groups :blush: and not having to worry and just enjoy the looks <3 Good luck 
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    Been on KKH since day one with brakes 🥰
    Always looking for new friends 
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  • greeneyeddove437greeneyeddove437 Registered Users, Member 650 Posts

    Continuing my winning streak! So excited 😄
  • QueenRhiaQueenRhia Registered Users, Member 415 Posts
    Looks 7 -9. Still kind of struggling with the theme, I was expecting more from the look on the left.

    At the same time I'm really having fun with the theme because it's so specific and I love the creative looks in the voting booth. 
    *** platform: android ***
    *** level 45 ***
  • lilvivlilviv Registered Users, Member 428 Posts
    It got a 38 😭😅😅 but thank you guys for the input!! I’ve been first the whole event but my scores are dipping so Im hoping I can pull through! 

  • saumyadhingrasaumyadhingra Registered Users, Member 61 Posts
    Had to share.. this is most votes I’ve ever had! 
    Gorgeous😍 where is this dress from?
  • lululalulula Registered Users, Member 802 Posts
    edited August 2020
    brunakkh said:

    Should I...
    take another spin: Agree
    get a hairstyle: Like
    save for the butterfly aura: Awesome
    @brunakkh I got the first kollection (top left tile) on my second spin and I am in love with it!!!
    Platform: iOS
  • paulibtpaulibt Registered Users, Member 134 Posts
    edited August 2020
    Omg, I'm in second place now but the score is so tight  :o 
  • brunakkhbrunakkh Registered Users, Member 1,307 Posts
    @lulula girl you are teasing meeeee 🙈
    IOS player
    🌸 be nice to each other 🌸
  • PrimameliaPrimamelia Registered Users, Member 22 Posts
    Had to share.. this is most votes I’ve ever had! 
    Gorgeous😍 where is this dress from?
    Thank you! It was from the Christmas gift box last year! It’s originally emerald green but I dyed it in twilight! 
    Level 67 iSO
    est 2014
  • UnwinterUnwinter Registered Users, Member 590 Posts
    @brunakkh when we first got it I spun twice, I got snake hair and second collection. I use both a lot, but I now regret spending 12 + 18 (I can't be bothered to math this late even though it's like 30 idek at this point sjsj) diamonds on a collection instead of the many items I could've bought in the voting booth. I'd say don't spin but it always depends on what you need most + the items that you already have in your closet. 
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  • LumsLums Registered Users, Member 305 Posts
    Me to glu after seeing dolls with the free kollection items :
    -  iOS player o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o
  • jhabsjhabs Registered Users, Member 1,941 Posts
    @AYewKKH that’s the earnable hair! She
    mightve bought tickets!
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